A 2 Year Attender Leaves a Concerning Google Review of Acts 29 Redemption Hill in Washington, D.C. and This Blog Would Like to Get More Information

A former attender of Bill Riedel’s Redemption Hill Acts 29/Evangelical Free leaves a concerning review on Google about issues in this church. This blog would like to get more information about what was posted and is asking for former members of Redemption Hill to contact The Wondering Eagle. My email is in this post.  

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Sign for Redemption Hill 

Bill Riedel speaking on sovereignty and free will. 

This blog observed a concerning review that was placed on Google about Bill Riedel’s Redemption Hill. The review was left in mid November of 2019. The person who left it was involved in Redemption Hill for two years and he learned some issues with the church that resulted in him leaving. His concern is legitimate in the view of this blog. Read the review below and I am going to ask some questions down below. 


A Review at Google About Redemption Hill Church 

I attended Redemption Hill for two years. Great people attend from many different backgrounds. However, when I attended, I was told the elders determined their Pastor Bill was unfit for pastoral ministry because of alleged issues related to his leadership and finances. I cannot speak to the finance stuff, but I personally witnessed Mr. Riedel’s domineering and self-important ego. I would be careful attending if Bill is still in charge, which it seems he is. Fair warning.


Questions The Wondering Eagle Has About Redemption Hill 

This blog is about facts and its important to get all the information that exists in writing about these stories. Previously I was aware of some turnover in the elders in Redemption Hill. That review changes the narrative and it leads me to the conclusion that the change in elders was not natural, meaning it was not due to people moving away, etc… Washington, D.C. is a very transitory area as a city. To give you some idea I have had 5 neighbors over 10 years where I am living at. Washington, D.C. is also expensive. Many evangelicals have their head in the clouds when it comes to church planting in the nation;’ capital. They are attracted to the power dynamics that exist here. In regards to Bill Riedel being domineering , that is a part of the Acts 29 culture. The Acts 29 church Remnant in Richmond, Virginia is very domineering and controlling. Redemption Hill is working with Redeemer Arlington which this blog writes about. It was a situation from an individual at Redeemer Arlington that triggered this blog. 

But in light of the review these are the questions that this blog has about Redemption Hill and Bill Riedel. 

  1. How is Bill Riedel domineering? In what context does that happen? 
  2. Is the domineering happen in more private settings like small groups or counseling. Is it something that you see when you get to know Bill Riedel? 
  3. Which elders determined that Bill Riedel was unfit for ministry? 
  4. What were the elders specific charges in greater detail? 
  5. What are the alleged issues in regards to Bill Riedel’s leadership? 
  6. What are the issues in regards to finances? Are they his own personal finances in regards to his family? Or the church’s finances? 
  7. Has this information been reported to regional Acts 29 leadership and have they sat on it? This blog has written about Acts 29 before and the organization has a “do-nothing” mentality of the pastor/elder is always correct. 


An Appeal For Information 

The Wondering Eagle is putting out a call for information. This blog would like to find out more about these allegations with Bill Riedel at Redemption Hill. This blog has a goal of protecting and discussing issues in religion. The Acts 29 system is toxic and problematic. This blog is about the facts and it is necessary to find the facts in this situation. If there are former members or MacDonald Herman if you can email me some more details this blog would be grateful. If there are former members of Redemption Hill that want to meet I would be happy to meet with you and buy you a coffee. This blog is working hard at trying to fill some gaps and to be a service in the Washington, D.C. area. If you have more information about the issues at Bill Riedel’s Redemption Hill please email me at wonderingeagle261@gmail.com 

2 thoughts on “A 2 Year Attender Leaves a Concerning Google Review of Acts 29 Redemption Hill in Washington, D.C. and This Blog Would Like to Get More Information

  1. Wondering,

    Troll here. Like I said, FEEL GOOD vs. Not feel good.

    CALVINISTS are the problem here. If ya go to a Calvinist church, you are gonna get Calvinist schooled.

    That is logic, isn’t it?

    But you want to CHANGE Calvinism? Not gonna happen. Not in this life.


    How can ANYONE complain about having heartburn, if they eat hot peppers?

    Don’t play with matches, and ya won’t GET BURNT.

    People gravitate to those church’s, just like you did. But you CAN’T LET IT GO. You think that they are gonna change, FOR YOU, admitting that, “Ya, Wondering is right, we shouldn’t teach blah blah”, when their doctrines go back SEVERAL HUNDRED YEARS.

    Did you ever watch the movie DISCLOSURE? Emails received from “A. Friend”, indicated, in CLUES, to SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

    The only solution, FIND ANOTHER CHURCH, and quit thinking that you are gonna change Calvin doctrine, cuz you won’t be able to.



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