Why Did John Secrest’s Compass Church Naples Join the Great Commission Collective?

John Secrest’s Compass Church Naples joins the Great Commission Collective. This blog would like to know why? After all the problems with the GCC, Garrett Higbee and after all the abuse from James MacDonald, why join the GCC? Wouldn’t that be like a dog returning to its vomit?

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing.”

John Powell

“You will only fail to learn if you do not learn from failing.”

Stella Adler 

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning.

John 1:1-2 NIV 

John Secrest and his family.

This blog learned something a few weeks ago and I have been meaning to turn this into a post. It deals with Compass Naples, a church that is led by John Secrest and a part of the Evangelical Free Church of America in Florida. 


Why and When Did John Secrest’s Compass Naples Joined the Great Commission Collective? 

This blog has written quite a bit about John Secrest, Harvest Bible Chapel Naples and subsequently Compass Church in Naples. These are all the posts that have been written over the last year. 

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  3. James MacDonald is Taking a Sabbatical. Translation – He is Getting Ready to Engage in Long Term Spiritual Abuse in Naples, Florida, and John Secrest will be his First Target.
  4. The Tragic Story Involving John Secrest and the Coup that Occurred in Harvest Naples.
  5. A Third Open Letter to John Secrest (On Fighting for Your Congregation and the Courage You Displayed).
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  8. Russell Taylor Comes to Harvest Bible Chapel Naples, Plus an EFCA Pastor Establishes a GoFundMe for John Secrest.”
  9. John Secrest Launches Compass Bible Church in Naples, Florida. And a Unique Case of Evangelical Transparency.”
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  11. Roll to Disbelieve Writes About John Secrest and the Harvest Bible Chapel Scandal in Florida and Quotes The Wondering Eagle as Well.”
  12. Why the EFCA Needs to Discuss Spiritual Abuse and How John Secrest Can Be the Point Person on this Topic.

Compass Church has been around since March of 2019. John Secrest saw a lot of abuse from James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel. He was fired as he went to bat for his congregation. Sometime in the last few months Compass Church joined the Great Commission Collective (GCC). You can see that on the GCC website and I have a screen shot up above. 


For Me this is Troubling and Here is Why…

I went to Restore Chicago in early November and met a large number of people. I wrote about it and published pictures of it in the following two posts. “Review of Restore Chicago and How it Can Be Improved For Next Year” and “Pictures From Restore Chicago and RT Maldaner’s City of Joy Church.” When there I stopped to speak to John Secrest. I wanted to pick his brain on the EFCA and his district leadership, especially with some of the issues I am being approached about that are coming out of a number of churches in Florida. So I spoke with John for a few minutes and he seemed like a nice and sincere individual. This blog has recommended Compass in the past and has written strongly of his EFCA church.

A couple of weeks ago, after I came back to Washington, D.C. I had heard that Compass Church Naples joined the GCC. That has to be a mistake I remember thinking to myself when I first heard that news. It really didn’t make any sense. Why after all the abuse from James MacDonald, how the Harvest culture still exists in the GCC and the problems with Garrett Higbee and how the GCC can’t even address that; would Compass join the GCC? So I checked the Compass website and also the GCC and saw it posted there. I was baffled and troubled by seeing it listed. It really made no sense. Is John Secrest feeling okay? Or is this an identification of a church financially struggling and Compass trying to get support form other organizations. Or is John Secrest trying to be all things to multiple individuals? This blog would like to get more intel on this situation and if someone knows why Compass joined the GCC please contact me so that can be written about. 

16 thoughts on “Why Did John Secrest’s Compass Church Naples Join the Great Commission Collective?

  1. You’re like an atheist’s Church Lady, do you really feel like someone that has dedicated their life to building a church and spreading the Word of God would give two shi-cents about your feels on their networking connections to be successful? You and the majority or your readers are unhinged nutcases, just like Roy’s Toys out on the Twitter-sphere. By all means, continue to pat each others backs and proceed in self righteousness but at the end of the day the people that really actually put themselves out there for their faith don’t really care about your opinions because frankly from all I’ve seen, you all simply wish destruction and chaos. Perhaps have some AXSCHUAL solutions besides preacher-man bad SHUT-ER DOWN! Or crying about how some church didn’t give you hugs when you told them you didn’t like the sermon. Bunch of crazies ’round here.


  2. Wondering…

    Not sure if you knew it or not, but back in the olden days, we had a rotary phone, and a phone book. If you didn’t know the number, you could call information, and an operator could give you the number And if you were real sweet to the operator, she might connect you…FREE OF CHARGE, and maybe a date on Saturday, too.

    In other words, if you want to know something just pick up the phone and call the dude, instead of trying to gather intel via other sources, like one of those trench coat convention private eyes. Talk to the source…AGAIN.

    But wasn’t that guy a host for American Idol?

    By the way, I agree with Im-So-Ronery. What’s REALLY the PURPOSE and GOAL of your blog. I’m confused at what your objectives really are anymore. It’s changed a ton since I first began reading it.

    Ed Chapman


  3. Don’t let the past two hateful comments distract you from the deserved scrutiny of Great Commission Collective. I highly suspect by their angry, fearful responses they are part of GCC. That is like the DNA leaders learned from James MacDonald. The answer to their questions is… for accountability. Ever read the Old Testament where God sovereignly picks someone to call out wayward people, especially leaders?


    • “They disagree with me so therefore they’re hateful and part of GCC.” – some loser

      My beef is not that GCC has issues, I’m sure it does. My issue is that Eagle acts like the guy he talks so highly of completely betrayed him by joining the GCC. Who is Eagle to John Secrest? Should be rhetoricaal, but I’ll answer for you: just another rabid blogger. Ed is spot on, Eagle should take his issue direct to Secrest. If he wants to blog about that discussion and give a little more substance here, fine. But my point is this post is ridiculous, much like yourself.


      • Actually l reach out to people frequently. You ‘d be amazed as to where l pop up in writing about this topic. Compass Naples affiliation with the GCC is on their website. I just pointed it out. Many people do not like the messenger l get that. But the facts are the facts.


      • But Eagle, why not reach out to John about it? This article would be 10x better if there was even a “I reached out to John but he didn’t reply.” Also, how do you know the culture of GCC? They split from Harvest Fellowship due to extreme issues with James. Isn’t that a good thing? I guess I’m just confused by the lack of background substance while feigning outrage at John Secrest (who’s had Harvest blood for years, should be no surprise at all he’d flock together with like minds).

        Just a personal observation, but John Secrest seems to be a guy that was railroaded but in true Christian fashion, turned the other cheek, moved on, and puts his faith in God. He didn’t become salty at the church or former congregants or decide to jump on twitter attacking all things Harvest. He moved on, because that’s the healthy thing to do. Good for him, and I wish him luck, especially since he’ll be the target of attacks like these for as long as he leads a church.


    • Ok, chief. Out of line? Are you an adult? Here’s a thought, if you can’t handle disagreement, maybe don’t make a public blog or comment on it. Thanks for proving my point about you being ridiculous. Maybe you should retreat back to your room in mom’s basement and tell her you need a couple extra chicken tendies for lunch cause mean internet people think you’re a fool.



    • JohnM,

      I USED TO like this blog, until the OBVIOUS HATRED that Wondering has for CHRISTIANS in general, rather than trying to MOVE ON from a perceived betrayal from someone claiming to be Christian.

      Forgiveness is NOT FOR the perp, but it’s FOR WONDERING, so that he can MOVE ON. But I don’t think he even wants to move on.

      None of what he blogs about is about SUBSTANCE. It’s really about FEEL GOOD/FEEL BAD stuff.


      “Well, this church doesn’t make me feel good, so it’s bad”

      Why is it bad?

      “I don’t know…it’s just bad. I don’t like the preacher, cuz he is FUNDAMENTAL”.

      What is FUNDAMENTAL?

      “I don’t know, just the way he acts, he doesn’t like gays, says they are going to hell, so I don’t like that”

      Well, what does the Bible say?

      “Oh, the bible? What about it? It’s a HATE BOOK!”

      This used to be a blog about the victims of abuse, spiritual abuse, in the CALVINIST church’s, and, with most Catholic AND Reform church’s, there is not a FERVOR, if you will, FOR ANYONE TO CALL THE PROPER LAW ENFORCEMENT AUTHORITIES to report a CRIME. Do we need to EDUCATE BLOGGERS as to what the PHONE NUMBER to 911? Cuz they sure don’t educate their readers to call the law at all.

      Let me tell you something…If you want the church to do BACKGROUND CHECKS, there is ONLY ONE WAY TO GET SOMEONE ON THAT LIST IN THE FIRST PLACE, and that is for SOMEONE, ANYONE to call the cops and file a police report. Otherwise, the background check is MEANINGLESS.

      So, since bloggers can’t seem to figure that out, they just continually BLOG ABOUT sexual abuse, WITHOUT SEEKING ANY JUSTICE. So, the cycle continues, over and over and over again. The church leadership ISN’T AFRAID of the law, because NO ONE REPORTS CRIME in a church. They KNOW that they can get away with crime, because NO ONE is INTERESTED in THEY GUYS IN BLUE.

      The bloggers put a SCARE tactic in those that is WILLING to call the law, by telling them that they will LOSE IN COURT, because the defense lawyers will TWIST THINGS, blah blah blah, telling them that NO ONE WILL BELIEVE them. Well, then, if THAT IS TRUE, then our prisons DO NOT HAVE ANY RAPISTS OR MOLESTERS AT ALL. As it is stated in the movie the Shawshank Redemption, they are all innocent.

      Wondering loves to RAIL AGAINST “evangelicals” for NO APPARENT REASON other than TRUMP.

      But if Wondering TELL US what EVANGELICALS teach in their doctrines that the BIBLE DOES NOT, then this blog would be MORE worth while, and since the EVANGELICALS that he discusses are ALL Calvinist/Baptist, aka REFORMERS, then THAT IS THE ROOT OF ALL THE EVILS that Wondering blogs about, but he apparently has no interest in BIBLE STUDY to seek the ROOT.

      In short, he tells us a problem without telling us how to END the problem. Weeds in a garden are ROOTED up so that they don’t grow again. Just pulling a leaf will cause the weed to PRODUCE more weeds.

      Step one to begin the weeding…CALL THE COPS on a crime. DO NOT LET THE CHURCH’S SELF POLICE THEMSELVES, because they don’t, and can’t, and will circumvent the law.

      And I’m not talking Liberty University, either, nor the Samaritans Purse, which regular Christians know that those are false allegations anyway, from the HATERS OF CHRISTIANITY.

      SOLVE THE PROBLEM, WONDERING, and stop the railing against CHRISTIANS, even the ones who support DONALD J TRUMP. We don’t have to HATE him, just because YOU do.

      Jude 9 (KJV)
      Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.

      1 Peter 2:23 King James Version (KJV)
      Who, when he was reviled, reviled not again; when he suffered, he threatened not; but committed himself to him that judgeth righteously:

      There is a difference between VENGEANCE, and Justice.

      James 2:13
      For he shall have judgment without mercy, that hath shewed no mercy; and mercy rejoiceth against judgment.

      I think that Wondering is DESIRING vengeance on people, rather than JUSTICE.

      Ed Chapman


      • Ed on Twitter Rick Wilson has shared as to how he has a troll by the name of Brock Strongballs who follows him. We need to get you a unique name. Ed Chapman is pretty vanilla. 😉😉


      • Ya, well, you need to date a woman, and get married, and pro – create, and then you would not have to worry above trolls. You would not have time to get on a computer. I’ve already been there, done that, raised a daughter. Traveled to more countries than most people could even dream of.

        Unless you are willing to seek justice for victims, talk is cheap.

        Justice begins at finding the 9 and 1 on a telephone.

        So what’s this really all about?

        Ed Chapman


  4. Wow.

    My perception of Wondering is different. He can’t force the facade of “elder led” teams to take the action you want to see happen. Probably three quarters of those congregations are totally clueless as to the sexual abuse / harassment, stealing, character assasination being done by leadership. They never see behind the curtain. They’re happy if they get a parking spot, kids dropped off, upbeat worship and a feel good message. So how is this Wondering’s fault he isn’t calling the cops or pressing charges in churches he doesn’t go to? Some of us have confronted these abusive leaders repeatedly and got nowhere without people like Wondering, Elephants Debt and Julie Roys.

    So what do you guys think of Julie Roys then?

    Doesn’t someone need to call leaders to account when they have stacked the deck? Can’t God use Wondering in this process regardless of if his approach is 100% perfect? None of us are.


    • JohnM,

      I really did appreciate your comment. No, Wondering can’t do anything to change ELDER RULED, and I do know what you mean by that, as NORMAL Christianity, which DOES INDEED EXIST, does not believe in ELDER RULED, but CONGREGATION RULED, just like our government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE. That’s the way that it’s supposed to be governed in the church, too. Catholics started this mess, when the reformers left the Catholic church, NOT MUCH CHANGED TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM.

      But, much of us have NOTHING TO DO with REFORM at all.

      So, I see 3 solutions, and all deal with one phrase: DO THE RIGHT THING, JUSTICE.

      1. CALL THE COPS ON KNOWN CRIME. Educate people in church’s to not be afraid to call the law.

      Leviticus 5:1 Easy-to-Read Version (ERV)
      You might be called as a witness and take an oath to tell the truth. If you saw something or knew something but did not tell it, you are guilty of doing wrong and must bear the responsibility for your guilt.


      That one takes some serious bible study, but who is willing to do that? If they are ONLY going to church to FEEL GOOD, instead of the HOPE OF SALVATION, then maybe they are going to church for the wrong reasons?


      Christianity exists OUTSIDE of reform. There is a world OUTSIDE of Pleasantville. CULTS love to ISOLATE, so that steps 1 and 2 is cannot be accomplished.

      People are becoming ATHEISTS due to the abuses that happens in the REFORMED church’s, and Wondering ENDORSES that, instead of solving the problem.

      WHY would anyone endorse atheism here? So, Wondering isn’t really going to church because he wants to be in heaven, but because he wants to FEEL GOOD. And since ATHEISM feels good, as opposed to an abusive church, then he’s NOT REALLY looking out for the DOWN TRODDEN as Jesus would, because Jesus came to save sinners so that those sinners can be with him in heaven, NOT TO SOLVE TEMPORAL ISSUES ON THE EARTH.

      So, because of the abuse in church (WHICH DOES NOT FEEL GOOD), then Wondering doesn’t believe in eternal life, just because of abuse in church’s?

      Why is it called ABUSE? Because it goes AGAINST the truth, not because atheism is the truth.

      Do you see where I am coming at this from? Endorsing Atheism, all because some preacher ABUSED his flock. I’m against BOTH.

      Ed Chapman


      • Ed you miss the entire picture. Organizations like Harvest do not change. Neither will some of the places I write about. But this blog does its job. I get emails from people who tell me that they were looking into XYZ place and they decide to stay away. That is a huge part of the audience I target. As for atheism its my contention that many atheists are spiritual and want to talk about these issues. Many evangelicals in their current mindset can’t engage. They are too intimated or insecure to do so. Your comments prove me point regularly Ed.


      • Wondering, you’re a fascinating hypocrite. I’m glad you can admit you’re not out to fix anything, just “expose”. However, to claim people won’t engage with atheists because they’re uninformed or insecure is a laughable stance you’re taking. You don’t engage that way, and anyone that contradicts you becomes a troll or is poisoning the well. Not sure if you want an echo chamber per se, but as JohnM points out, those that hold opposite views on what you post here can just leave. It’s at least refreshing to read your comment here and realize you’re able to admit just being a mouthpiece rather than a tool for change.

        I think most of your readers feel the same, because other than a few exceptions they all mostly seem to fall into one of two categories: 1) an odd subset of progressives with way leftist views that want to identify as believers (on their terms). Of course, their very lives are the antithesis of many things about being a Christian, so it’s hard to rationalize that. They find peace here by attacking churches that are most likely to call them out for their hypocrisy. Being told you’re a victim is an easy way to deflect your personal issues. 2) Atheists that aren’t informed educationally or scientifically enough to run in the “popular kids” group of atheists, so they find a home here acting high brow about churches aren’t perfect.

        I don’t really care too much about your church posts these days, your material and those that discuss it don’t really interest me. There’s some outliers there but mostly I tend to read your posts on politics and churches because it’s just so damn odd to me to read some of what you write and others agree with.

        Anyway, I only comment in this thread again because being told to stop following here (by JohnM) and then being told that no one on the opposite side engages because they’re afraid (by you) is a good spotlight on why I’m so intrigued sometimes. It’s all very entertaining, so at least in that, your blog continues to draw views from me.


      • And Eagle, just to clarify my statement before people crawl out of the woodwork, yes there are churches that have actual victims of abuse that need to be called out and dealt with. Highlighting that stuff is certainly a noble cause. My point above is that if you disagree with a church, you’re not a victim, but that’s what a lot of your posts read like. And a lot of commenters sound like. If you don’t like how someone at a church notes Biblical texts to backup why “social issue xyz” is bad, you’re not a victim. If a preacher told you to stop drinking coffee (ah, those wonderful Mormons), and you get your undies in a wad, you’re still not a victim. Disagreeing does not make you a victim. But so many around here claim to be victims based on that kind of thing.


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