The Friendly Atheist Writes About the Harvest Bible Chapel Financial Audit

The Friendly Atheist writes about the Harvest Bible Chapel financial audit. This brief posts links to the article which should be read and considered by the ex-Harvest and current Harvest community.

“Watergate is an immensely complicated scandal with a cast of characters as varied as a Tolstoy novel.”

Bob Woodward 

There are a number of posts about Harvest Bible Chapel that I am working on getting published over the next few days. When the financial audit came out one blog that wrote about it is The Friendly Atheist. The Friendly Atheist is one of the daily blogs I follow. It provides an outlook that is quite unique and necessary when it comes to evangelical Christian issues. You can read the blog post in, “Report Documents Lavish, Indulgent Spending by Illinois Megachurch Pastor.” In scandals like Harvest the voices and perspectives of the atheist community should be listened to as they provide solid feedback. 

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