Doing the Bare Minimum is Why the Harvest Bible Chapel Scandal Continues to Drag on

The Harvest Bible Chapel scandal is emotionally draining and its keeps going on and on. One of the reasons why is because the organization is trying to do the bare minimum in its efforts to survive. In doing the bare minimum its eroding trust and has shown that the organization is not capable of reform or change. With scandals like Harvest the bare minimum causes great harm in the end.

“If you do the bare minimum, expect bare minimum results. You want to be great, work to be great. Nothing just happens.”

J.J. Watt

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, 7 rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness.

Colossians 2:6-7 NIV

Harvest Bible Chapel Elgin

In 1999 a film that was to become a cult classic was released. It was originally built off a Saturday Night Live skit. Written and directed by Mike Judge Office Space became known for its parody of work, cube life and corporate culture.  One of the well known scenes is above and deals with Joanna (played by Jennifer Aniston) who speaks with her boss. The boss challenges her on doing the bare minimum and talks about the challenges her to be more outgoing. You can watch that clip up above. In a way I am able to insert one of my favorite movies into a blog post which is neat. But the topic of the bare minimum gets into the Harvest Bible Chapel scandal. 


Doing the Bare Minimum in the Harvest Bible Chapel Scandal

The Harvest Bible Chapel scandal has been emotionally exhausting and draining. It doesn’t end, instead it keeps dragging on. The other day I realized something and it was the motivation for me to do this post. The Harvest scandal has dragged on for at least a year. That is from my perspective because that is when I commenced researching and writing about it. There is one aspect to the scandal that has been most troubling. In Harvest the organization and been trying to get by on the bare minimum. It, and its leaders and those calling the shots are doing a minimal effort at trying to take the correct course of action. The organization will release a little bit of information, then something will come out on a blog, newspaper article, radio show, etc… and then more information hemorrhages out. Its been a consistent pattern over the last year. 

Harvest Bible Chapel has shown itself that it is incapable of change by acting this way continuously. What should have happened is if the organization did a massive data dump of their scandal, abuse, finances and issues earlier in this year. That would have been hard but the Harvest Bible Chapel scandal would have been over. And if the organization did that, it would have signaled to me and likely others that it can reform itself. Because of how it has acted I am deeply doubtful that Harvest Bible Chapel is an organization that can change. In scandals like Harvest the bare minimum is not enough for an organization to turn itself around. 


Discouraging Trust and Increasing Conspiracy 

Here is the other problem that exists with doing the bare minimum and it constantly backfiring. In the end Harvest Bible Chapel is both discouraging trust and increasing conspiracy theories about the organization. Conspiracy theories that are false, misleading or the result of honest speculation. If Harvest did a data dump and dropped everything out into the open that would have said a lot about the organization. The brand was already damaged and by getting it all out then it could have rebuild and it would be a far different situation. The bare minimum means that in the end you are not committed to transparency or honesty. You are trying to do the very least to survive. The bare minimum is harmful in today’s society because it is constantly backfiring and its leading to long term erosion of trust with organizations. 

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  1. Harvest Bible Chapel members need to take boxes of James MacDonald CDs out onto the church lawn and smash them with a sledgehammer in Office Space style and then make sure none of his supporters continue to work on staff at any remaining campus, unaware that James has been ushered out of the building, especially if there are any red staplers left in an office.

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