What a Pastor (Bryan Loritts) Who Allegedly Covered Up His Brother-in-Law’s Manufacture of Child Pornography in a Church Said to a Pastor (James MacDonald) Who Allegedly Wanted to Plant Child Pornography on a Computer

Bryan Loritts, the disgraced pastor from Fellowship Memphis who was allegedly involved in the cover-up of Rick Trotter’s voyeurism and manufacturing of child pornography wrote a post that defended James MacDonald. Since both James MacDonald and Bryan Loritts have an alleged affinity for child pornography scandals this blog decided to analyze Loritts article. 

“By and large, it is the black church which is far more redemptive with its fallen leaders than the white church. And what concerns me is not whether we should deal with sin among our leaders. We should. We must. But lost among all the statements, and blog posts circulating among elder boards, and church websites are tears. There seems to be no semblance of trying to salvage things. Removal seems to be the first resort. Humiliation is ruling the day. Both the sin of our leaders and the way we are responding to their sin is soiling our white garments before the world. And while there has to be a better way in how we approach and treat our leaders who have been overcome by sin,”

Bryan Loritts 

Blessed is the one
who does not walk in step with the wicked
or stand in the way that sinners take
or sit in the company of mockers,
2 but whose delight is in the law of the Lord,
and who meditates on his law day and night.

Psalm 1:1-2 NIV

Bryan Loritts 

James MacDonald allegedly talking about child pornography is at 4:49. 

This blog has a sordid history with Bryan Loritts and he popped up again the other day. So its time to re-visit this disgrace and fraudulent minister once more. The Loritts family actually has ties to Moody Bible Institute it appears. Crawford Loritts has a Doctor of Divinity from MBI and his son Bryndan Loritts also attended Moody and he also helped plant and run Harvest Bible Chapel in Nashville, Tennessee. 


What Bryan Loritts Said at His Blog Recently About the James MacDonald Scandal 

Bryan Loritts wrote a blog post that referenced the Harvest Bible Chapel scandal and James MacDonald. The name of the post is called, “James MacDonald and the Malady of White Evangelicalism.”  In his Twitter feed he allegedly re-Tweeted what James MacDonald said about repentance and grace. Loritts post is about the problem of white evangelicalism and how it lacks grace. Brian makes the issue about race and claims that black churches are more forgiving then white ones. White churches are about humiliation and removal. Black churches exist because of communal suffering along ethnic lines. Blacks have suffered greatly but whites meanwhile have not suffered. The worst thing a person can do is to fail around those who have no empathy. Brian Loritts then states that when he led his first white church his father told him to be careful. At 25 he knew what his father meant. The malady of white evangelicalism is that there is no sympathy toward their leaders or the ones who are hurting. This is how he says it in his post. “The malady of white evangelicalism in America is the absence of empathy towards their hurting and leaders. This malady strips them of empathy and causes them to hurriedly label people as being disqualified from ministry. Thank goodness Peter didn’t deny Jesus in the era of white evangelical America. Can’t you see it now- his denials uploaded onto Youtube, invitations rescinded while a huge battle over his intellectual property ensues?” And then he closes out with how grateful he is that Jesus isn’t steeped in white evangelicalism. “But it’s here where I’m thankful Jesus is not steeped in white evangelicalism. Had he been Peter would have no hope. And yet Jesus restores because Jesus, that suffering servant, had suffered. The wounds in his hands and side were still fresh. I can see the empathy in his eyes where over breakfast he asked Peter for the third time if he loved him? I can feel his heart when Jesus commanded him to feed his sheep, in spite of his sin. We need more suffering servants leading our churches, who walks, as Dan Allender says, “with a limp”.


What is it with Evangelical Christians and Child Pornography? 

As I read Bryan Loritts post there is one factor that struck me hard that begs to be asked. One of the issues at the Fellowship Memphis scandal was the worship pastor Rick Trotter engaging in voyeurism and the alleged manufacturing of child pornography.  And in addition he engaged in voyeurism at several locations, and not just church. Meanwhile in Harvest Bible Chapel James MacDonald was recorded on a hot mike talking about how he wanted to plant child pornography. Here is the question I have…what is it with evangelical Christianity and scandals that deal with child pornography? Why does this keep coming up? I am deeply troubled that this keeps occurring.


Bryan Loritts Illustrates Why he is a Fraud and Misses the Issue Completely  

Bryan Loritts blog post was awful and reveals as to why he is a fraud. Before I state what needs to be said let me say that racism is a major problem in evangelicalism and also society. All one has to do is look at how a number of Baptists and evangelicals responded to to what J.D. Greear tweeted out about the New York Times 1619 Project. You can read about that in, “The New York Times 1619 Project on Slavery and how Some Baptists Reacted to J.D. Greear on Twitter. Also the 1619 Project Needs to Comprehend the History of Slavery in the Convention.”  Having said that Bryan Loritts exploits his race and other African-Americans to enrich and benefit himself. He plays the race card frequently and uses it to cover up misdeeds. The Fellowship Memphis scandal was exceptionally dark. It involved Bryan Loritts brother-in-law at the time engaging in voyeurism and allegedly manufacturing child pornography. The scandal can be read about in the following article which contains press articles from the Memphis Commercial Appeal. “The Sordid Tale of Rick Trotter, Bryan Loritts, John Bryson and Acts 29 Fellowship Memphis and Downtown Presbyterian Church.”

Was Bryan Loritts forced to cover up his brother-in-laws alleged manufacturing of child pornography and voyeurism? Did someone force Bryan – a black man if I may point this out – to cover up this scandal because there were a lot of whites that attended Fellowship Memphis? When Paul talks about the thorn in the flesh is child pornography just that – a thorn in the flesh? Would Peter have covered up voyeurism and made child pornography as well, enough for Jesus to ask him if he loved him? Honestly what is the weather like on Bryan Loritts planet? This article is horrific. Also pay attention to how he works to exonerate James MacDonald and not care about all that MacDonald has done. Bryan Loritts is a fraud just as James MacDonald is a fraud. Bryan and James are in this for the money that is why when scandal comes they just up and flee and move and try and start again. There are still people in Memphis, Tennessee that want Bryan Loritts to come back and apologize. They want him to stop running and actually act like the man he preaches about. Honestly I don’t have much hope about that aspect but one can still hope. But with Bryan Loritts I would not get your hope up too high. 

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  1. You nailed that right! What a horrible blog by this guy!! Really he is totally stereotyping the church! Does he not know how many people fought tooth and nail to keep Macdonald?? Evangelicalism is hardly to hard on fallen pastors! Where is he getting this idea? Like practically every fallen pastor goes on to either start a new church or get hired somewhere else! Those of us who want the church pure have to fight tooth and nail to expose the wolves!! It’s sickening to me the people like tbis guy who think thieves and perverts are ok as shepherds!

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  2. What is it with Evangelical Christians and Child Pornography?

    Unwanted peek into the ManaGAWD’s sexual kinks?
    Thrill of The Ultimate Taboo?

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  3. Thank you Eagle for uncovering the perverse words of this race baiting media whore. That he continues to cry victim and portray himself as morally elite, all while clutching onto the child porn his brother-in-law created, is disgusting. When asked what he did with the 100s of recordings of women and children that were turned over to him, Bryan said, “I took them home and I don’t know what happened to them.” When asked if they wound up online somewhere, he said he “couldn’t say.” And then here he says we must learn how to treat our leaders better when they have “been overcome by sin.” Because now the perps are the victims??? We need more leaders that walk with a limp??? No thank you!! Not if the “limp” is the exploitation of other human beings.


    • Last l heard he may still have the child porn. Since it wasn’t turned over to law enforcement he is in a bind. It’s a crime to posses and a crime to destroy. That is why you contact law enforcement promptly when an alleged sex crime has been committed.


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