Recommended Read: The Rise of Fundamentalist Catholicism at the Religion News Service

The Religion News Service has an interesting article about the rise of fundamentalist Catholicism. this is a brief post to add the article to this blog. 

“I cannot comprehend fundamentalism. It’s fundamentally wrong.”

John Lydon 

Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Psalm 119:105 NRSVCE

Mission San Rafael in California 

Recently there was a fascinating article at the Religious News Service on how the right wing of the Catholic church is changing and becoming fundamentalist. The article talks about how some Catholics adopted Evangelical Christian thought. They are concerned with the women taking on more of a role in church, support traditionalist liturgy, and oppose Pope Francis who they declare a “liberal.” You can read more in, ” The rise of fundamentalist Catholicism.” 


2 thoughts on “Recommended Read: The Rise of Fundamentalist Catholicism at the Religion News Service

  1. And Fundies with Rosaries will probably incorporate all the shticks of Uber-Trads:
    * Tridentine Latin Mass ONLY.
    * Pre-Vatican II EVERYTHING.
    * Fasting and Abstinence like an Ultra-Orthodox.
    * Medieval Angelology, Demonology, and other similar sidelines.
    * Justification by “Mary Channeling”, i.e. claimed Marian Visions which always agree with the Uber-Trads. (That’s THE Catholic way to flake out — go overboard on MARY! MARY! MARY! MARY! MARY!. Makes you wish St Mary would actually appear to them and slap some sense into them.)
    * Private Revelation directly from God (or Mary) that every pope since the last Pius IS A FALSE SATANIC/APOSTATE ANTI-POPE.

    THAT is how Catholics go off the deep end. With Evangelicals it’s End Time Prophecy and Culture War turned Trumpism, with Orthodox it’s “Monk-a-bee” wanna-be More Ascetic Than Thou, with Catholics it’s weird Mary Channelling and Go Back To Before Vatican II. (The only commonality between the three types of flakeout is Obsession With Pelvic Issues, especially HOMOSEXUALITY.)

    This usually ends in schism, with the Fundies with Rosaries denouncing the Pope as Anti-Pope, the Church as Apostate and False, electing their own True Pope, and splitting off in a One True Catholic Splinter Church, the ONLY True Church. (Conspiracy Theories and Secret Societies for Dummies lists at least five One True Popes/One True Catholic Churches of this type.)


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