#CCKCturning30 Christ Community Church in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area Turns 30. Plus Tom Nelson is Interviewed on The Gospel Coalition

Tom Nelson’s Christ Community Church in the Kansas City area turned 30 and celebrated with baptisms and a barbecue. Then after that Tom Nelson had an interview in a podcast at The Gospel Coalition be aired. While this blog wishes the EFCA’s Christ Community Church well, its also time for The Gospel Coalition to address a great injustice as well. 

“Celebration comes when the common features of life are redeemed.”

Richard J Foster

For Christ also suffered once for sins, the righteous for the unrighteous, to bring you to God. He was put to death in the body but made alive in the Spirit.

1 Peter 3:18 NIV

Christ Community Church downtown Kansas City, Missouri

Earlier this year this blog wrote about Tom Nelson’s Christ Community Church turning 30 and activities planned throughout the year. You can read that post in, “Tom Nelson’s Christ Community Church in the Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas Area Turns 30 in 2019.” Christ Community is a key EFCA church in the Midwest District  with several locations in the Kansas City Metropolitan area and Kansas. On Sunday November 10, 2019 Christ Community had its 30th birthday celebration. All the campuses came together at the Olathe, Kansas location. Baptisms started out the event at 4:00 p.m. and continued until about 5:15. Afterward there was balloons, face painting and food which was barbecue. Kansas City is known for their barbecue, which made the event all the more memorable. Plus there was also a Facebook and social media campaign with the hashtag #CCKCturning30. In going through the sermon archives there doesn’t seem to be a talk by Tom Nelson on Christ Community Church turning 30. If there was one perhaps it was not recorded. In a church that has about 3,000 people over five campuses I would like to know how many people attended the celebration.  Either way this blog hopes that Christ Community Church had a good time in its celebration and wishes this church well.


Collin Hansen’s Interview with Tom Nelson at The Gospel Coalition and Some Closing Thoughts

The other day when I was scanning The Gospel Coalition for articles to write about and I noticed an interview between Christ Community Church Pastor Tom Nelson and Collin Hansen. You can listen to Tom Nelson right here. This blog which writes about the EFCA, atheism, doubt and also modern evangelicalism has actually heard positive things about Christ Community Church in Kansas. To be honest, that is refreshing. When you get emails about sex crimes in a church or sit across from a Mother in a coffee shop who tells you how a church covered up the grooming and abuse of her child for sexual abuse, its nice to hear something positive. One point that this blog wants to leave with Tom Nelson is the following. Collin Hanson points out that Tom Nelson is a Council Member of The Gospel Coalition. I listened to a good part of the podcast and the interview and this is the challenge that remains. While Tom Nelson talked about the Gospel in the context of work this blog would also like to leave the senior pastor of Christ Community Church with the following thoughts. The Gospel Coalition as an organization was largely undermined by the C.J. Mahaney Sovereign Grace Ministries child sex abuse scandal. While the secular culture deals with the #metoo era bloggers like me are writing about the #chruchtoo as well. Now here is the problem that should weigh on the conscious of people in The Gospel Coalition if they take the Gospel seriously. D.A. Carson and others defended C.J. Mahaney by using their platform to attack a victim of a rape inside Sovereign Grace Ministries. The Gospel Coalition has not owned their mistake and D.A. Carson has gone forward, taught and stayed silent. From my perspective it makes me to ask the question…does D.A. Carson know what Christianity is about? Has Carson read his Bible where it talks about owning your sin?  And I will sign of with this closing thought. For people like me who are burned and fried and on our way out from evangelicalism, and indeed others who are walking away from Christianity you are not going to reach me or others as long as such injustices are ignored. All the preaching, teaching, conferences, books, Podcasts, etc.. are for nothing is such injustice is going to be ignored. That statement by D.A. Carson needs to be addressed and its my hope that people like Tom Nelson will understand why this needs to be addressed, and that they will be able to do the right thing.