It’s Time for the Ex-Harvest Community to Bring a Class Action Lawsuit Against James MacDonald

The Harvest Bible Chapel scandal is far from over. As a reminder the audit is coming and is scheduled to be released shortly from this blog’s understanding. Its time for a few brave souls from the Ex-Harvest community to bring a class action lawsuit against James MacDonald. James can still be stopped and its time for people to bring legal action as a way to find justice. James will never own his misdeeds and wrongs, and is playing by a different set of rules. This blog would like to inspire someone to bring a class action lawsuit against James MacDonald. 

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Martin Luther King 

“In matters of truth and justice, there is no difference between large and small problems, for issues concerning the treatment of people are all the same.”

Albert Einstein

“Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the Lord.  “Though your sins are like scarlet,
they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.

Isiah 1:18 NIV 

James MacDonald 

This blog post came about through several discussions with a few people who once were involved in Harvest Bible Chapel. Let’s revisit some of the issues that happened in Harvest Bible Chapel under the leadership of James MacDonald. 


James MacDonald’s Legacy of Waste, Fraud and Abuse

Harvest Bible Chapel is a story of profound waste, fraud and abuse. This abuse happens in many forms. It includes the abuse of people and the abuse of church property. Its about the abuse of money, and the abuse of position. The abuse of people is what individuals like the Cornings, or the Mahoneys endured through their lawsuit. You have the abuse of property in that James MacDonald viewed it as his own and was reckless with it. Let’s look at some of those issues briefly. 

In the abuse of people by James MacDonald you had James raging and firing people at will. Julie Roys wrote about his anger issues and several of my sources told me how difficult James could be. There was the story that dealt with James MacDonald and how he allegedly took personal pleasure in killing deer for fun. You can read more in, “Does James MacDonald Take Personal Pleasure in Killing Animals?” Then there was the time that Mancow filed the police report because of personal concern that James MacDonald could use violence. You can read more in, “The Wilmette, Illinois Police Redacted Report Involving Mancow Muller Concerning James MacDonald Allegedly Wanting to Hire a Hitman to Have Someone Murdered.” Then there is the allegations of sexual harassment and the inappropriate touching of Anne Green. “Anne Green Explains how James MacDonald Inappropriately Touched her on a Flight to California on the Mancow Muller Show. What About Female Worship Leaders Such as Lindsay McCaul, Meredith Andrews and Others? Did They Deal with Sexual Misconduct?” 

In the abuse of property you had the story of James MacDonald and the waste of $20 million dollars in steel because James made decisions that he was not to have made. You can read about this in, “Harvest Bible Chapel Elgin, “General Contractor James MacDonald”, and $20 Million Dollars of Wasted Money in Steel.”  When it came to finances you had James MacDonald treating Harvest like his own personal expense account. Buying cigars, safaris and building a bigger and more extravagant mansion over the course of time. This blog has heard personal stories of people in Harvest who gave large amounts of money. From $80,000 to $260,000 over 1 to 3 years time. You can read more about this in, “The #HarvestMeToo Movement. How Much Did Harvest Bible Chapel Financially Fleece Your Family?” And one needs to remember that Harvest Bible Chapel scandal is far from over. 


Remember the Audit is Coming Also….

Remember you have the black budget and Fred Adams. The question of the black budget hangs large over Harvest. It raises many questions and will not go way until the books are opened. Meanwhile remember that Harvest is going through an independent audit by a company that has requested to remain anonymous due to the publicity of this scandal. So the Harvest community needs to be prepared for what the audit will reveal. Its this blog’s belief that the audit will be far more damning than people are anticipating. Or in other words let me describe it to you in this manner. On a scale of 1 to 10 with one being good and ten being awful this blog thinks the audit results will be at a 20. People are going to learn things that will make their blood pressure spike to levels that has not happened. There is going to elegance, more trips, expensive restaurants and money being abused in sick ways. So this blog wants to brace people for what is coming down the pike. 


Its Time for a Class Action Lawsuit Against James MacDonald

I write all that above to say that it’s time for someone to bring a class action lawsuit against James MacDonald. Earlier this year I wrote about this topic and encouraged Mancow to do so in, “Why Mancow Muller Should Consider a Class Action Lawsuit Against Harvest Bible Chapel to Open up the Black Budget. Plus Why Capin Crouse and ECFA Should be Included.” This blog believes that lawsuits should be used by Christians when fraud, abuse and more take place. I wrote about this when I asked if attitudes were changing on the topic of lawsuits in, ““…Someone Needs to Sue These Bastards.” Are Evangelical Christians Reaching a Tipping Point When it Comes to Lawsuits and Legal Action?” And then I explained why lawsuits needed to be considered against Willow Creek Community Church  and used by evangelicals in, “The Time has Come for Evangelicals to Consider and Use Lawsuits Against Corrupt Ministries and Churches.

This blog knows that people want to bring a lawsuit against James MacDonald. People have expressed their desire. The situation is dire. You have Harvest that has has not handled the departure of MacDonald well earlier this year. Then you also have James MacDonald in his narcissistic pattern going to an Assembly of God church in Chicago. He’s making his comeback and currently working on it. For James MacDonald he is in ministry for money. He can manipulate and abuse people as casually as a teenager can flip a burger at a McDonalds. Abuse is a part of who James MacDonald is, as that is what people who worked close to him have told me. Thirty years of pain, trauma and abuse and now James MacDonald is getting ready to start again at another church in Chicago,


The Wondering Eagle is Asking for One Brave Soul to Start the Process

This blog has been known for several contributions in the Harvest Bible Chapel scandal. It broke the news about the black budget and it published the Dean Butters statement. But that is not what this blog wants to be remembered for, it wants to be remembered for another issue. This blog is asking for one brave soul to step up to the plate and start the process pf a class action lawsuit. You have what 15,000 to 30,000 people who have been involved in Harvest Bible Chapel for 30 years? All the ex-Harvest community needs is for one body to start the class action process. This blog is asking for one brave soul to step forward. 

This is what a class action lawsuit against James MacDonald can achieve. It can slow down James MacDonald from getting back into ministry. He will be mired down in a lawsuit that will hang over the situation. It can result in New Life Covenant Church from backing away from James MacDonald. What if they were dragged into it? That could raise questions in those who attend New Life Covenant Church. That could result in them dropping James MacDonald as they don’t want to be affected by the scandal. But the time for acting is now. The issues are not going to go away, and for those who think that MacDonald will reconcile and pony up, I hate to tell you that but a narcissist will not do the right thing. James MacDonald is about power, greed and James MacDonald. He is playing by a different set of rules and he knows he will get away with it because he is counting on you to play by the rules he taught and what he knows you will do. The time is now for people to bring a class action lawsuit. This blog would like to help inspire one or two people to start the process. My guess is that when the audit is released that will bring such anger that more people will join. 

But here is another question I want to raise. For those who were abused and hurt by James MacDonald why would you stay silent and allow him to get ready to move forward and abuse many other people? If you are in pain and hurting why would you look the other way especially if you know what is going to happen to other people? So this blog would like to make a plea…please can someone step forward and start the process? James MacDonald can still be stopped from going into ministry again. Let’s make that a reality.