Its Quiet in Chicago….

A brief post on how quiet it was in Chicago without my Mom and Dad there in the city. Mom and Dad adored Chicago in their lifetime, it was quiet to not have them present. 

“Never. We never truly lose our loved ones. They accompany us; they don’t disappear from our lives. We are merely in different rooms.”


In the musical Hamilton one of the most moving songs deals with Alexander Hamilton grieving the loss of his son. Philip was mortally wounded in a duel in November 1801 and succumbed to his wounds. The song which I have below is called “It’s Quiet Uptown.” The song has become popular online and many people who are dealing with the death or loss of a loved one find themselves touched by the raw grief as displayed in the song. 

I am one of them. Recently when I was in Chicago I was thinking to myself how quiet it is in many ways. After my Dad’s death I had dinner with one of my parents friends. When discussing death I asked them what does it mean to you? And they explained the quietness or absence of a person. For example maybe someone did the dishes and then after years they passed away. The pile of dishes in the sink can be a reminder of that issue. For me I was thinking a lot about my Mom and Dad in Chicago. Chicago is my parents city – and they loved it. Mom always talked about seeing downtown Chicago in the holidays. Dad liked the University of Chicago. Even when Dad was dying he came back to Chicago to explore and see his old haunts. When I was back in Chicago it felt weird not to have them there alongside me. Indeed it was quiet in Chicago.