Practicing Discernment: Vision Statement for Southern Lakes Church in Elkhorn, Wisconsin

This is a discernment exercise that comes from an Evangelical Free church outside Milwaukee in the Forest Lakes District. The goal of this post is to get you to think for yourself especially with some cult -like and disturbing churches which exist. 

“Intelligence is something we are born with. Thinking is a skill that must be learned.”

Edward De Bono

“To live is to think.”

Marcus Cicero

That very night the believers sent Paul and Silas to Berea. When they arrived there, they went to the Jewish synagogue. 11 And the people of Berea were more open-minded than those in Thessalonica, and they listened eagerly to Paul’s message. They searched the Scriptures day after day to see if Paul and Silas were teaching the truth. 12 As a result, many Jews believed, as did many of the prominent Greek women and men.

Acts 17: 10-12 NLT

Inner Harbor of Baltimore

This is a discernment post that comes from an Evangelical Free Church in Elkhorn, Wisconsin. Elkhorn is a small town southwest of Milwaukee. Southern Lakes Church is led by Ken Brummel. On their website they have a vision statement. So look this over and ask yourself…how healthy is this church? Would you get involved or would you walk away? Study this and feel free to discuss this below.

We are responding to God’s lead…

To be a dynamic worshipping community. We will be a body of daily worshippers who gather together as a large body to publicly demonstrate hearts that adore our Heavenly Father. We will do this through biblical teaching and a variety of music styles; also through sharing in the ordinances instituted by Christ and practiced by the Church throughout history.

To be a body of individuals who are engaged in daily study of God’s Word and prayer.We will challenge ourselves and each other to mature in our walk with the Lord and engage in daily interaction with Christ and obedience to the Father.

To be a church body comprised of authentic relational communities where care, spiritual growth and fellowship take place. We want to see all members of Southern Lakes Church actively participating in these connection groups.

To see families strengthened. We will build strong families by sustaining and nourishing them with resources, ministries, encouragement and education.

To be a church where godly leaders are identified, equipped and empowered. We will identify leaders and provide them with the coaching and tools needed to serve in leadership positions.

To be a church where all people know their God-given passion, personality, spiritual gifts and abilities. We will joyfully use these gifts for the building up of the body and the advancement of the kingdom. We will provide opportunities for people to discern who God has purposed them to be and empower and encourage one another to serve where the Lord calls.

To serve people in our community. We will do this utilizing our resources which include finances, facilities and people. We understand and value the need to meet all human needs, paying special attention to meeting the spiritual needs of those we encounter. We will clearly communicate God’s plan of salvation and prayerfully see people of all walks enter into the Lord’s kingdom.

To be equipped to minister to our community. We will do this through community outreach events, fellowship activities and student ministry events in effective facilities that are welcoming, multi-functional and easily accessible to our community.

To see that every student in Elkhorn knows that SLEFC is a place of care and hope. We will provide students with an environment where the love of Christ is clearly seen in us. We will develop relationships with students. We will provide students compelling evidence about their need for the salvation offered through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In partnership with the Holy Spirit we will see students surrender their lives to Christ. We will offer students opportunities to grow in their faith, serve others and develop into the young men and women God intends.

To be a community that embraces hands-on partnership in the cause of the gospel worldwide. We will provide opportunities and encourage our body to participate in and support short-term mission trips and vocational ministry. We will generously provide resources to partners in ministry wherever they are located and will actively support them through prayer, regular encouragement, cooperation, and communication.


One thought on “Practicing Discernment: Vision Statement for Southern Lakes Church in Elkhorn, Wisconsin

  1. This one’s not too bad on its face. Of course, as a vision statement, this is likely to be more generic than the specific rules they set for their members. But there’s nothing here about right-wing politics, or obedience, so that’s something. They even mention service to their community, which other churches often omit. Of course, there’s a large implication that any service to the community is going to come with a sermon attached, which is a little worrying.


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