The Last Time I Traveled to Judson College

Brief reflection on the last time I attended Judson College for a Rebecca St. James convert in November of 2000. In the process of driving from Milwaukee to Elgin we hit a blizzard and plowed through being the determined individuals we were. Now it looks like it is going to be snowing again except this time I am traveling from Washington, D.C. 

“Climate is what we expect, weather is what we get.”

Mark Twain

In the fall of 2000 I relocated from Fresno, California to Milwaukee, Wisconsin to attend Marquette University. That fall I was also working to plant a Campus Crusade for Christ chapter at Marquette. The chapter was small and consisted of me and four girls. That fall Rebecca St. James released a new album called Transform. So that fall I learned that Rebecca St. James was coming to northern Chicago area and I thought perhaps that could be a Crusade activity. So it was discussed and people wanted to go. Tickets were purchased and we agreed to go. If my memory serves me right it was in November of 2000 and it was to be held at Judson College at the time (Today Judson University). The concert was on a Friday night and was about an hour and a half from Milwaukee. 

So we drove there to this concert. Me driving a Honda Accord with several college students piled in. We hit a blizzard and heavy snow but we plugged through it and were late. The concert was half way over with. Afterward we drove him and the weather worsened and we drove in some heavy snow. So that is my recollection of Judson College in the fall of 2000. Snow, snow and more snow. The other day someone from Harvest reached out and told me that snow is expected in Elgin this weekend. I laughed when I saw that and thought as to how I have this unique relationship to Judson and how it revolves around bad weather. Either way I am determined to get there for this event. 🙂