Rick Joyner on How Everything in the Constitution Comes From the Bible

Rick Joyner exclaimed that the Constitution is from the Bible. This warped teaching shows the influence of David Barton. Joyner is teaching disinformation and reveals not only does civics need to be taught more. But also as to how evangelical Christians have a problem with disinformation. 

“If men were angels, no government would be necessary.

James Madison

“The essence of Government is power; and power, lodged as it must be in human hands, will ever be liable to abuse.”

James Madison

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour. Resist him, standing firm in the faith, because you know that the family of believers throughout the world is undergoing the same kind of sufferings.

1 Peter 5:8-9 NIV 

Thomas Jefferson

I came from a third wave charismatic church in the Milwaukee area that was known as Wooded Hills Bible Church. When I was at Wooded Hills I was a grad student at Marquette University. At Wooded Hills Rick Joyner was pushed by Trish Stern who did adult education. Wooded Hills was into Joyner, Mike Bickle, The Elijah List and other like minded material. You can read about Rick Joyner in, “Recalling When Trish Stern Pushed Rick Joyner. Plus Considering Joyner’s New Comments on Militias is Theo Williams’ Wooded Hills Outside Germantown, Wisconsin Preparing for the Next Civil War?The other day I saw something about Rick Joyner that I had to comment on. It is too important to ignore it. 


What Rick Joyner Said 

On a Facebook live stream which you can see above Rick Joyner made an outrageous claim. Joyner claimed that every precept in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is linked to the Bible. Joyner has been deeply influenced by David Barton who is best known for creating Christian Nationalist propaganda. Barton doesn’t write history as he struggles with basics of American history. And he plays into what evangelicals want to believe. This is what Joyner said, “Believe it or not, everything in our Constitution and Bill of Rights is linked to a scripture or scriptures. All of it.” Joyner then claimed that the founding fathers wrote about how it was linked in the Federalist Papers. Joyner then praised David Barton and stated that he had more original sources in his collection then the Smithsonian did


What is the United States Constitution? 

Before I get into the problems with what Rick Joyner said lets look at some basics. The question needs to be asked, what is the United States Constitution? The Constitution is the document upon which out federal government rests. It was created when a young nation realized that the Articles of Confederation was too weak. A Constitutional Convention was held in Philadelphia from May to September of 1787.  

The Constitution was a new form of government. Article 1 deals with the legislative branch of government.  It explains how the House of Representatives and the Senate works. The rules of Congress such as states cannot declare war and how a bill becomes law. Article 2 deals with the executive branch and explains the president and vice-president. For example it goes into how long a president can serve and the powers that he has such as the right to pardon criminals. Article 3 establishes the Supreme Court and the judicial system. Article 4 explains that states must respect and follow laws from other states. The next section Article 5 details how the Constitution can be amended. Article 6 explains how the Constitution is to be followed and how it is the law of the land. Then the last Article 7, deals with how the Constitution is amended. 

The first 10 Amendments are known as the Bill of Rights. They include free speech, freedom of the press, and the right to bear arms. Also includes are the rights of the accused and the outlawing of double jeopardy and much. If you want to read more about the Constitution and the Bill of Rights go right here. The Bill of Rights were a check on too much federal power and the new government had checks and balances. Congress could hold a president accountable. Passed laws could be reviewed by the courts, etc… The Constitution is the brainchild of James Madison, George Washington, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay. Benjamin Franklin,  John Adams, James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. The Federalist Papers are the essays to sway people to support the new Constitution. Most o them were written by Alexander Hamilton. Our Constitution is the oldest, active one in existence and as Americans we should be proud of out government. 


The Importance of Civics and Danger of Disinformation 

Rick Joyner is someone who is off base and warped. He is not grounded in reality. His comments show how important education actually is. Colleges and schools need to be teaching civics and the Constitution. When I was in junior high school in California we spent 3 months studying the Constitution and then had to pass a test. This is one of the problems with home schooling in my view is that you can determine what curriculum you want to follow. Democracies can die due to ignorance.  Rick Joyner is dangerous. What Rick Joyner is doing is perpetrating misinformation.  And while I have not read all the Federalist Papers, I have read a couple and I have studied history in an academic setting to see that what David Barton and Rick Joyner are perpetuating is some disturbing material. 

The founding fathers reflected the Age of Enlightenment. They were familiar with other governments that failed and knew Greek and Rome. They were not evangelical Christians as how people think evangelicals are today. You will not find references to the Bible in the Federalist Papers. The founding fathers were concerned about separation of church and state because it was healthy and good for both the state and the church. Rick Joyner needs to remembered as a fraud. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on and he needs to be ignored by people. What worries me is the following. How many evangelicals are going to take the time to read up and research the Constitution and understand how it works? Not many and yet that is why I am writing posts like this one. My advice to people to educate themselves there are a lot of good historical books on the Constitution or some of the founding fathers. For example read Ron Chernow on George Washington or Alexander Hamilton. Another good read is Joseph Ellis who is known for his work on Thomas Jefferson and  John Adams.  Warren Throckmorton also wrote a strong post on this topic which you can access here


4 thoughts on “Rick Joyner on How Everything in the Constitution Comes From the Bible

  1. Barton doesn’t write history as he struggles with basics of American history. And he plays into what evangelicals want to believe.

    This is called “Fanservice”. Of which a particularly-odious form is “Masturbating Your Audience”, servicing them with constant reassuring flattery — “Just Like You, Dear Reader… You Are Right, Dear Reader…” Examples of the latter include Left Behind and Atlas Shrugged (which are the exact same story Fanservicing different target audiences).

    How many evangelicals are going to take the time to read up and research the Constitution and understand how it works?

    They already have THE! WORD! OF! GAWD!
    Why should they even look at The Vain Imaginings of Men?

    Dezinformatzia for The Cause is a long-standing tradition among Fundagelicals. Phone me sometime and I can tell you my experiences with it.


  2. Wondering,

    I really don’t know what your major malfunction is, but you have some serious problems. I’m 55 years old, and apparently, I took a different civics class than you did. I began civics in the 5th Grade, and it continued thru US history in high school.

    We have 3 branches of government. Three. What are they? Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. That’s just three beginning of how our government is influenced by the bible. I have no doubt that you will have Jefferson discussing that our government is not based on the Christian religion, as most atheists just love to quote, but, research shows that he was quoting someone else, from another country, of another time long before Jefferson was a gleam in his mothers eye. Then you will have Adams, was it, that did a treaty of Tripoli, that states that we are not a Christian nation, but that’s only stating that we are not a theocracy, as a MOSLEM nation is, and our Christian sailors were being treated badly by Moslems, that are from a MOSLEM theocracy. Ben Franklin asks for prayer in the Virginia government. He states that there are no atheists in America. The bill of Rights are considered God given rights, the declaration of independence mentions at least three rights that man can’t remove, indicating that there are more than three. Nature’s God is not an atheist god. It’s not a pagan God.

    Let me tell you, you’ve got a screw loose, wanting to twist history, to erase it into something that you WISH America is all about… That is…a secular government, which is far from what our founders had in mind, because many of them were about MORALITY that comes from the bible, and sodomy was a crime. So please, find a different topic to teach, other than the US Government, cuz you fail.

    Ed Chapman


      • Why is that? Your narrative in this post is more infuriating than Ed’s. The 1600’s and 1700’s were full of believers, one way or another. Today’s liberals want to make it seem like they were oppressed atheists. It’s one of the most disingenuous reaches of all the lefty BS stories I hear. Every single one of the leaders of that day felt atheists were a bigger threat than deists. Founders and their ancestors left the tyrannical government sponsored Anglican religion. A faux Catholic orthodoxy that was founded by a guy who couldn’t decide if he preferred his women separated, beheaded, or just plain dead…but definitely not divorced. The founders of our country wanted the morals of Christianity without the tyranny that came with state sponsored religion (Anglicans and Catholics). To deny that shows you’re as bad as the subject of your post, just on the other end. Read any colony or settlement bylaws and ordinances leading up to the constitution and it’s clear pretty much all the population, ruling parties, and founding fathers were firmly in the Christian model of leadership.


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