Why a Lawsuit From Jerry Falwell Jr to Brandon Ambrosino for a Politico Article About Corruption at Liberty is Actually a Gift

Jerry Falwell Jr and Liberty University have obtained a lawfirm and are going to push back through a lawsuit against Brandon Ambrosino. Brandon published an article at Politico on September 9, 2019 that made some serious claims about financial misconduct and how Jerry Falwell Jr is personally benefiting from the school’s tax exempt status. This post recalls and revisits the Harvest Bible Chapel lawsuit against The Elephant’s Debt blog and Julie Roys which was eventually dropped. If a lawsuit is filed against Brandon Ambrosino then he can file a subpoena and obtain financial information about Liberty through discovery.   

“Once you realize that everything happens for a reason, attitudes towards matters such as illnesses, or lawsuits, for example, change.”

Shari Arison 

All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, 17 so that the servant of God[a] may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.

2 Timothy 3:16-17 NIV 

Jerry Falwell Jr. 

Before I proceed on this post let me say a few words about Breitbart. This blog is committed to facts and I am very selective about what I use for sources. Those who have read my articles know that I load them up with links to back up my points that are made. As such I usually stay away from Breitbart because I see it as propaganda. I am not opposed to conservative media, actually I am grieving the loss of traditional conservative media that doesn’t fan alt-right conspiracy theories. Some of the conservative media that I process and read regularly includes websites like Bulwark. But I usually avoid Breibart because it pushes a lot of conspiracy theories that are quite concerning. However, in this article I am going to lean upon Breitbart especially since Jerry Falwell Jr released a statement to that organization. 


Breitbart States that Jerry Falwell Jr is Preparing a Lawsuit in Response to a Politico Article by Brandon Ambrosino

On September 9, 2019 at Politico an explosive article was published that dealt with Jerry Falwell Jr and Liberty University. The article which explored Falwell’s corruption also raised questions if financial crimes were committed. The article alleged that Liberty abused tax exempt law and that Falwell personally benefited from it to enrich himself. You can read the original article in, “Someone’s Gotta Tell the Freakin’ Truth’: Jerry Falwell’s Aides Break Their Silence” This blog analyzed and wrote about the article in, “An Explosive Politico Article Raises Questions About Financial and Other Misconduct at Liberty University. In Response Jerry Falwell Jr Attacks and Claims There is a Coup Against Him.” The article led to protests occurring at Liberty which were organized by Liberty student Elizabeth Brooks.

On October 22, 2019 at Breitbart it was published that Jerry Falwell Jr and Liberty University are preparing a massive lawsuit against Brandon Ambrosino who wrote the article in Politico. The article is, “Exclusive — Liberty University, Jerry Falwell Jr. Prepare Pushback on Leftist ‘Smear Campaign’ Waged Against Christian School.”  The Breitbart article which focuses on the fact that Brandon Ambrosino is gay also claims that he committed defamation and slandered Jerry Falwell Jr’s “good name.” This is what Falwell told Breitbart in a statement to the newspaper. “We have been patient with the smear campaign being waged against the school, but it is clear now that there is a concerted effort to damage the school’s reputation and mission.“ In the exclusive Falwell states the following. “We have a fiduciary duty to defend the school from this attack.”The legal firm that Liberty obtained for the lawsuit is Kasowitz Benson Torres. Torres firm also represents Donald Trump as well. Michael Bowe from the law firm sent a letter to Brandon Ambrosino this past week in the letter the following is claimed. The letter below also address some claims that Ambrosino made at Villonva University about Jerry Falwell Jr. 

You have and continue to publicly defame LU and Mr. Falwell with a series of claims for which you have no factual basis, that are based on knowingly misrepresented facts, or which you have just made up. It is clear from the evidence we have thus far uncovered that these false and defamatory statements were made with actual malice and an actual intent to harm LU and Mr. Falwell.” It goes on and states the following. “In fact, LU provides a quality, legitimate, accredited not-for-profit education consistent with its mission and tax status; LU’s real estate investments account for no more than l0% of its endowment (which is in line with and much lower than most other university endowments); and most of LU’s real estate investments are contiguous to the school and supportive of its mission, unlike most real estate investments at other universities that are wholly unrelated to their educational mission.” The rest of the letter can be read in the Breitbart article which you can access here


Remembering James MacDonald’s Harvest Bible Chapel Lawsuit 

On October 16, 2018 in a Cook County Circuit Court in Chicago James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel went after the writers of the blog The Elephant’s Debt, their wives and Julie Roys a journalist working on an article for World magazine about Harvest Bible Chapel. The lawsuit accused the blog writers of engaging in defamation. You can read more about in in, “James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel Goes After The Elephant’s Debt Blog Accusing it of Defamation in a Lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court in Chicago, Illinois” And you can read the actual lawsuit in, “James MacDonald vs. The Elephant’s Debt Lawsuit.” The lawsuit came as a shock to Ryan Mahoney and Scot Bryant and their wives. Julie Roys used the situation to file a subpoena and obtain documents that pertained to James MacDonald. Do to nervousness and Harvest weary about having additional information be made public the lawsuit was dropped in January of 2019. You can read about this in, “Harvest Bible Chapel Drops the Lawsuit Against The Elephant’s Debt and Julie Roys, What Does This Mean?


Jerry Falwell Jr Can’t Afford a Discovery to That Will Uncover Any Illegal Activities 

While the situation against Brandon Ambrosino looks intimidating the reality is that it also poses an incredible opportunity. If Brandon is sued for defamation then he can go and file a subpoena. Politico is also a heavy hitter when it comes to news journalism. For those who don’t know it was a spin off from The Washington Post a number of years ago. Politico breaks a lot of news in the Washington, D.C. area. So they would also have lawyers and a legal team to support Brandon Ambrosino. But here is the problem. A subpoena can result in discovery of new information about Liberty University. For example what could Brandon obtain in discovery? Possibly Jerry Falwell Jr’s tax information. Property records, financial statements, email history, and more can be gathered. Now here is the question….does Jerry Falwell Jr want to do that? In a case of defamation does he want to allow financial records that could show evidence of a crime being made public? The reality is that Jerry Falwell Jr has more to lose in a lawsuit then he has to gain. This is him currently pounding the table and pouting but the reality is that he can’t afford a period of discovery. When a person allegedly has engaged in misconduct they are going to be motivated to avoid the law and discovery. If Jerry Falwell Jr engaged in financial misconduct and violated 501(c)(3) status in a way that proves that Liberty is hit own personal hedge fund that information will be damning to the organization. If a lawsuit is filed against Brandon Ambrosino then I predict it will be dropped because Jerry Fawell Jr doesn’t want additional information to be made public. Quite simply he can’t afford to that that action take place. 


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  1. Remembering James MacDonald’s Harvest Bible Chapel Lawsuit

    Which was the first thing I thought of when I read your headline.

    JMac of the stabbed pictures, deer shot to pieces, and jokes about uploading kiddie porn on his enemies’ systems (laughter cue to all his Elders) was real gung-ho about crushing Julie Roys with his shyster (Mancow’s DUI specialist) until he found out about “Discovery”. Then he couldn’t drop the lawsuit and backpedal fast enough.


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