Why Acts 29 Harbor Church in Honolulu Will Not Reach the People of Oahu

Harbor Hawaii with its main location in Honolulu has two other locations and is both an Evangelical Free and an Acts 29 church. This church was very aggressive on Twitter and blocked quickly. This post is an analysis of the culture of Acts 29 Harbor Hawaii Church which has Matt Dirks as its pastor for preaching and leadership. Those looking for a church in Hawaii and Oahu should stay away from Matt Dirks place of worship.

“By diligence and patience, the mouse bit in two the cable.”

Benjamin Franklin 

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.

Proverbs 9:10 NIV 

How Harbor Hawaii behaves on Twitter 

Earlier this year at the Acts 29 website there was a profile down of the Acts 29 churches in the State of Hawaii. In that profile they looked at Harbor Church in Honolulu.  Harbor Hawaii is an Evangelical Free and Acts 29 church. It straddles both denominations. This blog has written about this Acts 29 church previously. A post was written in response to a church blog post asking if Calvinists are responsible for their actions? You can read that in, “Matt Dirks from Harbor Hawaii on God Being Your Defender. My Question is the Following. Are Neo-Calvinists Responsible for their Actions?” Then in another post there was some discussion on prayer and this blog wrote a response to that topic. You can read that in, “Matt Dirks of Acts 29 Harbor Church in Honolulu, Hawaii on Praying for Stupid Stuff; Plus Some Thoughts on Prayer.”  After I wrote this posts and sent a few tweets asking questions Harbor Hawaii became aggressive and blocked me on Twitter.


Why Harbor Hawaii Will Not Reach Oahu

Harbor Hawaii as you can see above plays aggressive on Twitter. They block quickly and move fast. This behavior by this Acts 29 church on social media tells me quite a bit about the culture of Harbor Hawaii. For example it tells me that this is a place that is quite authorterian. They will come down on you like a hammer. This goes along with Acts 29 culture. Harbor, however is also a place that is short on patience. In such a church will people be able to ask questions and engage in deep discussions on difficult topics? Let me rephrase this another way. Can someone who walks in off the street ask the following questions? 

  1. Why does a loving God allow events like September 11, 2001 to occur? 
  2. My Mom is suffering from lung cancer, why does God allow this to occur in his sovereignty?
  3. Why do Christians praise God for a couple of people who survived a plane crash when 100 were killed? 
  4. Is it okay to be disappointed or angry at God? 
  5. If hell exists and hearing the message is so crucial then why does God allow people like Mark Driscoll, C.J. Mahaney, Jim Baker, James MacDonald and others to preach that message given the corruption their ministries have exhibited and the lives destroyed by them? 
  6. What does grace mean for my father who is in prison for raping my daughter? 

So will you be able to ask those kind of questions in Matt Dirks church? This blog would bet my humble abode in the Washington, D.C. area that the answer is no. If Harbor Hawaii can’t deal with someone on the edge of faith who is burned after seeing the dark side of religion who writes a blog and blasts posts on Twitter, they will not have the patience for someone asking hard questions about theodicy, creationism, prayer, hell and other topics. Acts 29 churches like Harbor Hawaii function best in a bubble. In order to thrive in such a place you need to be disengaged from the world and cut off. And I am not referring to efforts to be holy and pure as some evangelicals believe. I am referring to being insecure and withdrawn and to remove yourself from other thoughts or ideas that could challenge your worldview. 


Keep Tithing Guys this Acts 29 Church is a Business and Someone Needs to Pay Matt Dirks Salary

Here is what you need to know about Acts 29 Harbor Church Honolulu.  At the end of the day Acts 29 churches like this are businesses. Some people open up a Chic Fil A or Culvers franchise. Some sell insurance through All State and State Farm. In the end people like Matt Dirk do the same thing expect its through planting churches. What you have to do is plant churches to survive and grow. They you publish a couple of books and you have a base that will buy them and encourage their friends and family to buy them as well. Harbor Hawaii is not about God, instead its about making money. People like Matt Dirks need you to tithe and give money. Matt needs you to think that you are giving to advance the Kingdom of God. The reality is that Matt Dirks needs help paying his bills. Hawaii is expensive to live in. A gallon of milk is $8.99 and housing is not cheep either. What Harbor Church Honolulu is about is paying Matt’s bills and allowing him to draw a paycheck. But in order for this to work some people need to look the other way and pretend to become “Gospel Centered” New Creations. After all it will be more convincing when people get spiritually abused in an Acts 29 church like Harbor Church Honolulu. 

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  1. Keep Tithing Guys this Acts 29 Church is a Business and Someone Needs to Pay Matt Dirks Salary
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