Trinity Church at Wall Street and the Location of Alexander Hamilton’s Grave

When I was in Manhattan I spent some time exploring Trinity Church. Trinity is where Alexander Hamilton and other notable people from early American history are buried. This church which is next to Wall Street is very historic. This post consists of a number of pictures taken. 

“Real liberty is neither found in despotism or the extremes of democracy, but in moderate governments.”

Alexander Hamilton 

Trinity Church from the side (Construction in front) 

One thing that stunned me when I was in Manhattan is how close so many historical landmarks are to each other. Trinity Church is behind the New York Stock Exchange. Two blocks away is the World Trade Center complex. There is a lot of history as I walked and explored. That just amazed me. The main sanctuary of Trinity was closed when I visited. But the chapel was open and I played tourist and looked at it. I also found Alexander Hamilton’s grave in the cemetery. It was stunning to see this church and this plot of green grass in downtown Manhattan swallowed up by pavement and skyscrapers. As I was looking at Hamilton’s grave I had some of the music from the musical going through my mind. So I inserted one of the songs below. 

Chapel of Trinity Church

Cemetery at Trinity Church

Alexander Hamilton’s grave with his wife Eliza in front of it.