The Democratic Party Formally Acknowledges the Nones and is The Only Political Party in the United States to Do So

As the United States culture is shifting and the Democratic Party formally acknowledged the growth of the nones. Currently this is the only major political party in the country that has taken such action. As the culture becomes more secular the nones which stand at 23% will continue to grow. Where will the United States be in 2039?

“Exploring the unknown requires tolerating uncertainty.

Brian Greene 

“We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.”

T.S. Elliot 

Philadelphia skyline from the base of City Hall 

There was an important development in regards to the continuing secularization of the country that needed to be reported on. One of the fastest growing movements in the United States is a group of people who identify as the nones. The nones are not involved in religion and secular in their beliefs. The nones have been growing steadily over the last two decades. Currently they stand at 23% of the population and continue to grow. The nones are roughly the same size as white evangelicals. You can read more about this movement here. And in some parts of the United States it is even greater than the national average. Recently in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer they wrote about the nones and how they were much more prominent in Washington  then the rest of the country. While 23% of the United States identifies with the nones, in Washington that number peaks at 32%. You can read more about this here


Democratic National Committee Accepts the Nones 

There have already been questions as to what the rise of the nones will mean for the Democratic Party. But something happened the other day that was even bigger than that news. This news I read in an email that I received from the Secular Coalition for America. On August 24, 2019 the Democratic National Committee embraced the non-religious for the first time. The Republican, Green and Libertarian Parties have not arrived at this point yet. The resolution that the Democratic National Committee recognizes states the following: 

  1. The value, ethical soundness, and importance of the religiously unaffiliated demographic, a group of Americans who contribute in innumerable ways to the arts, sciences, medicine, business, law, the military, their communities, the success of the Party and prosperity of the Nation; and
  2. That religiously unaffiliated Americans are a group that, as much as any other, advocates for rational public policy based on sound science and universal humanistic values and should be represented, included, and heard by the Party.

This was not just an acknowledgement of this development but a formal change to the party.  You can read the entire resolution below. 



What Does this Mean Culturally for the United States? 

As the United States moves in this direction the results will be profound. What can we see in twenty or thirty years? There will be less discrimination of non-religious individuals. The cultural, political and educational implications will be profound. For example will you see more movies, books and more that will be written from this perspective that one does not see today? What could it mean for our political system and government? If California still has 54 representatives in 2039 is it a strong possibility that 15% of those can be a part of the nones? Consider how that will influence legislation and more. By that time the evangelical culture wars will be greatly diminished. What about even sports culture? This afternoon I read on ESPN that former Dallas Cowboy player Ryan Russell came out as bi-sexual. That will have influence sports. Will you have more Arian Fosters and people who come out and say they are part of the nones? Will there be programs on ESPN in twenty years that talk about how over a third of the NFL football players don’t identify with anything? I could go on but i think you get my point Oh and if you want to read more about Arian Foster you can do so in, “Arian Foster Comes out on Openly Secular, Is he the Secular Answer to Tim Tebow?” It will be both fascinating and interesting to watch these developments play out over time. From my perspective the decline of fundamentalism is most welcome and the diminishing culture wars will be something to look forward.


10 thoughts on “The Democratic Party Formally Acknowledges the Nones and is The Only Political Party in the United States to Do So

  1. Acknowledging is one thing. Celebrating is another. Are you celebrating? What would our founding fathers think of this? Imagine Ben Franklin, or Thomas Jefferson, who trembled at the thought that nones will not have a thought that freedom comes from God?


  2. Who instituted the national holiday called Thanksgiving, and who was thanks to be given to? And why would we give thanks to that someone? Should we get rid of that day now? Or should it remain for the GOP and let the dems WORK that day to SERVE the TOP at the BUFFET? I’ll take some white meat, and mashed potatoes, please.


  3. The Democratic Party Formally Acknowledges the Nones and is The Only Political Party in the United States to Do So

    Which would give them an advantage if they could keep their lunatic fringe in check.

    And would have a side effect of forcing the Christian Culture Warriors even more into the heavily-armed lifeboat of Trump Worship and Second Amendment Solutions. “It’s Us or Them!”


  4. My concern going forward would be whether the Democratic Party would continue to make a place in its tent for people of faith, even while growing more secular in composition. They have not always done a good job of striking this balance, and many people run to the GOP because they do all the God talk (while, in my evaluation, doing a whole host of things that don’t walk that talk). I am concerned about a situation where one party would become completely unwelcoming of people of faith, while the other party would claim a monopoly on including the religious, all the while doing so many things that I find utterly contradictory to the faith. I increasingly feel without a place in the political arena, and suspect this is going to be even more and more the case.


    • Hey Dave H,

      Good news…we finally agree here.

      My only issue of Christians on the left is a huge disagreement on the WWJD stuff. Example, TAXES for feeding the poor. I kinda think that Jesus told CHRISTIANS to dig into their own personal pocket book to give to the poor that they come across, rather than having the government do it for you, for people you never met, based on taxes on everyone, who, some of which, don’t want to give a dime to the poor, as some think that is giving to the lazy, who has the ability to take care of themselves, but would rather have the handout, cuz it’s free.

      In my Christian world, if YOU see a need, fill a need…that way, you can’t say, “I paid my taxes”, or “I gave at the office”, or, “I’ll pray for ya, brother!” If YOU see a need, YOU gotta fill it, regardless of taxes. I don’t think Jesus discussed taxes with Caesar.

      Unfortunately, the right is also guilty of that, too, tho.



  5. Our country is falling into a Christian fundamentalist dictatorship, so if the nones are going to do something, they’d better do it pretty quick. The Evangelicals behind our president, and in our government, have put an external, absolute truth above democracy.

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