Greg Bradshaw and CLT of Harvest Bible Chapel Owe Dan George an Apology for Slander. Plus Why the Scandal is Far From Over

The Wondering Eagle would like to challenge Harvest Bible Chapel to issue an apology to former Elder Dan George for slander. Harvest called into question his character and never retracted their un-ethical statement. This blog has a deep amount of respect for Dan George and would like to see Greg Bradshaw and the CLT issue an apology and make thing right with Dan George. Also this is a quick reminder that the Harvest Bible Chapel scandal is far from over. 

“Slander is an admission that you don’t have anything else worthwhile to say. It is a clear indication of both your personal emotional bankruptcy and the paucity of whatever arguments you are advancing. “

Rebecca Hamilton   

“Slander is the tool of cowards.”

Vanna Bonta 

“Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.”

Ephesians 4:29 NIV

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There is one issue ongoing with Harvest Bible Chapel that The Wondering Eagle would like to see resolved. It has to deal with how Harvest leadership slandered former elder Dan George. This blog has written about Dan George in, “Elder Dan George Resigns from Harvest Bible Chapel” , “Preserving Dan George’s Statement of Repentance” and “Competing Analysis on Dan George’s Statement of Repentance.” 


Why Dan George is Owed an Apology by the CLT of Harvest Bible Chapel

When Dan George resigned from Harvest Bible Chapel he spoke openly and repented of it. At Dan’s blog he owned his mistakes and proceeded to call for change. Dan going to social media about the Harvest Bible Chapel scandal resulted in Harvest issuing the statement below.

In that statement Harvest Bible Chapel blatantly and calculatingly lied. They brought into question Dan’s character and cast doubt upon what he said. Time has affirmed and validated what Dan George has said. However, this statement is still floating around on social media. Harvest issued it and some individuals still think its official church communications. 

This blog wants to go on record as saying that it has a deep amount of respect for Dan George. As I write about Harvest this blog has worked with a lot of people and from time to time I have heard remarkable and caring words about Dan. As the implosion of Harvest continues it has been Dan George that still calls for change. Dan as I have heard has also met with people and talked with them about wrongs that took place. Dan has stepped up and risen to the occasion and has been more of a lighthouse in this dark mess. It has been neat to hear for a change positive accounts of Dan assisting and helping other people and making himself available. As such, and I think many in the former Harvest Bible Chapel community agree, Dan George and his family is owed an apology by Greg Bradshaw and the Church Leadership Team (CLT). As of August 19, 2019 the CLT is made up of Greg Bradshaw, Talbott Behnken, Tommy Creutz, Beth Freeman, Eddie Hoagland, Todd Rukes and Jeff Sharda. This blog would like to call on Harvest Bible Chapel to retract the statement about Dan George. To issue one of apology and meet with his family and work with him and listen to what he has to say. 


Harvest Bible Still has a Long Ways To Go, and is Far From Transparent 

The other day on Twitter there was some debate about how far Harvest Bible Chapel has come. After all it can be said that James MacDonald is not there, nor is Fred Adams, Scott Milholland, Rick Donald, Steve Huston, Luke MacDonald and Landon MacDonald. That is all true however there are still issues that remain. The top level of leadership is gone, yes, however the middle level of leadership that followed orders, sustained and supported the system is still at Harvest. Greg Bradshaw is still at Harvest and this blog has heard that Greg also mishandled the Paxton Singer situation as well. So another factor is that the middle management needs to go. Another sizable step toward normalcy and transparency would be for Harvest Bible Chapel to open up its books and show them to the world. With the black budget and shady financial transactions there is still much that has not emerged. For example was the black budget used to buy the silence of sexual abuse or misconduct situations? What about how James MacDonald used the black budget? Are we going to learn about questionable financial dealings that will stun and anger people. Harvest Bible Chapel and the CLT want nothing more for people to move on, but this situation is not over. Its not even close and that is why Harvest Bible Chapel still needs to be written about. 


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  1. Great article! Totally agree that middle management now too management needs to go! Greg Bradshaw also owes John Secrest an apology still! They fired the man then never came back and gave a good word for John Secrest even though they within days did the exact thing John was requesting! Greg also talks about restoration blah blah but never once said sorry or publicly say John was fired unjustly

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