Is James MacDonald – The Disgraced Former Harvest Bible Chapel Pastor Who Allegedly Wanted to Plant Child Pornography on the Computer of the CEO of Christianity Today – Planning His Come Back?

Is James MacDonald planning his comeback? A message in a private Facebook group on Thursday evening August 15, 2019 raises that very question. Julie Roys broke this first so I am building off this topic after writing about Harvest Bible Chapel scandal in 2018 and 2019.

“The code of the con is to know just enough about everything so you can lie about anything.

(attrib: E. Tancarville)

We will not boast about things done outside our area of authority. We will boast only about what has happened within the boundaries of the work God has given us, which includes our working with you. 14 We are not reaching beyond these boundaries when we claim authority over you, as if we had never visited you. For we were the first to travel all the way to Corinth with the Good News of Christ.

2 Corinthians 10:13-14 NLT

As I was getting ready for bed I noticed something on social media that troubled me. Each and every shady pastor that had a massive fall due to scandal has tried to re-start their career. C.J. Mahaney did so in Louisville, Kentucky and Mark Driscoll fled Seattle and went to Scottsdale, Arizona. James MacDonald I fear will be no different. James, if you recall was finally fired from Harvest Bible Chapel in early 2019. Mancow Muller, played a tape on his Chicago show, where someone who sounded like James MacDonald was recorded on a hot microphone as to how he wanted to plant child pornography on the computer of Harold Smith who is the CEO of Christianity Today. You can read more in, “Mancow Muller Produces an Audiotape of James MacDonald Allegedly Wanting to Plant Child Pornography on a “Critic’s” Computer. Harvest Bible Chapel Elder Board Promptly Fires Him” and “The Allegation of Child Pornography and James MacDonald. Also a Question for Garrett Higbee.”


A Message From James MacDonald in a Private Facebook Group

At Julie Roys blog she has a private posting in a Facebook group called Walk in the Word Partners. The message in its entirety without being edited says the following. 

Just this week I met a man at a gas station in Casper Wyoming (while travelling to see our grankids) who approached me with a strong word He knew it was me and I wouldn’t look up but just began to weep as he said boldly: “James, I love you and many others do too. I can’t make sense of all that has happened in your ministry – just seems like it all could have been worked out. God is not done with you yet
– get back to preaching God’s word, as we all need to hear from you.” Wow – i cannot tell you what these suprise  and very kind words, so on point and from the Lord have meant to me. I am so thankful for a faithful messenger. In God’s time we desire to be that messenger in your life again, afresh. Great days of triumph and victory always follow days of testing – we look forward to sharing with you in brand new ways – all the Lord has been teaching us and what His calling is for us.
Much love to you in Christ,
James and Kathy


This Blog Wants James MacDonald to be Done with Ministry

This development I actually feared as someone who is a narcissist needs to be center stage and is addicted to the attention. James MacDonald is a con-man who cannot be allowed to return to ministry. This situation at Harvest is one of the only ones that I know of where a pastor allegedly spoke about child pornography. That is deeply disturbing and also child pornography is a federal crime. This needs to be discussed. James fired himself but by reckless bullying and behavior. This blog very much wants to see him stay away from churches. Go to Nevada and open a casino and you can take Jerry Jenkins with you. If people have information about this development they are free to email me about it and I will gladly write about it. 

5 thoughts on “Is James MacDonald – The Disgraced Former Harvest Bible Chapel Pastor Who Allegedly Wanted to Plant Child Pornography on the Computer of the CEO of Christianity Today – Planning His Come Back?

  1. Is there any question about it?

    From the second excerpt (the man at the gas station in Casper Wyoming), he’s already greasing the skids for his comeback with Signs and Wonders! A direct Supernatural Word from The LOOOOOORD leading/ordering him to get back into Ministry(TM).

    (Assuming “the man at the gas station in Casper Wyoming” ever existed in the first place. The timing is too convenient and what evidence there is — only the ManaGAWD’s say-so — doesn’t pass the smell test.)

    Maybe Mancow needs to release a few more of those tapes…

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  2. Did anyone here listen to the full taped convo mancow played a portion of? I’m just curious how a click bait-ey title like this gets thru if doing due diligence… perhaps linking that entire audio when posting headlines like this would lend credence to the accusations? James is a POS, for sure. But hes not a pedophile and absolutely did not seriously plot scheme to plant CP on someone’s computer. This click bait is so lame, so unprofessional, I’m not surprised…I’m just so fed up with this day and age.


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