Mark Driscoll on When Your Pastor is Attacked, Plus he Also Rejects 5-Point Calvinism. Personal Reflection on the Controversial Seattle Pastor in the Context of a Past Situation with Redeemer Arlington

Mark Driscoll is in the news again. In June he released a video about when you pastor is attacked and how its of saten. Then in an interview he explained that 5 point Calvinism is garbage. This post closes out reflecting on controversy with Mark Driscoll especially as how he was used at Redeemer Arlington.

“I don’t hold to the five points of Calvinism. I think it’s garbage, so blog about that, but anyways, because it’s not biblical.”

Mark Driscoll

“If you look at any successful professional – a salesperson, a marketer, a real estate agent, a trader – they all have the same qualities as the con man. The only difference is that one side uses their talents in the right direction and the con man is taking the easy way out.”

Frank Abagnale 

15 “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.

Matthew 7:15 NIV

Mark Driscoll

There are a couple of issues that need to be looked at in regards to Mark Driscoll, let’s look at the first issue and provide some analysis.


Mark Driscoll its Satanic When Your Pastor is Attacked

Recently at Mark Driscoll Ministries, Driscoll released a video on June 18, 2019. The video is about when your pastor gets attacked. The controversial pastor then went on to explain that its satanic when a pastor is attacked. He also states that legalism and “false Christians” also engage in the attack. Driscoll in his video called out for advocates that could rally and defend the pastor. When a pastor is at work Satan is using those individuals to tear down the church and interfere with the Gospel advancing. 

Here is why this video bothered me and why I am including it in this post. Is that how Mark Driscoll would explain what happened in Mars Hill Seattle? He was just attacked and those who “attacked” him where a part of Satan and his movement. Did Driscoll believe that those who exposed the issues at Mars Hill were interfering with the Gospel? So forgot the misuse of money. Forget the plagiarism and the academic scandals. Forgot the violence where some people were frightened by his abuse of power. Forgot the teaching of women being penis homes. In the end was Mark Driscoll just attacked and those who criticized him just spawns of Satan? If that is how Driscoll thinks its deeply warped. In that line of thought the pastor can do no wrong. The pastor is the Lord’s anointed, and the pastor can make no error in whatever he does. Where is the accountability in a system like that? 


Mark Driscoll Rejects 5 Points of Calvinism

Mark Driscoll appeared on the Debrief Show with Matt Brown the other day. In the show he challenged to blog about him. Always grateful to hammer away at his scandalous and fraudulent ministry this blogger stepped up to the plate. Then in the interview Mark Driscoll proceeded to explain that Calvinism is garbage. Watch the video up above Driscoll starts at about the 58:00 minute. Driscoll then says the following, “I don’t hold to the five points of Calvinism. I think it’s garbage, so blog about that, but anyways, because it’s not biblical.”  For myself Mark Driscoll has made a lot of detours over the years. What does trouble me is that he now explains that Calvinism is garbage. So all that was pushed through the Resurgence was garbage. And the claims about sound doctrine are also garbage. I wonder what many of his former followers are thinking now that they have been misled. 

Driscoll talked about how the young, restless and reformed movement has a lot of daddy issues. He also explained that it was obsessed with “dead guys” like Luther and Calvin. If I recall correctly he named one of his children after John Calvin. For more on this you can read Warren Throckmorton in, “Mark Driscoll: The Five Points of Calvinism are Garbage” and Wenatchee the Hatchet in, “Mark Driscoll repudiates Calvinism and calls Young Restless Reformed little boys with father wounds and join networks where they’re all brothers with no fathers, revisiting Driscoll saying why he started Mars Hill.” 


Some Reflection on Driscoll Rejecting 5 Point Calvinism in Light of a Past Painful Redeemer Arlington Situation 

When I watched that interview I just shook my head in anger and frustration. I never was into Mark Driscoll even when Mars Hill was at its peak, and I never understood why anyone would be into Driscoll. From my perspective there were many red flags. Several years ago I wrote the following post which explains how divisive Mark Driscoll became. You can read that in, “How Celebrity Pastors Become Divisive: Mark Driscoll, Andrew White, Eagle and the Launch of Paul and Jonna Petry’s “Joyful Exiles” But here is the issue I want  to focus on. Its my understanding that at the time Mark Driscoll was deeply popular at Redeemer Arlington. I have heard that his material was used in Bible studies and people were encouraged to listen to him. He was viewed as solid, and sound. Driscoll was about “sound doctrine” and that was his specialty. If I remember correctly one of his early books is about doctrine. 

So when I was being recruited to Redeemer Arlington by an Air Force Officer I was also encouraged to listen to Mark Driscoll. I raised the questions and concerns which you can read in that prior post that is linked into this article. However, here is what I want to know in 2019. How were so many people fooled by Mark Driscoll? Here is this guy who wrote, preached and taught about sound doctrine who later rejected it. I know what Warren Throckmorton and Wenatchee said about Driscoll’s theology. But away from Seattle in many churches many people took him hook, line and sinker. I saw that happen with someone in a former Sovereign Grace church. So this is what  causes me to shake my head in sadness. What does it say that in 2012 and 2013 I was fighting about Driscoll occasionally and in the end the person with ” sound doctrine” was wrong and the person in the faith crisis was vindicated?  This is not a “see I told you so” kind of post. I am trying to understand how were so many people mislead? How could they not see the issues or rationalize them? I mean its 2019, and all that fighting took place and in the end Driscoll rejects much of what he taught. He calls it garbage. So in the end all that fighting was a waste. Why did it even have to happen at all? What does this say for all those churches and ministries that argued for sound doctrine who used Driscoll’s material?  When you think of the division that Driscoll caused for me this information is profoundly sad. What will also be sad is that people like John Piper or Matt Chandler will never admit that it was wrong to promote Driscoll. They will act like nothing happened at all. How sad is all that? 


8 thoughts on “Mark Driscoll on When Your Pastor is Attacked, Plus he Also Rejects 5-Point Calvinism. Personal Reflection on the Controversial Seattle Pastor in the Context of a Past Situation with Redeemer Arlington

  1. I was never ‘in’ to Driscoll. The Calvinist church I was once in was never ‘in’ to Driscoll, or any of the other YRR gang. But I have been around, and it was Driscoll and the other dudebros who were instrumental in selling Calvinism to a whole new generation. And now, after selling so many boatloads of ‘Doctrines of Grace’, Driscoll can simply call it ‘garbage’ and not have to own up to his own responsibility for pushing that garbage on how many?

    I might agree with his newfound rejection of Calvinism, but even more do I reject the dishonesty, inconsistency and lack of accountability of Driscoll, who will grab on to whatever doctrine sells. The harm he wreaked is inconceivable, yet he thinks he can hop right back in the saddle and position himself as a ‘man of God’ who is worth listening to. I did not listen to him before, and I will warn all I know to not give him a moment.

    There is one thing I will thank Mark Driscoll for: Showing the world what a scam Mega Churches usually are, and how false teachers will say anything in order to fleece the flock. His buddy James MacDonald was the same sort of con man. I cannot imagine anyone taking this man, or his former gang of celebrity TGC Calvinists, seriously. It’s all a show, folks, designed to take your money.

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    • After Driscoll’s infamous Song of Solomon sermon gave us all an unwanted peek into the guy’s sexual fantasies, he will always be “Deep Throat Driscoll” to me.

      I was sure the guy was going to go down in a sex scandal, but it was a book-juicing scandal (using $210k of Mars Hill tithe money) that got him running from Seattle to Phoenix. Where what happened in his past suddenly never existed as he started on the Comeback Trail.

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  2. I think it’s a classic trait of a narcissist to claim that any criticism, however fair, is an “attack”. They never consider that the person making the criticism might be well-meaning, and that they might actually have a point. It’s easier to just dismiss them as “evil” than to admit that the narcissist might be wrong about something. That’s a feature of some other wanna-be dictators that I can think of, too.

    I’m reading a very interesting book right now, called “Tyrannical Minds” by Dean A. Haycock, that I will recommend to you as being very good. It’s an analysis of the psychology of people who become tyrants.


    • I think it’s a classic trait of a narcissist to claim that any criticism, however fair, is an “attack”.

      And what does that imply about all these MenaGAWD, Woke Activists, etc?

      Some years ago in both comics and furry fandom, I crossed paths with a sexual predator with the exact same kneejerk reaction to any criticism. Played the Homophobia! Card off the bottom of the deck every time. Guy was also a high-up in a local furry con (whose art show had a reputation for being poorly run). Best floor show was at a San Diego Comic Con when guy got confronted by an artist who’d sold well in his con’s art show and hadn’t gotten paid. Eagle could have heard the guy’s screaming fit reaction all the way in D.C.

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  3. Having spent many years in a church that did ultimately run into some significant leadership issues, I recognize the difference between criticism of leadership that is just the standard everyday complaining about personal preferences and directing it at those in charge, and criticism of leadership because leadership is significantly mistaken about something or is proceeding in the wrong way or is acting in an abusive fashion. Church leaderships need to recognize the difference between the two types of criticism, and learn how to deal with the first with a measure of grace and patience, and deal with the second with humility and an openness to correction.

    Yes, it is possible that the first type of criticism can rise to a level where the leadership has to firmly deal with it, especially if it becomes divisive for divisiveness’s sake. I recognize that, and it is sometimes necessary. But too many church leaders inappropriately use that approach simply to stifle any and all criticism, some of which may be perfectly legitimate and needed criticism.


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