The Wondering Eagle Removed a Post Related to Grand Rapids Evangelical Free Church in Grand Rapids, Minnesota

The Wondering Eagle took down a post related to an EFCA Church in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. This brief article explains why I removed the post.

“He that cannot forgive others, breaks the bridge over which he himself must pass if he would ever reach heaven; for everyone has need to be forgiven.”

George Herbert 

Bear with each other and forgive one another if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you.

Colossians 3:13 NIV

New Orleans, Louisiana 

The other day this blog which focuses more on the Evangelical Free Church of America denomination wrote a post about Grand Rapids Evangelical Free in Grand Rapids, Minnesota. The post was actually a discernment post for people to think, discuss and ask questions. After all my goal is to get people to think critically, ask questions and interpret for themselves. If people can do that they can avoid the questionable churches that I write about frequently. So after I published the post called, “Practicing Discernment: Values Page of Grand Rapids Evangelical Free in Grand Rapids, MinnesotaI emailed it off to this particular EFCA church in Minnesota. A few minutes later as I was preparing for bed, I got a very terse and rude email from a ministry leader in this church. Honestly it shocked me. Since the email came from a ministry leader I took it and did a quick post and published it. I used it to explain why evangelicals can’t practice what they preach and used a Bill Maher video to drive home my point. 

The next morning I got another email from the ministry leader that was an apology. He thought about what he emailed me and sent me another note apologizing and saying what he said was wrong. I was taken back by his humility and after thinking about it for a few minutes took down the post with his original email. This blog is going to write about difficult topics inside the EFCA. That will include sex abuse, issues with the Neo-Calvinist movement, financial issues, and looks at different EFCA leaders and churches. In writing that I also understand that people make mistakes. In my perspective the reason why much of evangelical Christianity is so toxic and sick is because Christians don’t own their mistakes. When they hurt another person they don’t try and mend the wounds and help someone heal. No they ignore it and leave people hurt and stuck. In this case the ministry leader from Grand Rapids Evangelical Free apologized and I accepted it and decided that there was no point for the post to be up. Trust me, there will be plenty of controversy to write about inside the EFCA. One of my next posts deals with a sex abuse situation inside an EFCA church. But for those who asked questions that is what happened and why I took the post down. I just wanted to explain to those who inquired. 

2 thoughts on “The Wondering Eagle Removed a Post Related to Grand Rapids Evangelical Free Church in Grand Rapids, Minnesota

  1. That’s awesome. I usually emphasize that forgiveness needs to be earned, and in this case that’s what happened. If more church leaders would own their mistakes and try to correct them, churches would be losing far fewer members.

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  2. Well done, sir.

    Sometimes apologies are difficult, but sometimes, forgiveness can be even more difficult.

    You show what a true Christian is here.

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