No Mosaic City Church and All Peoples Community Church Are Not Being Persecuted by a Blogger

A follow up post to what The Wondering Eagle wrote to Mosaic City Church and All Peoples Community Church. The Wondering Eagle is not engaging in Christian persecution but instead asking questions. This blog should not be misconstrued in that manner. 

“Ours is a government of checks and balances. The Mafia and crooked businessmen make out checks, and the politicians and other compromised officials improve their bank balances.”

Steve Allen 

Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin condemns any people.

Proverbs 14:34  NIV

Sexual abuse allegations of cover-up in ministries, authoritarianism, teaching a woman to submit to her domestic abuser, and psychological pain are the fruit of all the men you see in this old T4G photo. 

On Sunday June 30, 2019 The Wondering Eagle attended Mosaic City Church. I met with the leadership briefly after the service and explained that they are going to be written about here. I usually don’t do that or I sit in the back and leave when it finishes. Many evangelicals can’t discuss issues such as poor theology, sex abuse, scandal, and the flaws in their system. While they often sing “Kumbaya” under the intoxication of Kool Aid, I’m getting emails from some of these people in different churches and hearing about the issues and problems within. I just wrote about Mosaic City Church and All Peoples Community Church in, “When a Church Plant is the Fruit of Sin. Looking at Aaron Nichols Mosaic City Church as Supported by Kenji Adachi’s All People’s Community Church.”  Being intimately familiar with evangelical theology and culture I want to address some issues that came from that first post and also a conversation I had with Tony who was one of the pastors there at Mosaic. So lets dive into this subject. 


Please Don’t Say We’re Led by Elders

Some churches will respond to criticism and scandal and say, “That won’t happen here as we are led by Elders. We have Biblical leadership in place.” When I hear that my bullshit alarm is screaming. All too often people who are close to the pastor become elders. They are often the yes men who enable and don’t practice checks and balances. In writing about modern evangelicalism that is the take away I have learned. So when I see an Elder being promoted or mention that is the first thing that goes through my mind. 

This blog has written about a number of Elders and Elder Boards. But of all them this blog has a special place for one Elder at McLean Bible. His name is Larry Cooper. I very much would like to know who failed to teach him ethics, and integrity. Was it McLean Bible and the Christian church or the United States Army? Larry before a townhall stated that McLean Bible wasn’t Southern Baptist. Then Christianity Today wrote about McLean Bible becoming a part of the Southern Baptists. How the hell did Larry Cooper miss a denomination? Or as they say in the Army…”Whiskey, Tango. Foxtrot!” You can read more about Larry Cooper in, “According to Christianity Today McLean Bible Joined the Southern Baptist Convention in 2016; If True Why did Elder Larry Cooper Lie Before the September 21, 2017 Town Hall Meeting?” So please don’t tell me that you have a solid model of Biblical church government.


The We’re Not Perfect Argument 

After the service Tony who is one of the leaders of Mosaic City Church explained to me that I was being unfair. He also stressed that churches are not perfect. So please I am going to say..don’t say “we’re not perfect” when..

  1. Child sex abuse or sexual predetation/grooming is covered up.. 
  2. Domestic abuse is ignored or a women is told to submit to her husband because of complementarian theology. 
  3. Financial issues were people are expected to tithe while the pastor is living high off the congregation and is grateful they are his own personal ATM. 
  4. Aggressive practice church discipline for needless issues because you have some Mark Driscoll or Matt Chandler wannabee. 
  5. Church covenants used to control people for minor issues or because a pastor is a narcissistic control freak 
  6. Ignoring the issues with you idol because you like the celebrity pastor’s books and material and you drool over them. 

Please don’t use the “we’re not perfect” argument. That only flies a few inches before it crashes down. This pops up frequently and its frustrating to hear. 


Evangelicalism Lacks Checks and Balances

Evangelicalism lacks checks and balances. To the leadership of Mosaic and All Peoples if you guys did your job then I would not have to do mine. If you actively sought out feedback and were transparent this wouldn’t be an issue. Much of evangelicalism lacks checks and balances. The people are really like lambs who just follow without using critical thinking skills. For some people going to McLean Bible or All Peoples Community Church or Mosaic City Church is like taking a lamb to a slaughter house. Many people walk in, and a number get fried and hurt. Too much power is concentrated in the hands of pastors and many can’t handle it. The lack of checks and balances leads to a warped and questionable system. 


This is Not Persecution, this is Asking Hard Questions About Mosaic City Church and All Peoples Community Church and Plants from New City Movement 

One of the goals of this blog is to ask hard questions. The questions are not for the sake of being difficult but for the sake of the organization and more. Many communities need church plants in the same way a person needs cancer. Actually unregulated and aggressive church planting while using a failed model helps spread these issues like a virus or an agent.  You wouldn’t launch a  new plane with issues would you? Boeing is dealing with that issue in regards to a 737 SuperMax jet. So why would a church planting network like New City operate in the same manner? Honestly you guys have lost me and so many. How can you go forward when you have so many issues to deal with internally? Just in studying the New City Network plants I see a number of issues that need to be researched and written about. Mosaic City Church and All Peoples Community Church are not going to be the only ones. And you do all this claiming that you love Jesus. But honestly who are you kidding? And please don’t use the persecution card. An evangelical Christian claiming to be persecuted in the United States is the equivalent of pornography in my book. Both are fantasy. You can read more in, “The Youth Group of Hydesville Community Church in Hydesville, California Shows God’s Not Dead 2. A Frank Discussion on White Evangelicals Warped View of Persecution.”  Many people see through the issues. These must be raised for the safety of others. This is done so that an evangelical church or a cult-like organization like I brushed against will not cause harm in a family. They will not crash into the hospital room of a terminal ill family member. You can read more about this in, “Unless You Experience Spiritual Abuse Then You Won’t Understand How Painful it is” and “When Religion is as Destructive as Alcoholism or Drug Addiction.


The Wondering Eagle is Looking Forward to Covering Mosaic, All Peoples and Other New City Church Plants 

The Wondering Eagle already covers McLean Bible. Its also going to be covering many of the New City Church plants in the Washington, D.C. area. Its essential that these churches be studied and researched. Though the main denominational focus is the Evangelical Free Church of America there is much to cover in the home that I called Washington, D.C. Anyone who has had any experience with a McLean Bible church plant is free to talk about the issues that took place. This blog is designed to serve the community here in Washington, D.C. and keep people alert. Years ago in Campus Crusade I worked hard when it came to evangelism. Now , its my duty to warn and educate people about some of these church plants, ministries and organizations.

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