Guest Post: Jean Lash’s Warning on Both Lance Waldie’s Harvest Bible Church in Cypress, Texas and Reformed Theology

This is a statement, a warning from Jean Lash about both reformed theology and Lance Waldie’s Harvest Bible Church in Cypress, Texas. This hardcore 5-point Calvinist church turned a daughter against her family. Its one of the most heart breaking situations I have heard.

“Under conditions of tyranny it is far easier to act than to think. “

Hannah Arendt

The Lord shall preserve you from all evil; He shall preserve your soul. The Lord shall preserve your going out and your coming in From this time forth, and even forevermore.

Psalm 121:7-8 NKJV

Lance Waldie of Harvest Bible Church in Cypress, Texas

This blog has a big heart for Jean Lash. Jean lost her daughter in a 9 Marks, 5-point Neo Calvinist church in Cypress, Texas called Harvest Bible Church. This statement is a warning about both reformed theology and Harvest Bible Church. Jean published her story which you can read in, “The Cult Head Police.” If there are any people that came from Harvest Bible Church that would like to tell their story this blog will be happy give to them the platform to do so. 

Jean, deepest respect for you. I am sorry for the pain and my hope if that you and your daughter will be re-united one day. Some of this you will not get unless you tragically have dealt with it. Sadly your family has, but I will always be in your corner and hoping for peace and closure. 

“I have followed Wondering Eagle for several years now. With the revelation of all that went on at Harvest Bible/James MacDonald I would like to add my own short story.

Please, please be advised of the abuses that go on, within Reform/Reformed Theology. I lost my daughter (going on 4 years now) to this ‘cult’ within Christianity. She slowly became interested in a young person, began to seek out this worldview and then aligned herself with the leadership. She fell in love with the ‘poster boy’ of Reform Theology in our church.

The leadership never revealed that they would gladly take our money and then take out daughter….and turn her away from us. She will turn 25 this year, and we have not seen her since 2016.

The extreme followers of Reformed theology try and manipulate the young people away from their families (if the family is a 3 point Calvinist or evangelical, for example). That was the situation with our family. Obviously, the leadership believed we ‘fell short’ of a full-throated support of 5 point Calvinism. And thus, it was only right to participate and bless out daughter’s withdrawal from our family. In the 4 years we were there, the senior pastor of Harvest Bible Church in Cypress, Texas (Lance Waldie) took two sabbaticals. We found out later that he was asked to ‘step away’ by the other elders. He was accused of no fruits of the Spirit. When Lance returned, all the elders left and started a new church approximately 10 miles away.

Parents: Be warned. Reformed theology seeks out younger people. Most young people do not ‘fall’ for the ideology but some do. I believe that this ideology is attempting to overtake the Christian church. It has infiltrated the Presbyterian,  Evangelical Free, Southern Baptist and has almost always been with the Bible denomination. I believe this surge of interest is a hard backlasht to the general moral decline of the church, in general.

The prevailing Reform view of women’s roles is complementarianism. Reformed believe in a very subservient place for women, which is not taught in the Bible.

While Calvinism has some good points, I believe its 5-point teaching is very destructive. It creates a “we’re in the club” mentality, and a profound arrogance in its adherents.

I am not an atheist. I believe in God and Jesus as my Savior. However I have seen so many Reformed congregations fail , as of late. I have lost almost all faith in the leadership of Christ’s church here on earth.

My hope is to reclaim the Gospel, an evangelical Gospel, back to Christianity.

I laid my daughter, Sarah, on the alter of Reformed theology. I pray that God will bring her back to us, and to real Christianity.

I am thankful that Wondering Eagle provides a format for those to share their shock and grief…and then re-group to hope for the future.

Jean Lash resides in Northwest Houston. She is a student of Asbury Theological Seminary. You may contact her at

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  1. This woman added me on Facebook, acted like she wanted to be my friend, then deleted me as a friend with no explanation. She is not too concerned about being Christian to everyone. Also, I sent my story about my experience at The Village Church several times to this blog, and there has been no interest in it.


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