The Politicization of Evangelical Christianity Gets Worse with Franklin Graham Calling for People to Pray for the Most Persecuted President in American History – Donald Trump

Franklin Graham has called Sunday June 2, 2019 as a day to pray for the most persecuted president in American history. While the court evangelicals support Franklin Graham’s call, many others are rejecting it and have called it propaganda. This is a look at what is supposed to unfold today in many churches across the United States. 

“Fools may have the greatest repository of knowledge but will never attain wisdom.”

Caleb Ricketts 

so Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.

Hebrews 9:28


Franklin Graham

I had no plans of returning to Franklin Graham. But he is in the spotlight yet again. Twitter has exploded with his plans of prayer for President Donald Trump today June 2, 2019. Let’s review what is happening on Sunday June 2, 2019. Franklin Graham is calling for Christians to pray for Donald Trump on Sunday June 2, 2019. According to Franklin the Lord laid a burden on him while he was in New Hampshire. That burden is to pray for the most attacked President in United States history. The Billy Graham Evangelistic Association put out a call to pray for Donald Trump and “protect, strengthen, embolden, and direct him.” 250 pastors in the United States and various ministries are responding to state that they will pray for Donald Trump and his family on Sunday morning or throughout the day. Some of the people who signed up to support Franklin and pray for Donald Trump are Jonathan Alexandre the Senior Director of Government Affairs for Liberty Counsel, David Barton of Wallbuilders, Gary Blackard of Teen Challenge, Ron Boehme of Youth with a Mission, DeanPoie Briggs of the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, Pierre Bynum of the Family Research Council, Dr Doug Clay the Superintendent of the Assemblies of God, Dr. Tim Clinton the President of the American Association of Christian Counselors, Kenneth Copeland, James Dobson, Jerry Falwell Jr and many others. You can read the list the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association put out here. Below you can see the Tweets I collected from Franklin Graham’s Twitter account documenting this action going on today. 



How the Court Evangelicals Are Responding

The Court Evangelicals are the evangelicals who trade their faith for political power. They approach the court because that is where there faith system is at. John Fea of Messiah College outside Harrisburg, Pennsylvania writes about the phenomena. You can read more about the court evangelicals here, here and here.  Below you will see some of the Tweets I collected by ministries  associated with the court evangelicals and some of their individual leaders and how they responded to Franklin Graham’s call to support Donald Trump. 




How Others Are Responding to Franklin Graham

Many other people took to Twitter to reflect their outrage or concern about the further advance of Christian nationalism. Those that were opposed or raised issues included a number of people. From some evangelicals who disagree with Franklin Graham such as Warren Throckmorton to John Fea and others who believe that Franklin is creating propaganda. Peter Wehner  and evangelical have talked about how Franklin Graham is harming the Christian faith. Plus there are even political commentators who pointed out the problems with what Franklin Graham proposed. This includes people like Charlie Sykes and Bill Kristol.  You can read more about this in the following articles and the Tweets below. 

  1. CNN, “Franklin Graham wants the nation to pray for Trump on Sunday. But other Christians call it propaganda.” 
  2. Warren Throckmorton, “Special Day of Prayer for the Enemies of the President.” 
  3. Warren Throckmorton, “What Will Court Evangelicals Pray on Trump’s Special Day of Prayer?
  4. John Fea, “CNN on Franklin Graham’s Call to Prayer for Donald Trump.” 


Analysis and Some Closing Thoughts

This act by Franklin Graham should be viewed more as a stunt and less of a sincere call for prayer. Franklin is repeating the same mistakes his father, Bill Graham made during the Richard Nixon presidency. Except Franklin is worse. I don’t see Franklin Graham as a minister, I see him more as a politician. He didn’t issue such a call under Obama, and even when George W Bush was in office he wasn’t issuing such politicized prayer calls. However, perhaps that may be because his father Billy Graham rejected those kinds of action.  Plus Franklin Graham’s comments about Donald Trump being the most attacked president in history is warped. Richard Nixon went through a lot and worked at this job even as Watergate unfolded. When Bill Clinton was impeached he was in the midst of dealing with the Kosovo conflict during the breakup of Yugoslavia and he still managed to work at his job. Other presidents faced severe criticism during trying times. Abraham Lincoln faced incredible scrutiny early in the Civil War.  It wasn’t until Gettysburg in July of 1863 that people slowly began to support him. Franklin Roosevelt faced criticism over his efforts to combat the Great Depression in the 1930’s. So when one considers what Franklin Graham is saying – that Donald Trump is the most attacked president in history – well, it just doesn’t fly in the face of history.  This behavior by Franklin Graham is part of the reason why I am a done and don’t go to church anymore. The marriage of politics and faith  is what is driving young people away from faith. And the more that Franklin acts this way the more irrelevant he becomes. Do you remember the days after September 11, 2001 and how Billy Graham reacted? Do you remember his moving speech of empathy and uniting the country in the National Cathedral here in Washington, D.C? Franklin Graham could do no such thing, just the mere mention of his name would cause some people to immediately dismiss him. That is how bad Franklin Graham’s name has fallen. Even the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association has taken a hit. It has moved in the direction of being a more political organization. After Watergate Billy Graham was opposed to merging faith and politics. In many ways what has happened is that Franklin Graham has betrayed his father’s memory and legacy by how he has fed Christian nationalism. Franklin Graham is not someone to take seriously, this blog has lost all respect for him. 

9 thoughts on “The Politicization of Evangelical Christianity Gets Worse with Franklin Graham Calling for People to Pray for the Most Persecuted President in American History – Donald Trump

  1. Ugh, again with this political and evangelical nonsense. Simple Google search shows Franklin Graham wrote articles calling for prayer for Obama. Up until GW, his father was the face of evangelism and prayed at inaugurations for every president LBJ thru Clinton, so I wouldn’t expect him to feel obligated to make public statements about praying for presidents, but clearly he has done the same call for Obama.

    I’ve been going to evangelical and Bible churches for 20+ years, and very very few preach politics from the pulpit. I’ve never heard any pastor call for a congregation to vote for a politician. Closest was maybe Harvest which brought in James Meeks when running for office to preach one Sunday, but although I’m sure that was a political move, it wasnt blatantly a campaign stop and the message was a typical sermon. What I have heard at least once a year, from every pastor I’ve attended church at is a reference to 1 Timothy 2:2. If I only hear that once, for Republican politicians, then that’s a problem. Personally I feel Demcrats need our prayers MUCH more.

    But the simple fact here is you’re wrong, and Franklin Graham is consistent when praying for leaders.


      • Though after the past 2-3 years, when an Evangelical says “The Most High God”, you have to verify that he’s not referring to Donald Trump. (Ditto for that overused phrase of my time in-country, “The LOORD”.)

        “There will come a time when men will go Mad. And they will lay hands on the sane among them saying ‘Your are not like Us! You must be Mad!'”
        — one of the Desert Fathers


  2. Christians play the PERSECUTION!!!!!! Card off the bottom of the deck at the drop of a hat (even if they have to drop the hat themselves). Why should this be any different?

    Court Evangelicals/Christian Leaders have shown they’ve Taken the Mark. Why should anyone be surprised they’d rabidly defend their LORD against such Blasphemy?


  3. __

    “E = mc^2 vs. π = 3.141592654…”


    It don’t get no bedder dan when our nation’s proverbial ‘Nebuchadnezzar’ bows his humble crown’d head before Almighty God…

    Grass filled toes and all…


    – –


  4. ___

    WinSong: “Make My Day, Perhaps?” [1]


    “Lord, we know we need Your mercy. We need Your grace. We need Your help. We need Your wisdom in our country, we stand right now on behalf of our President, and we pray for Your grace and Your mercy and Your wisdom upon him…” -David Platt, Senior Pastor, McLean Bible Church, Vienna, Virginia



    ♪♩♪♩hum, hum, hum…”Everybody Dance Now!”






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