The Wondering Eagle is Validated as Independent Reporting Confirms Garrett Higbee Spied as Director of Soul Care Counseling at Harvest Bible Chapel

Julie Roys at her blog confirmed that Garrett Higbee spied on other people. This blog has raised questions asking if Garrett Higbee transferred confidential information from Soul Care to James MacDonald.  This blog believes Garrett needs to find a new line of work. Counseling people should not be a career choice for him. 

“Ethics is knowing the difference between what you have a right to do and what is right to do.”   

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“Ethics must begin at the top of an organization. It is a leadership issue and the chief executive must set the example.”

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Romans 15:5-6 NIV 

Garrett Higbee

Earlier on in the story of the Harvest Bible Chapel scandal one of the sources I spoke to relayed to me an experience with Garrett Higbee’s Soul Care Counseling. He shared something in confidence, and later on learned that James MacDonald knew the information. This troubled me deeply and weighed on me quite a bit. I wrote several posts about Garrett Higbee and asked the question if information shared was abused and used inappropriately. You can read those posts in, “Harvest Bible Chapel: Did Garrett Higbee Violate Confidentiality at Harvest? Plus How Kent Shaw Covered for James MacDonald and a Backroom Deal Between the Southern Baptist Convention and Harvest Bible Chapel” , “How was Information From Soul Care Collected for James MacDonald? What Does this Scandal Mean for Garrett Higbee and the Great Commission Collective? Plus Some Advice as Higbee is Trying to Reconcile” and ” In the Harvest Bible Chapel Scandal – Garrett Higbee, Kent Shaw, Rick Donald, and Jeff Donaldson Need to be Held Accountable.” Plus Kristen Draughan wrote a solid post from a professional perspective on the issues with Garrett Higbee’s Soul Care Counseling. You can read that in, “Guest Post: Kristen Draughan as a Licensed Social Worker Explains the Problems with Garrett Higbee’s Soul Care Counseling.

Reporting by Julie Roys Confirms The Wondering Eagle on Garrett Higbee and Spying 

On May 20, 2019 Julie Roys published the following information at her blog article which you can read here. The information dealt with the Harvest Bible Chapel Director of Biblical Soul Care spying on an individual. 

According to two former Harvest employees, a year or two before the incident Bucur described, James MacDonald had instructed them to spy on Groves.

Tom Hackl, who worked part-time at Harvest as a men’s ministry assistant, said the instructions to spy on Groves came from his supervisor, former Harvest Director of Biblical Soul Care Garrett Higbee. However, Hackl said he believed that MacDonald was behind the spying.

I talked to Higbee and he confirmed that MacDonald gave him instructions to monitor Groves, which Higbee then relayed to Hackl. Higbee said MacDonald was concerned that “there was some kind of impropriety going on with his son-in-law, and he was trying to enlist some guys to check it out for him.”

Though Higbee participated in the spying, he said he felt uncomfortable with it and told MacDonald that he should get a private investigator. “I let James know it was paranoia,” Higbee said, “and he needed to stop doing this because he was going to end up in trouble.”

Hackl said shortly before Christmas in either 2013 or 2014, he got a text from Higbee directing him to go to an apartment where Groves might be and to look for a car with a certain make and license plate. Hackl said he went to the apartment, found the vehicle, and then communicated the information to Higbee. Hackle said Higbee told him to remain at the apartment until further instruction.

Hackl said Higbee then directed him to go to the door of the apartment and confront Groves. Hackl said he refused and Higbee backed down.


Garrett Higbee is Disgraced and Needs to Find a New Line of Work

Garrett Higbee in the opinion of this blog has seen his last “patient.” He’s had his last defender rally around him. Garrett Higbee in Julie Roys’ article shows that he is not a professional in his line of work. Biblical counseling is a fraud to be honest as I see it. Garett Higbee broke many ethical rules and if he were licensed, the State of Illinois or Indiana would be investigating him. This blog honestly wonders, could Garrett Higbee hold a license from a state? Is he capable of doing so? Or is the reason why he operated without one so that he can operate on the skirmishes of the law and break ethics and regulations. Honestly this blog doesn’t want to be confirmed and have information verified but in this case that happened. This blog raised issues with Garrett Higbee transferring confidential information out of Soul Care to people who were not cleared to hold such information.  Today it learned that he was doing that in other situations. Garrett Higbee needs to find a new line of work. He’s a fraud and this blog has little respect for him. 


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  1. This blog has raised questions asking if Garrett Higbee transferred confidential information from Soul Care to James MacDonald.

    Like confidential information from Scientology Auditing to David Miscavage.


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