“Stay Safe and Be Careful…..” Were the Words of One of My Sources From Harvest Bible Chapel. Today I Know Why…

A brief post on my reaction to the news that James MacDonald allegedly wanted to have someone murdered. This is a shock and I have been thinking about this most of the day. The police need to get involved as this is a dangerous situation. 

“You don’t have any control over it. You try and put it away, but that doesn’t work. I mean, it’s not accepted by society. But it’s like an alcohol or a drug person. You know, they’re going to blame it on the drugs or alcohol. They are going to say they couldn’t control it.”

Dennis Rader, the BTK killer from Wichita, Kansas

“I ate his liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti.

Classic line from Anthony Hopkins in Silence of the Lambs

“You shall not murder.

Exodus 20:13 NIV 

James MacDonald

Is this where the Harvest Bible Chapel scandal is going?  

For the next several days this blog is going to dive into Harvest Bible Chapel and the issues coming forth. I want to share an experience that today stuns me. 


“Stay Safe and Be Careful….” 

When I work with one source this person always makes a point of telling me to stay safe and be careful. I do know there is some risk to writing a blog like this, that weighs on me. But I never thought of it in any other context. But almost every time I get on the phone with this person they states the same thing. It has been like this for months and I never thought more about this until I read Julie Roys blog post today. It hit me hard and I have been processing it. Everything has changed in that context. According to the blog post, James MacDonald allegedly wanted to have another person murdered. You can read that in, “Chicago Radio Host & a Former Bodyguard Say James MacDonald Asked Them to Arrange Murders.” I have written 132 posts about Harvest Bible Chapel but this has been one of the most disturbing things that I have come across in the history of this blog. I have examined corruption but never an alleged desire of wanting to see someone murdered. I am going to look more into this and write a lot more about this situation. But today has been one of shock, sorrow and outrage. In this brief post I wanted to share my concern about what information has come forth. The police need to get involved. This situation has changed dramatically. For those of you who left Harvest who are active on Twitter and more this blog shares your concerns and rage. In my opinion I believe that James MacDonald is a very sick man. 

4 thoughts on ““Stay Safe and Be Careful…..” Were the Words of One of My Sources From Harvest Bible Chapel. Today I Know Why…

  1. Absolutely sick! The devil has gotten into jmac, and unless he recognizes it and repents, it will only get worse. I can only imagine what will come out next.

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