A Letter From a Friend Expressing His Sorrow at Dad’s Death

While cleaning earlier today I found a note a friend sent me after my Dad died. As I also use this blog as a journal I am entering this into cyberspace. This arrived after my Dad’s funeral while I was in California. 

“A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.”

Walter Winchell

“Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.”

Helen Keller

My Dad who I love and miss. 

This is a letter that I found while cleaning. It was sent to me by a friend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It arrived two days after my Dad’s funeral and burial. Reading it earlier brought me to tears. Deeply love you Greg!


I tried finding a good sympathy card but they all seemed corny to me. So I’m writing this on a card from our company. As it says on the front, I’m thinking about you…everyday often. 

You’ve been through a lot and it has been encouraging to see you persevere. I’m grateful for your compassionate, thoughtful, and strong heart. It shines in the suffering you experience. I’m so sorry you lost your Dad. The words “sorry” and “lost” feel awkward and incomplete to me, but they are the best I have right now. 

I know your Mom and Dad are proud of you. You are an intelligent, thoughtful, faithful son. You’ve worked hard to wrestle with life’s biggest and most important questions. You’ve been hurt and discouraged and you got back up. You make yourself available to give a voice to the people who feel they don’t have one. Your creator and your parents see you and love you. I see you too Dave. I’m proud to be your friend. I’m grieving you Dad’s death with you, the best I can from afar. 

Keep being you, You’ll be ok. 

Love Greg