Christian Writer Rachel Held Evans on Being Political

On older Facebook post by Rachel Held Evans has been making the rounds on social media since she died on May 4, 2019. This post just captures and preserves it as it reveals her spirit and how she acted. 

“With malice toward none, with charity for all, …let us strive on to finish the work we are in, …to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.

Abraham Lincoln

He said to them, “Then give back to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s.”

Luke 20:25 NIV

When I was in the hospital recently I had plenty of downtime to read. In going through social media I noticed an older Facebook post that Rachel Held Evans wrote which is being shared and liked in her death. The post below was written on her Facebook page on July 2, 2017. Its about evangelicals and politics and explains her views well. As she has passed away I wanted to document and preserve it. The talk below reminds me of some of the social justice teachings I had from some of the Jesuits in the Catholic church. But in the post below I think it captures Rachel’s spirit well.

You don’t like that I’ve “gotten political,” huh?

If saying it’s wrong to mock people with disabilities makes me political, then so be it.

If rejecting the notion that demeaning, groping, insulting, and assaulting women is “just how men are” makes me political, then so be it.

If supporting a free press makes me political, then so be it.

If speaking out when religious and ethnic minorities are targeted with misinformation campaigns that have dramatically increased hate crimes against them makes me political, then so be it.

If believing the president of the United States is not above the rule of law, or the most basic ethical accountability, makes me political, then so be it.

If refusing to stand by as desperate refugee families, including many children, are turned away from safety based on misinformation and fear makes me political, then so be it.

If calling my senators to oppose a healthcare bill that would likely increase the abortion rate and definitely leave my friends with special needs kids bankrupt and desperate makes me political, then so be it.

If expecting the president of the United States to behave with some semblance of decorum and decency, even on Twitter, makes me political, then so be it.

If getting angry when Christian leaders shrug off sexual assault, lying, racism, bullying, cruelty to the vulnerable, and unapologetic greed and self-aggrandizement because it gets them the judge they want or the power they crave makes me political, then so be it.

If turning over tables when Christians sing hymns in honor of this administration’s ethno-nationalist agenda makes me political, then so be it.

You don’t like that I’ve gotten political?

I don’t like that the future of the Republic and the integrity of the American Church has been so glibly handed over to a man who has no respect for either.

You’re damn right I’ve gotten political.

And even if you remain silent, you have too.


10 thoughts on “Christian Writer Rachel Held Evans on Being Political

  1. Wondering,

    You can decide whether to post my comment or not…I’m not trying to make anyone mad at me…but…

    I think that Rachel’s insight regarding politics is just like many Trump haters, misguided.

    Seems in my view that no one went to comedy clubs in the 80’s and 90’s, or watched Saturday Night Live. Who didn’t make fun of people with disabilities? Who didn’t brag about the woman that they never slept with? Remember when WE ALL (INCLUDING YOU, WONDERING) USED TO SAY, “What are ya, retarded?” To which, an actual retard wrote Anne Coulter telling her how offended he was, and that we should have compassion on retards. Come on…we all said it. So just because Trump mocked a REPORTER that just so happened to be disabled, that matters….why, again?

    What woman wasn’t fawning all over President Kennedy, knowing full and well about his womanizing, the affair with Marilyn Monroe? About Clinton and the famous CIGAR?

    If Hillary would have won, she’d be just fine with having Bill as the First man knowing full and well that he ACTUALLY DID rape women, many. What is Rachel’s write ups about Bill’s actual physical rapes, but what do we get instead? Trumps FISH STORY, a made up thing, for which people think, wrongly, of course, that he admitted to assaulting women.

    But, let’s use social media to bash Trump, cuz social media wasn’t around when Bill was pres…Al Gore had just invented it!!!!!

    I call it, hypocrisy.

    Now, if ya wanna talk religious LEADERS, that’s another story. The president runs the country, not your spiritual destiny.

    Ed Chapman


    • I supported the Clinton impeachment because he lied under oath. I still believe impeachment was the right course of action. As for JFK there is evidence of an affair with Marilyn Monroe. Not only with John but also Robert Kennedy. That is not right either in my book. Just being honest with you Ed,


      • Ed that was what the impeachment charges were about. That he lied under oath. It was right that he be impeached. I think Juanita Broaderick should be given an opportunity to say what happened. But she doesn’t just shoot herself in the foot, but hacks it off with an ax when she went after Christine Blassy Ford and attacked her.


      • So, you don’t believe that Clinton raped women? I wasn’t talking about the impeachment, I was discussing rape. Actual rape. Not just Juanita, either. But it was the lies that you are concerned about. Myself, I don’t find any credibility in Ford at all. I saw it as a democrat political stunt, no different than the IRS harassing the tea party people. They accused, and wanted to brand Kavanaugh, as a serial rapist, just for the sake of winning back POWER…no different than wanting to do terrible things to AG Barr, when ole FAST & FURIOUS AG got away with things that can be proven in a court of law.

        And, I would sure like to know what laws Trump broke that people keep constantly accusing him of, by stating that he’s not above the law. What law? Where is the evidence, Mr. Schiff, Mr. Nadler?

        They are all talk, but no proof. There is proof of Clinton rapes…in a court of law. There is one woman who won a civil lawsuit for him pulling down his pants in a hotel room. Again, hypocrisy at its finest.

        Ed Chapman


      • Ed, Clinton wasn’t impeached for rape. Those came out later. Some of the accounts I read are compelling and raise questions. Ed I’ll discuss politics from a Christian perspective or how differing sides respond. But there are a million blogs and news sites that will fight about that issue and others. Rachel Held Evans was a prominent Christian author who moved in that direction and wrote about those topics. Russell Moore of the ERLC has also done that as well.


      • Wondering,

        The only one talking impeachment is you. I never said anything about impeachment. I’m talking rape, you are talking impeachment.

        People bash Trump for SEXUALLY ASSAULTING WOMEN, and I’m saying that Clinton actually did rape women. This is what I’m talking about. Trump never assaulted anyone, he told a fish story, whereas Clinton actually raped women.

        I’m wondering where the outrage was about a president acting in that manner THEN, as it is against Trump NOW. Where was it?

        Where is it now?


      • Remember, Eagle:
        Since 2016, one polarity of Clinton Derangement Syndrome is always accompanied by the opposite polarity of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

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      • I’m super serious right now…do HUG and Eagle honestly feel like Trump is a worse human being than Clinton? Derangement syndrome equal? Clinton sold friggin uranium to Russian satellites. Had *actual women* accuse him of rape. Seriously committed perjury in front of Congress after coercing an intern to blow him. But Trump and him are equal?

        This blog is just absurd. Give ahead HUG, call me a troll. You people are f-ing crazy.


  2. Clinton was elected with multiple rape allegations hanging over his head. But he played a mean sax on Arsenio. With sunglasses too…so cool! Those allegations along with actual proven misconduct, not to mention all the insanely nefarious ties to sexual predators and foreign agents actually committing espionage in our country. Any one that remotely thinks Trump is worse than Clinton is dumber than a goalie on a dart team.


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