Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter Asks What Have You Learned? Atheists on Twitter Give him a Response

Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter asked a question on Twitter the other day. What have you learned from the Ark Encounter? Many atheists responded and their answers is what makes Twitter golden. This is a brief post publishing parts of a thread. 

“There are in fact two things, science and opinion; the former begets knowledge, the latter ignorance.”


“Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world.”

Louis Pasteur

At Hemant Mehta’s The Friendly Atheist there was an interesting blog post. Over on Twitter Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter down in Kentucky asked a question which brought out a lot of responses The original tweet is below. 

A lot of atheists and other people responded to Ken Ham and gave him a response to his question. My personal suggestion, go to Noah’s Ark in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin and avoid the Ark in Kentucky. So what did people learn at Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter? Here are some responses. I had issues with Twitter so I am going to list the individual responses below. 


“We need to teach actual history and science more.”


“That biblical literalism is one heck of a drug that will make Christians spend money on an attraction rather than Matthew 25 projects.”


“That Noah used a lot of new technological gadgets to build it.”


“That I wouldn’t waste my money in the first place. That tax dollars went to this instead of children’s education. That Ken Hamm is a charlatan.”


“That the Flintstones was a documentary.”


“There’s one born every minute.”


“That I’m embarrassed to be from the area where this huckster ripped off a ton of people for a big boat and a big boat load of money. Also dinosaurs didn’t exist at the same time as humans and Ken has a crappy Abe Lincoln cosplay.”


“That lying for jesus is still lying.”


“That blindly denying observation and reason, and forging ahead with conclusion first, and making up supporting ideas afterwards is a bass-ackwards approach for a world view.”


“The price of gullibility is $42 per adult plus parking.”


“The parking lot could be smaller?”


“That home schooling is a bad idea.”


“So I’m supposed to suspend logic and believe that Noah and his family built the ark with only a few days notice but it took you about 4yrs with over 1000 workers something resembling the ark but doesn’t even float? GTFO!”


“That the public school system in the United States is failing its students and has been for quite some time.”


“I’ve learned that as countless religious people leave their faith and while atheism swells in ranks it’s leaving the most gullible and mentally challenged behind. Therefore, the religious are becoming increasingly insane and that explains why they also support grifter Trump.” 🤔


“Noah’s Ark waterpark is a much better experience.”


“That “biblical creationism” is deeply unbiblical. That “biblical” YEC-religion is a man-made cult, profoundly contrary to God’s Holy Scripture.”


“We really need to invest more in teaching science, and helping our children develop critical thinking skills. Real science not humans and dinosaurs lived together nonsense.”


“Not enough stalls in the women’s restroom.”


“That instead of hiring a 900-year-old man and his small family, you required cranes, concrete pylons, and at least a 1,000 person workforce, not to mention tax exemptions to build half a boat incapable of carrying a fraction of the world’s species.”


“That religious grifters are the same everywhere. Apply for tax exemption, get local & state taxpayers to help fund the con, privatize profits, socialize debt, max out the credit, file bankruptcy, and fly away with the cash. Typical con, religious version.


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  1. Ken Ham’s Ark Encounter Asks What Have You Learned? Atheists on Twitter Give him a Response

    “Response” or “Earful”?

    But then with this one, Hambone was asking for it.

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