How Much Did James MacDonald’s Salary Go up From 2015 Until 2018?

Julie Roys released information on James MacDonald’s salary in 2018. This blog was provided some of the salary information from 2015. How much each year did James MacDonald’s salary go up each year from 2015 until 2018? 

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Recently Julie Roys wrote about the salary information  of James MacDonald. This blog obtained the salary information of MacDonald in 2015.  Let’s look at both and ask some questions about James MacDonald’s salary. 


What the MacDonald Family Clan Made in 2015 

In late November of 2018 this blog obtained the salary information for James MacDonald and his family in the year of 2015. The source who provided it was well placed and vetted by this blog. In the year of 2015 James MacDonald made $400,000 to $600,000 and there was also an entertainment and travel budget. If you break out the 2015 salary James MacDonald made close to $50,000 a month. That did not include honorariums, money from publishing, broadcasting or other fees. That information would greatly inflate James MacDonald’s salary very significantly. You can read more in, “Walk in the Word, a Black Budget at Harvest Bible Chapel and Finances that Resemble a Criminal Syndicate More Than a Ministry.” 


Julie Roys Reports on MacDonald’s Salary in 2018 

Recently on Julie Roys blog more information came out on James MacDonald’s salary. In 2018 Harvest Bible Chapel reportedly paid MacDonald $80,000 a month. That would be broken down to $50,000 a month in regular salary and $30,000 a month in deferred compensation. That comes to a total of $960,000. As in the earlier salary figure that does not include money from MacDonald’s broadcast ministry, church planting network, books and worship ministry. You can read more about that in,James MacDonald Took Millions from Harvest & Now Demands Broadcast Ministry.


Analysis of the Situation and Did MacDonald’s Salary Go Up $300,000 in Four Years Time? 

So here is the question this blog would like to ask. Assuming both figures are correct, I trust Julie in her reporting, and my source is also trusted. Did James MacDonald’s salary go up $300,000 just from Harvest Bible Chapel alone in the years from 2015 until 2018? How much did the salary go up each year? Was it $75,000 each year? Keep in mind that that that did not include other streams of revenue. I would be fascinated to know how much James MacDonald’s salary went up each year. If his salary increased quite a bit each year was the regular giving campaigns that were pushed at Harvest really designed to enrich James MacDonald and his wife Kathy. Remember Harvest Bible Chapel was a business. Fleecing people of money and tricking them into giving is a specialty of James MacDonald. Some people gave up to $90,000  and beyond in giving to Harvest Bible Chapel. Was all that to personally enrich James MacDonald? Worse did James MacDonald want to grow Harvest because he knew that more people and more churches meant more giving. It also meant more money for James MacDonald. James views people as means to get money. That was one of the take aways in the Dean Butters letter. This blog would like to go into the weeds in James MacDonald and his finances more. If you have more information please let me know. 


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  1. You are such an F’ing moron!!! Your first source is a TRUE MORON. I’ve been getting the retirement fund payment since 2010. $30k per month, baby!!!! I’ve got $2.6 million waiting for me!!!! And my other streams add another $1 million a year (Expense account, WITW, Life way, Vertical Worship royalties, etc.)


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