Portland, Oregon Bans Discrimination Against Atheists

Portland, Oregon has banned discrimination against atheists and agnositcs. They are the second city in the United States to take such action. This blog remains concerned about discrimination against atheists and supports such motions to protect the godless.

We’ve come a long way, but there is still a lot of discrimination

Aretha Franklin 

Defeating racism, tribalism, intolerance and all forms of discrimination will liberate us all, victim and perpetrator alike.

Ban Ki-Moon 

Atheist discrimination in a public school in Indiana. 

In writing about atheism and secular humanism from time to time there is one topic that I notice that troubles me. It deals with atheists facing discrimination from evangelical Christians. Here are some examples that I have written about over the last couple of years. 

  1. In Southeast Texas there is an atheist group that had excelled at taking care of the homeless, feeding and offering them shelter. In doing this this atheist group has taken incredible heat from evangelical Christians. You can read about this in, “An Atheist Group in Southeast Texas Takes Care of the Homeless, and in the Process Teaches Why you do not Need God to do Good.
  2. There was a story that came out of Oklahoma. It dealt with a Children’s Home that scorned the donation of an atheist. It led to atheists doing a campaign to raise money for it. You can read about that in, “When the Atheist has a Better Understanding of the Gospel than the Christian.” 
  3. Then there was the sad way in which a former Christian band was treated. The Order of Elijah mostly came out as atheist. They were attacked, hated and more. They dealt with discrimination from Christians which is tragic. You can read about that in, “Order of Elijah’s Shannon Low De-Converts from the Christian Faith: When it Becomes Necessary to Leave.” 

Discrimination against atheists is a major problem. In some parts of the United States an atheist can’t run for office. In other parts an atheist can not adopt a child. This blog is aware of the issue and is deeply troubled that atheists and secular humanists would be treated in such a way. And as such this blog supports those who face discrimination. 


Portland, Oregon Bans Discrimination Against Atheists

There is a movement in the United States to ban discrimination against atheists. The movement is slowly growing in a number of cities.  The first city that did this is Madison, Wisconsin in 2015. Now Portland, Oregon has joined that movement. The city of Portland amended the city’s Civil Rights code to prevent atheists from being discriminated against.  The local head of the Freedom From Religion Foundation said the following. “What it is is validating because my city thinks I am of the same value as any other individual, and it isn’t OK for somebody to discriminate against me or anybody like me,” Portland is now the second city to have taken such action. This blog is wondering who will be next? Seattle? Bend, Oregon? Boston? If you would like to read more about this you can do so here, here and here


Brief Analysis of What Developed in Portland

This is the second city that has taken legal action to protect atheists and agnostics. Cities such as Portland and Madison can be called progressive and activist. In this particular situation I think they are ahead of the curve. Other cities will follow in the course of time. Will you see this happen in the Bible belt or places like Nebraska, North Dakota or Ohio? Its deeply unlikely. But the population is changing as the culture of the United States becomes more secular. Its time we had an honest discussion on the issues atheists face in the United States. Many will not understand how hard it is to be secular in this very religious country. My faith crisis really opened up the door and I looked at issues like atheism in a very different light. So this blog wants to give a shout out to Portland and Madison and hopefully others are not too far behind. That is it for the day all, please take care! 


6 thoughts on “Portland, Oregon Bans Discrimination Against Atheists

      • As it should be. Franklin, a founding member of this country never meant for atheists to be here. This country has gotten worse over the years. Kids don’t respect their elders, and adults are doing nothing about it, and disrespect reigns and rules. Freedom, they call it.


      • And the solution/response is?

        The REAL Second Coming of Christ (i.e. Donald Trump) Ruling with a Rod of Iron, like all those radio preachers used to gush about the Millenium?

        Make like the Massachusetts Puritans and LARP the Book of Joshua with THEM as the Heathen Canaanites? “GOD COMMANDS IT!”

        Or any other response that distills down into “US OR THEM!”?

        Absolute Power plus Utter Righteousness is a REAL toxic combination.

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      • He’s not called The Last Trump in the bible for nothing! Lol. Look, seriously, Ben Franklin worked hard to establish this nation, even stating that God assists in the affairs of man, or something to that effect, and Thomas Jefferson trembled at the thought of this nation forgetting that God gave us freedom, so that no one can say that any man gave them freedom. Atheists are to tolerate us, not us them. We reap what we sow. Paul Harvey…If I Were The Devil. See how accurate it is for today. It’s on YouTube.


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