The Disingenuous Post by Garrett Higbee in the Harvest Bible Chapel Scandal

Garrett Higbee put out a very disingenuous statement over the weekend regarding the Harvest Bible Chapel scandal. His statement was a CYA and is deeply flawed. This post looks at some of the issues. This blog believes that Garrett Higbee is the equivalent of Delilah. Also if there are people that have stories about Soul Care and Garrett Higbee that want to tell them this blog will give them the platform.  

“I loathe people who are disingenuous or inauthentic.”

Robert Rinder

“I think there’s something very disingenuous about literally all people who say that they don’t care about anyone’s approval.”

Faith Salie 

4 Some time later Samson fell in love with a woman named Delilah, who lived in the valley of Sorek. 5 The rulers of the Philistines went to her and said, “Entice Samson to tell you what makes him so strong and how he can be overpowered and tied up securely. Then each of us will give you 1,100 pieces[b] of silver.”

Judges 16:4-5


Garrett Higbee 

This is a post that I wanted to write the other day. But I came down with a nasty flu virus and I have been sleeping and resting. Garrett Higbee published a statement about the Harvest Bible Chapel scandal. No doubt he feels the pressure to respond. What he wrote is flawed and contains deep issues. This post is going to analyze what Garrett said and take it to the woodchipper.  


A Very Disingenuous Statement 

This blog preserved the statement of Garrett Higbee. Its been my experience that such statements are changed, disappear or more. You can access that statement in, “Preserving Garrett Higbee’s Statement on Harvest Bible Chapel Scandal.”  That entire statement from Higbee stands out in one way. Garrett doesn’t own the mess of Harvest Bible Chapel. He doesn’t say that I screwed up or that it is wrong. Garrett Higbee was in a men’s group and did accountability with James MacDonald and Kent Shaw. Stop and consider the following paragraph. 

“To my knowledge most poor decisions were kept in check by elders and staff most of the time. I believe most of us had no knowledge of blatantly disqualifying sin like is being exposed now. But the elder discipline disaster was an example of when impulsivity and punishment ruled over many speaking against it. Once a decision was made on high everyone had to get in line or be part of the narrative of disloyalty. When power, lack of accountability and insecurity combine in senior leadership a cult like environment prevails. I say cult “like” because there were moments of humility, what seemed to be sincere regret, taking counsel, and even repentance. But they were short lived and by 2016 there were more and more unwise decisions, and I had less and less hope for change.”

Garrett Higbee was supposed to keep James MacDonald accountable. Honestly a man who claims to be a pastor that is supposed to identify issues and speak to them didn’t see the issues with James MacDonald? Garrett is really a terribly liar. What Garrett Higbee is trying to do is cover his ass as he is feeling the heat from the Harvest Bible Chapel scandal. The sad thing is that he failed in trying to do the right thing.


Garrett Will Never Take Responsibility for His Actions at Harvest Bible Chapel

What Garrett should have done is written a statement saying that he screwed up. He was supposed to look out for the spiritual health of the organization and he did not. In a statement he could have said that he screwed up and he was wrong. That he bungled the situation seriously. That he failed to look out for the sheep and that he did not speak up and out. According to what this blog has heard Garrett did not speak up as he is claiming. And the other indicator that will speak volumes is this question. Did Garrett Higbee when he separated from Harvest accept a payout to stay silent? Did he sign a NDA to stay silent? How much money did Higbee accepted from James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel? $200,000? $250,000? $300,000? This is a question this blog would like to get an answer to. If Higbee accepted money to stay silent then he put his own financial best interest ahead of the organization and the people in the system. 


Garrett Higbee will be the Delilah of Harvest Bible Chapel

How many here are familiar with the story of Samson and Delilah? Its in Judges 16. This blog looks at Garrett Higbee as being Delilah and James MacDonald as being the Philistines. In the story Delilah plots and schemes. She wants to know Samson’s secret and then use the information against him.  She passes on the information to the Philistines. She bates, manipulates, mocks and lies. Garrett Higbee did the same thing at Harvest Bible Chapel. He deceived and mislead and collected information for James MacDonald. This blog would like to pose the question, was information told in Soul Care weaponized? Is the reason why so many elders stayed silent for so long on James MacDonald is because their families used Soul Care and confidential information was collected and given to James MacDonald? For example maybe people shared about a kid’s drug addiction, alcoholism, an affair that took place, and more. Was that information told in Soul Care collected and then used against people? Sovereign Grace Ministries operated like that, why not Harvest Bible Chapel? 



This Blog is Interested in Stories About Garrett Higbee and Soul Care 

This blog is putting out a call for information. Do you have a story or experience from Soul Care under Garrett Higbee that you would like to tell? As a reminder it can be told anonymously. This blog would like to tell stories about Garrett Higbee and get them out there. People need to know what he did as a “Biblical” counselor and the problems that took place. Was confidentiality broken? Was a woman told to submit to her abusive husband? Was stuff passed through Soul Care and was law enforcement not contacted? These are questions that need to be asked. But if anyone wants to tell their Garrett Hibgee story this blog is happy to give you a platform. 


3 thoughts on “The Disingenuous Post by Garrett Higbee in the Harvest Bible Chapel Scandal

  1. The quote from Higbee is putting me in mind of the wonderful book Mistakes Were Made, but Not by Me (by Carol Tavris). He’s changing the wording of his sentences to distance himself from the problems.

    Like “…most poor decisions were kept in check by elders and staff…” instead of “we were supposed to keep people honest.” Or “…when impulsivity and punishment ruled over many speaking against it…” instead of “when I was impulsive and punished people”. Or even “…Once a decision was made on high…” which should have been “Once I made a decision…” or possibly “Once McDonald made a decision that I decided to enforce…”

    I see this kind of phrasing in a lot of not-pologies. Generally the only thing a person making a not-pology is sorry about is that they are genuinely sorry they were caught.

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  2. Please, if you have a serious mental health issue consider investigating qualified, highly experienced, biblical based care OUTSIDE of something run by your church. I went to one Biblical Soul Care session at a Great Commission Collective Church and the counselors meant well and prayed for me, but it didn’t really empower me to move forward. I’ve had another person trained in Biblical Soul Care admit they felt they had no idea what they were doing or how to handle some of the complex issues people presented to them, hoping for help. It is good for believers to know how to use Scripture to encourage and advise others, but not replacing PROFESSIONAL counseling. For instance, a person with a life threatening addiction or disorder should NOT solely seek the help of a church based layperson counseling program. Please, please have due diligence in seeking out a Believer who is a mental health professional OUTSIDE of your church. I firmly believe GCC churches should get out of the trying to train the masses counseling movement. It seems like a loving thing to do, but can do more damage than good, especially if these accusations of sharing personal information happens. Remember, churches are exempt from HIPAA laws which are designed to protect your mental and physical health privacy.

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