Pictures of the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento

This post is pictures taken at the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento. Hands down this is a first class railroad museum and one of the best one’s in the country. 

“Most men who have really lived have had, in some share, their great adventure. This railway is mine.”

James J Hill who built the Great Northern railroad .

“The one moral, the one remedy for every evil, social, political, financial, and industrial, the one immediate vital need of the entire Republic, is the Pacific Railroad.”

Rocky Mountain News in 1866

Built in 1873 the Virginia & Truckee 2-6-0 “Empire” 

On Friday January 25, 2019 my sister and I drove to Sacramento, California to visit Old Town and the California State Railroad Museum. I was taken back by how much Sacramento has grown over the years. It is not the smaller sleepy city that I remembered in the 1990’s. The California State Railroad Museum is one of the best railroad museums  in the United States. It has some incredible artifacts that relate to the construction of the trans-continental railroad that was completed in 1869. It also has a unique number of items form the history of California and the west. I took some pictures and these are some samples of what is available. If you find yourself in California then I recommend this museum to you. Hands down its a neat place to visit. 

The sign and the California State Railroad Museum. 

This is the largest exhibit inside the museum, it is the Southern Pacific #4292 Cab Forward steam locomotive. 

The 4294 is an AC-12 and the Southern Pacific had 20. 

This is a 4-8-8-2 articulated steam locomotive

Though they ran across California and the west they were built for crossing Donor Pass. The engine was flipped and the crew was spared asphyxiation from smoke in the long tunnels at Donner. 

This locomotive weighs 1,051, 202 lbs. 

1970’s railroad commercial for the Union Pacific. 

Vintage Coca Cola commercial done with the Nickel Plate Road 765. 

The first steam locomotive of the Central Pacific Railroad. # 1 entered service in 1862. It was donated to Stanford University who loans it to the State of California. 

The sign for the Southern Pacific Railroad which was known as the “Octopus” by its critics. 

Santa Fe dining car. 

I gravitated toward this exhibit inside the dining car. My family rode the Northern Pacific out of Montana. From my parents to grandparent they rode the North Coast Limited. 

Other railroad china on display, most of it from western railroads. 

Southern Pacific 4-2-4  C.P Huntington built in 1863. 

Santa Fe 2925 4-8-4 northern. This was built during WW II and were the heaviest northerns on the Santa Fe. Its sister its sister is being restored for service in Albuquerque, New Mexico. 

Southern Pacific #2467 Pacific (4-6-2). These were used in commuter service in San Francisco in the 1920 through 1950’s.  

Santa Fe railroad 2-10-4 

Coach from the famed Southern Pacific Daylight. 


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