Anne Green Explains how James MacDonald Inappropriately Touched her on a Flight to California on the Mancow Muller Show. What About Female Worship Leaders Such as Lindsay McCaul, Meredith Andrews and Others? Did They Deal with Sexual Misconduct?

On the Mancow Muller show on February 18, 2019 Anne Green claimed that James MacDonald touched her inappropriately on a private jet on the way to California. This is the story of what happened as told by Anne Green. Also given the nature of those who commit misconduct this blog would like to ask an open question.  Were other females from Harvest Bible Chapel’s worship team also deal with sexual misconduct from James MacDonald? What about Lindsay McCaul, Meredith Andrews and others? They should be supported so that others can come forward as well. 

“Our character is not so much the product of race and heredity as of those circumstances by which nature forms our habits, by which we are nurtured and live.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero 

“But here’s my point to the LA Times. If you had a serious story to run, if you thought there was serious misconduct, you don’t wait until the Thursday before the Tuesday. You run it early.”

Susan Estrich 

Let there be no sexual immorality, impurity, or greed among you. Such sins have no place among God’s people. Obscene stories, foolish talk, and coarse jokes—these are not for you. Instead, let there be thankfulness to God. You can be sure that no immoral, impure, or greedy person will inherit the Kingdom of Christ and of God. For a greedy person is an idolater, worshiping the things of this world.

Ephesians 5:3-5 NLT 

James MacDonald

Lindsay McCaul was also known at Harvest worship along with Anne Green

This morning on the Mancow Muller show the Harvest Bible Chapel scandal took a turn into the #Me To movement. As some disturbing claims against James MacDonald were alleged by Anne Green


Anne Green Accuses James MacDonald of Inappropriately Touching Her 

The allegation involved Anne Green and occurred on a private jet that James MacDonald shared with Bill Hybells from Willowcreek. On a plane ride to California for a Walk in the Word event James MacDonald allegedly sat next to Anne Green, leaned on her and then touched her thigh next to her crotch. This information came out on the Mancow Muller show this morning. Anne called in and discussed it and shared what happened. Below is the transcript of the alleged inappropriate touching. 

Mancow: I know you and your husband have been through a lot. By all accounts, everybody that I talked to, everybody still at Harvest goes, “Oh yeah, Anne Green was a major leader in the church. Everybody loved Anne.  Hey, what happened to Anne? Anne used to be . . . what happened to her?”  So, I tracked you down on the internet, and what happened?  Why did you leave Harvest?

Anne: Oh, my gosh. Well, ultimately, I mean, he fired my husband when he was on staff. And so, you know, we were no longer being paid on salary. So, we stayed an extra year. And I was able to start seeing through it, without having my whole life supported by him. And I really just started seeing through it and I really started understanding that he just to seemed have an agenda that really wasn’t about Jesus.

Mancow: You want to talk about what happened on the plane?

Anne: Yeah, sure. You know, I mean, it was back in, around [the year] 2005, and I was on a Walk In The Word trip to California and back. And James MacDonald’s on the plane, along with Trei Tatum, Andy Rosier, who’s a worship leader,  and Sandy Song. And we flew to California and back, to the Lake in the Hills airport. It was all in a 24 hour time.  And I was sittin’ in the back seat. And James, uh, moved over by me, and he snuggled up to my right side, and leaned his head onto my right shoulder. And then, uh, he reached across with his right hand, and put his right hand on my right upper thigh, right next to my crotch. I, uh, I was shocked and immediately said, “You can’t touch me there!” And I said it loud. And I heard giggles, from the others, I thought. And James kinda got flustered, pawing his hands on my shoulder, laughed and said, “I never would’ve thought Anne Green would be the one to bring down my ministry.”

Mancow: Well, a lot of that syncs up with a lot of different things. He told me, uh, he told me that he was, uh, see, the Seedorfs run N-Jet. And N-Jet ran the plane for MacDonald and Bill Hybels. They shared a private jet. So, I kinda heard stories. And I’ve heard stories about this, for probably two years. And I asked James about it when we were friends. And he basically said that you’re a holy-holy type, and that’s not the words he used, that you’re just holier than thou, easily offended and that there was some turbulence, and he brushed up against you because the plane shifted, and you made it some kind of sexual harassment thing. That’s what he told me, and I remember clearly. Just this weekend, he was texting people, people were forwarding it to me. And it’s basically, “He’s on an island. He’s suffered such injustices.” And again, him and his goons that he hand-picked, he’s still running this as a PONZI scheme, in my opinion. And he’s still the victim, Anne. He’s still the victim!

Anne: Yes.

Mancow: And I just wonder . . . and the guy could have ended all of this, James MacDonald could have ended this, ALL of this, again, on the cover of the paper today, with a phone call. Had he shown any kind of care for people like you, people like me and my family, and thousands of others, things would be different. So, he slid his hand up to your crotch, your story, then I’m sure he cried. Then he fake-cries when he gets caught. (Mancow imitates sound of person crying) “What have I done?” And then, when nobody’s looking, he tells people like me, “(Mancow imitates James’ laughter) Hilarious.” And you heard the tape I have, which is allegedly him, “I can earn a hundred thousand dollars in a minute with my act.” And it is an act, folks, it is an act. She says she doesn’t know. Well, I think I do. I don’t think someone that believes in a God, and knows that there’s heaven and hell, feels up women, lies, berates people and destroys families and chases people away from God. I don’t think that’s what someone who believes in God does.

Harvest Bible Chapel responded to the accusation which you can read here. Warren Throckmorton also reported on this development as well. While The Elephant’s Debt has not posted about Anne Green, on Twitter Ryan Mahoney said that they knew of the story for a while. Below is how one of the authors of The Elephant’s Debt responded. 

You can read more and listen to the soundbite at Julie Roy’s blog. Mancow is committed to dragging other sexual misconduct stories out. 


Were Meredith Andrews, Lindsey McCall or Others in Harvest Worship Allegedly Sexually Harassed by James MacDonald Also? 

Harvest Bible Chapel is known for its worship and has influenced parts of evangelicalism because of its music. There are a number of people who started out at Harvest and became known for their worship. By far the most well known from Harvest is Meredith Andrews. Then you also had Lindsey McCall who was known for her worship.  Others in the history of Harvest worship includes Rochelle Burlock, Sandy Song, Tara Rios, Brooke Griffith Dunbar, and Bethany Smith. I write all this to ask the following question. 

Anne Green stepped forward and stated that James MacDonald inappropriately touched her. There is something that I need to state. When people engage in sexual harassment or misconduct like this its not in an isolated incident. Its often part of a pattern.  For example Anne Green most likely is not be the only one who James MacDonald allegedly was inappropriate with. I am asking this as a question that needs to be posed. What about Merdeth Andrews or Lindsay McCaul? Did they or any other female in the Harvest worship team also deal with inappropriate touching? Did James MacDonald engage in sexual harassment or misconduct on Lindsey McCaaul? If that did happen to Lindsey or Meredith then people need to be able to rally around and support them. Anne Green is a brave person. If other misconduct happened against female worship leaders they should come forward and share as that will support Anne Green. 

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  1. Least we forget that. Lindsey McCall used to live with the MacDonalds and they would send Christmas cards out with the MacDonalds and Lindsay. Lived with them for a couple of years. Always found that interesting.

    One Saturday night service Lindsay was lead singer. I found that Kathy was at a woman’s get away at Camp Harvest same time. Interesting


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