Harvest Bible Chapel Update: The Elder Board is Allegedly Split and James MacDonald is Fighting Back

The Harvest Bible Chapel elder board is allegedly split. And James MacDonald like a corrupt dictator in a banana republic in Latin America is fighting back. This post is some news that this blog learned this evening. 

“The power to do good is also the power to do harm.”

Milton Friedman

Dear brothers and sisters,[a] we can’t help but thank God for you, because your faith is flourishing and your love for one another is growing.

2 Thessalonians 1:3 NLT 

In 2007 conflict was increasing between the elder board and James MacDonald. At the end of one contentious meeting James MacDonald stated the following

“If you want to remove me, you’re going to have to sue me to get me out of here.  And gentlemen, I have two things you don’t have: control of the pulpit and the control of the money.  So good luck.”

I think of what James MacDonald said in the context of some news I received late tonight. This is what is allegedly happening behind the scenes at Harvest. The elder board from what my sources are telling me are split. About half wants to remove James MacDonald and the other half are dedicated to James MacDonald. MacDonald himself is fighting back against those on the elder board that believe he should be removed from ministry. James who is acting like a Latin American dictator as i his mind Harvest Bible Chapel is a family business and belongs to him. 

Its this blog’s belief that James MacDonald needs to go. And what I would like to do is identify those on the elder board who support James MacDonald. Then what can happen is that those from Harvest Bible Chapel and those who are caught up in this mess can email, call, text and confront James MacDonald’s supporters. Aside from James MacDonald who will support himself other supporters are believed to be Rick Donald, Fred Ananias, and Scott Stonebreaker. This is a full list of the current elders. 

  • James MacDonald (Senior Pastor and Elder)
  • Gil De las Alas (Attends Niles location)
  • Mike Lawson (Attends Crystal Lake location)
  • Jeff Smith (Church Treasurer attends Deerfield Road location)
  • Bill Sperling (Executive Committee attends Rolling Meadows location)
  • Dave Martin (Attend Elgin location)
  • Paul Inserra (Attends Rolling Meadows location)
  • John Dierker (Attends Crystal Lake location)
  • Rick Donald (Assistant Senior Pastor)
  • Pedro Assumpcao (Attends Chicago Cathedral location)
  • Ron Duitsman (Elder Board Chairman attends Rolling Meadows location)
  • Jeffrey Kee (Attends Niles location)
  • Brian Musso (Attends Rolling Meadows location)
  • Steve Stewart (Attends Aurora location)
  • Sam Booras (Attends Elgin location)
  • Mike Dunwoody (Attends Rolling Meadows location)
  • Dale Kuntz (Attends Rolling Meadows location)
  • Cris Nelson (Attends Elgin location)
  • Elvin Velez (Attends Chicago Cathedral location)
  • Josh Westerholm (Attends Rolling Meadows location)
  • Marcel Olar (Attends Niles location)
  • JR Lang (Attends Elgin location)
  • Anthony Honore (Attends Niles location)
  • Joe Brightwell (Attends Rolling Meadows location)
  • Mike Collett (Attends Deerfield Road location)
  • Mark Hapwood (Attends Elgin location)
  • Mike Lankford (Attends Rolling Meadows location)
  • Dan George (Attends Rolling Meadows location) 
  • Scott Stonebreaker (Attends Naples location) 
  • Jay Patal (Attends Aurora location)
  • Todd Desmarais (Attends Deerfield Road location)
  • Fred Ananias (Attends Naples location) 
  • Matt Woodhead (Attends Chicago Cathedral location)
  • Steve Huston (Elder Executive Committee Chairman)

This blog would like to find out which elders are James MacDonald supporters. I will post that information and that will allow those who are concerned about this situation to contact and interact with those individuals. You can leave that information in the comments below and I will update it as the details comes forward. Lets drag this information out as James MacDonald needs to leave. His days in ministry are over. James MacDonald and ministery is an affront to the human senses. Its kind of like serial rapist Ted Bundy running eHarmony or the late Milwaukee serial killer and cannibal Jeffrey Dahmer having a cooking show on the Food Network. 

This blog has also heard that Harvest is going to receive some incredibly negative press in the Chicago media this week. People are allegedly going to learn things about Paxton Singer that will shock them. So those who have planted their flag on  the James MacDonald camp should seriously reconsider. They are going to look foolish when this information comes forward. 


20 thoughts on “Harvest Bible Chapel Update: The Elder Board is Allegedly Split and James MacDonald is Fighting Back

  1. This plays like a Mars Hill and Mark Driscoll sequel! Don’t the folks in Chicago know that implosion is how the story ends and that Naples, FL will substitute for Phoenix in this version? Follow the money people! If you don’t keep your eye on it, it will disappear into thin air (or in James’ pockets!) second verse, same as the first!

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    • I can tell from experience. It’s literally a Midwest thing. We don’t care if we don’t have to. I was there for 21 years and literally didn’t care as long as I got my worship fix and a good message. Didn’t care about anything else. I wised up one day when he attacked and laughed at something very important to me. I never set foot in HBC again.
      The people there love the brand and or the product. You can tell them it’s toxic or a disaster, they don’t care. They get their Sunday fix, pay their tithe, grab the kids and go home.
      I still have friends that go and when we see them they’re all “wasn’t the sermon great today..???” Etc. They’re not interested in what anyone else has to say. They love Jmac and are totally loyal to him and his product. They love the worship, trust me it’s second to none, and that’s what keeps them.


      • I need to do a post about this but the Harvest Bible Chapel scandal is drawing the attention of the atheist and secular community. I find it amusing that people will go and support it even when atheists are pointing out the corruption and using it explain how corrupt Christianity is. If you care about the gospel then why go? Otherwise can Harvest Bible Chapel be viewed as an unreached peoples group?

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      • I attend Harvest and have For 17yrs… I m not naive about What is going on, I have stopped giving, as I think all should because it is not MacDonalds Church but Gods and the people who attend. This is what will get their attention. The MacDonalds need to be removed as well as the Elders, I stay because of friends and family and small group and because I want to be part of its regrouping even if it means going to a gymnasium for service. I want sound biblical teaching which is what we used to hear from James. He is sadly lost . But if at some point I dont see that happening, then we will leave, I cannot sit under him any longer. I pray for our Church but realize it may take some time, I was against allowing Mancow to be the voice of dissent but now I hope he unleashes what he knows to end this and end the shame being brought on Gods church. And as far as tithing, you all realize its not required of New Testement Saints right? I believe churches that teach this use it to keep a steady cash flow coming in. We are to give what we have decided in our hearts not under compulsion.

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      • @Wonderingeagle – I’m part of the atheist community, and there’s definitely a portion of people in the atheist community who’ll jump on any example of corruption in Christian circles, saying that it’s proof that all of Christianity is just a money grab (and so on). But I think they’re exposing their own prejudices in doing so, which is unfortunate. The typical route to atheism is that people want to believe things that are based on good evidence and reasoning, but there’s a heck of a lot of evidence that there are plenty of Christian ministers and churches that aren’t just in it for the money. I grew up in the Assemblies of God under some pastors who lived modest lives with integrity (even as the church grew significantly in numbers). I might disagree now with them about the evidence for the truth claims that they made, but they weren’t corrupt in any event. It seems like the people in the atheist movement who make the broad baseless claims tend to be the ones who had minimal involvement in church throughout their lives, so they can just make a caricature of it.


      • Adding to my prior comment…

        I think the thing that needs to be clear to everyone is that *every* organization is prone to corruption, and things have to be built from the ground up with that in mind. If there’s someone who is seen as being beyond repute, that’s a problem. There *have* to be real checks and balances. You can look at the Mark Driscoll saga at Mars Hill, the Catholic church child abuse scandal, child abuse scandals pretty much everywhere else [protect the leader’s/organization’s reputation, make the problem go away], Elizabeth Holmes at Theranos, Billy McFarland & the Fyre Festival, Harvey Weinstein, even some leaders in atheist/skeptical organizations, and on and on. People in power can be counted on to at least sometimes abuse that power. So you’ve got to make sure that they can be called to account, effectively and quickly.


  2. I hope John Secrest starts a new church and empties out Harvest Naples of everyone except those who caved to Chicago and supported John’s unrighteous termination.


  3. This is all just surreal! Naples as a church just disgusts me the most! How those people can support each other is beyond me. Those articles coming out can’t come out soon enough!


  4. This is not helping. BIG Progress is being made behind the scenes. A LOT is coming out today and tomorrow! Please take this down…we don’t need the “good” elders who working to remove James to be “outed” which will make them TARGETS for James and his henchmen.


  5. James MacDonald will have the rebel Elders removed. As he has done in the past. He has the power; just that simple. He also controls the money and church assets. There is no oversight. MacDonald is The Godfather. I really don’t think the congregation cares a twit.


  6. I went to Harvest Bible Chapel in 1998 until the late 2000s in Rolling Meadows. I was just a member, and in the choir at times. Life got busy, so I stay in God’s word with my Bible and watching Radio and/or TV sermons. I had no clue what Pastor James and HBC was doing until the Mancow article. It saddens me deeply.


  7. Got some pretty bizarro (and fitting) names in that list (and I wasn’t talking about Ananias; though if he has a wife named Sapphira…)
    I mean… “Stonebreaker”?
    But “Gil De Las Alas” was the one that got me. At first glance I read it as “Gilles de Rais”; look him up sometime.

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