Can Evangelical Christians Stay Committed to Facts? Why Conspiracy Theories are Dangerous, Reckless and Uncalled For

This is a post that looks at evangelical Christian culture and conspiracy theories. This shows the harm that they do and asks the question if Christians who believe in conspiracy theories can be considered an unreached peoples group. This also explains how the harm from such theories affecting dark and disturbing situations in places like Harvest Bible Chapel and Sovereign Grace Churches.

“As a historian, I’m skeptical about conspiracy theories because the world is far too complicated to be managed by a few billionaires drinking scotch behind some closed doors. But I do think that the voters are correct in sensing that they’re really losing power. And in reaction, they give the system an angry kick.”

Yuval Noah Harari

“Whenever you’re faced with an explanation of what’s going on in Washington, the choice between incompetence and conspiracy, always choose incompetence.”

Charles Krauthammer

24 God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

John 4:24 NKJV

The sign for Comet Ping Pong in Washington, D.C.

A couple of years ago I met with someone in the Washington, D.C. area. They were involved in Sovereign Grace Ministries for a long time. We met and had dinner and discussed the culture and issues at Sovereign Grace. I was trying to understand what hit me from Redeemer Arlington. Then something happened which shocked and changed my perspective of the source I was speaking with. This individual shifted the conversation and then started to speak about a troubling conspiracy theory. If my memory serves me correct it was about an international conspiracy theory involving the Jews and banking at key parts around the globe. It was about efforts to pool money in certain financial capitols around the globe. He tried to explain this to me and I just was not buying it. I looked at my smartphone and checked the time occasionally. My opinion of this individual changed the more I listened to him. Privately I began to wonder about what he said earlier and asked myself was that based on fact or fiction? Did he engage in conspiracy theories in other areas of life? How could this guy be taken as a source if he was engaged in such behavior? After the talk about the international financial conspiracy the talk moved to child sex abuse inside Sovereign Grace. For me though the damage was done, and I decided to leave it be and not pursue contact. Too many red flags stood out in my mind and I left that dinner with a personal lesson about vetting and checking sources, which I already was doing. I decided to write about this topic after reading about the effects of a few conspiracy theories. 


How Conspiracy Theories Have Changed with the Internet

When I was growing up I rejected all conspiracy theories. I heard about how some believed that there were more than one gunman in the John F Kennedy assassination on November 22, 1963. I was aware of the anti-Semitic conspiracy theory about the Jews and banking which I categorically rejected.  There was the belief by some that the HIV or AIDS virus was invented by the CIA. Then some believed that the moon landing in July of 1969 was faked. Then in the course of time new conspiracy theories developed. This happened after the invention of the internet and had more severe consequences. Some people were pushing the false belief that vaccines and vaccination caused autism. Other claimed that the September 11, 2001 attacks were an inside government job. Then you had the claim by Donald Trump that Barack Obama was not an American citizen and born in Kenya, which is also false. Alex Jones promoted that claim that the Sandy Hook massacre in Connecticut in 2012 never happened. Another popular one dealt with the Q Anon theory that says that Donald Trump’s opponents are involved in an international ring that involves the trafficking, abuse, and yes sometimes the eating of children. Q is allegedly a high level military official. Then you also had Pizzagate that claimed that Hillary Clinton ran a pedophilia ring and engaged in Satanism inside a pizza parlor in the Washington, D.C. called Comet Ping Pong.

I could go on and on but this is a brief list of some of the conspiracy theories that have occurred over time. What was naïve and harmless evolved into something dark and troubling. Conspiracy theories have substantial issues and in the process also reveal anti-Semitism, bias, diminished thinking capacity and more in this writers opinion.


Evangelical Christians and Conspiracy Theories

Honestly I remain baffled as to why evangelical Christians peddle and promote conspiracy theories to the degree that they do. It really stands out in the volume of conspiracies that people attached themselves to. All I had to do in the past few years was study my social media. Mainstream Protestants don’t engage in conspiracy theories to the same degree, neither do Roman Catholics. Yet evangelicals seem to be attached to them. Honestly I wonder if this is also the fruit of the “Scandal of the Evangelical Mind.” I wrote about Mark Noll’s theory in, “From Mormonism in Montana to Sovereign Grace in the Washington, D.C. Area; The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind Comes Full Circle.

Does the anti-intellectualism honestly drive some evangelicals to believe that the Sandy Hook massacre never occurred? Or that Hillary Clinton was engaged in pedophilia in a pizza restaurant in Washington, D.C.? Does this also help explain why evangelicals get involved in churches like Sovereign Grace, Acts 29 or Harvest Bible Chapel. After all if you buy into a conspiracy theory that says that Trump’s opponents are engaged in trafficking and the eating of children does that make you a great candidate to support individuals like Mark Driscoll, C.J. Mahaney, or James MacDonald and buy their material. I often remain baffled as to why people flock to and buy their books, sermons and more. In the end is this about reducing the bar to the lowest common denominator? I don’t know I am thinking aloud as I contemplate and write about this problem. The question needs to be asked, why do evangelicals engage in conspiracy theories to the degree they do? I think many of us can agree it shows how evangelicalism has rotted out and hit the bottom. If conspiracy theories are an extension  of evangelical Christianity can it be said that its the result of living in a world of alternative facts that rejects intellectualism.


Center for Inquiry discussing conspiracy theories at CSI Con 2018

One other point that needs to be made. Many evangelical Christians proclaim atheists and secular humanists to often be lost. But when it comes to atheists and secular humanists they very much reject conspiracy theorists and more. A couple of years ago I wrote about the Center for Inquiry (which is associated with Richard Dawkins today) and how they confronted those engaging in the anti-vaccination movement. You can read that post in, “The Anti-Vaccination Movement, Much Like Polio, Needs to be Eradicated; Plus the Center for Inquiry Confronts this Dangerous Faction.” When you research at the Center for Inquiry website these are some of the conspiracy theories written about and challenged. For example you can read what is written about the Roswell conspiracy theory. Then you can see what was written about the moon landing being false.


Why Conspiracy Theories Are Harmful and Dangerous

Conspiracy theories are dangerous for a multitude of reasons. They can actually incite people to act in a certain way. For example Pizza Gate led a man to drive up from North Carolina and go into a pizza restaurant and fire a weapon and almost kill someone. I wrote about the danger that conspiracy theories pose in that they can also erode society, government, church and media. Conspiracy theories can undermine our culture and harm it long term. One immediate affect can be religious blogs like this one. You can read about that in, “How Pizzagate and Fake News Threaten the Legitimacy of Religious Blogs.”

Conspiracy theories also cause pain in that they torment victims, survivors and more. Another factor that led to this post is reading the following article in the London Guardian. In the following article you can read about the bullying, threats and more that are faced by many individuals. From someone who lost their six year old son in Sandy Hook to how a business owner of a pizza restaurant is dealing with threats, bullying and more. Nothing good comes from conspiracy theories which is why they are harmful and dangerous. Another factor to consider is that conspiracy theories show how lazy some people can be. It takes work, effort and labor to think and work through an issue. How many people just want to be told how to think. Conspiracy theories are worse because people go beyond being told what to think, they create alternative facts and an alternative reality and live in that. Where does that warped reality cross over into other areas of your life? If you are going to be believe the false information that vaccines causes autism, then why would you accept what the doctor is telling you when you have a form of skin cancer that can be treated?  


Are those Who Believe Conspiracy Theories Dealing with Mental Illness?

Here is another question that I ask as well. Earlier in my life I had someone I knew who believed that September 11, 2001 never happened. She believed that the Twin Towers are still standing and the footage showing their collapse and destruction was created by the United States government. In the process it should also be said that this person who believed those conspiracy theories about September 11, 2001 was also dealing with mental illness as they dealt with schizophrenia. Here is another question that must also be asked. Can it be possible that some of the people pushing conspiracy theories are also dealing with mental illness? Combine that with the “Biblical Counseling” that exists which can discourage psychological and psychiatric help, does that explain why more people are inside evangelicalism believing conspiracy theories? They are dealing with illness and the system prevents them from getting the mental health that they need. If that is true can it be said that evangelicals in the end are living in their own prison that they constructed that they can’t break free from?


Why One Should Stick to Facts Using Harvest Bible Chapel and Sovereign Grace as an Example

I don’t believe in conspiracy theories. In addition I fully embrace science, psychology and psychiatry as well. But let me pose a question to you. Say you were involved in Harvest Bible Chapel and you also subscribe to the Q Anon conspiracy theory about a deep state in the United States government. Then you also listened to Alex Jones for years and you believe that the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut never took place. When you start to speak about corruption or child sex abuse inside Harvest Bible Chapel why should you be believed? Why would you have any credibility as a source? Do you believe that child sex abuse happened in Harvest Bible Chapel because of cold , hard facts? Or do you believe that because you buy into other conspiracy theories and now here is another one for you to follow. Do you see the difference?

Here is why I believe there are child sex abuse issues inside Harvest Bible Chapel. I have spoken to people who are involved. There are internal documents and messages which I heard about, and I know form multiple sources that they exist. I spoke with people who interacted and trusted their children to Paxton Singer.  Together when I line up the facts it checks out as the evidence points to it. Facts are everything and facts are what should govern your decision making process. The same holds true for Sovereign Grace. I have spoken to people over the years who told me stories about the child sex abuse and their family. And in Sovereign Grace there ae documents, emails and more that speak to this issue. For example look at the correspondence between Tommy Hill and how C.J. Mahaney was in the decision making process to approve a hush fund to buy a Sovereign Grace pastor’s silence. Read the actual emails from inside the Sovereign Grace Ministries organization.


Evangelicals Can We be Committed to Facts?

In this last section I would like to challenge the evangelicals who read this, can they committed to facts? I have yet to understand why people who claim to follow Jesus who taught about following truth would buy into half baked conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton and pedophilia, school shootings being non-existent and more. If Jesus spoke about following him in spirit and in truth can it be said that many evangelicals are spiritually lost and possibly be considered an unreached people group? Quite simply you can’t honor both God and engage in conspiracy theories simultaneously.

Evangelicals is it possible to shift your thinking? For example I will use Pizza Gate for this post. Is it possible for an evangelical who is opposed to Hillary Clinton to base that decision on philosophy and facts? You disagree with how she views things and leave it at that, in that context. That sounds much better, is factually sound and makes good sense. That is preferable to clinging to a conspiracy theory while despising Hillary Clinton because you believe she is running a pedophile ring out of a pizza parlor in Washington, D.C..  If Christians can’t accept basic facts then why should what they proclaim be listened to? Or honored and respected? If evangelical Christians want to be respected by the world can they realize that buying into conspiracy theories hurts people in the end? Is being a Christian about causing pain or hurting other people? Is that what Jesus taught? And if Christians are choosing to act in that context are they really Christians in the end? This is a post I have been meaning to do for sometime but a couple of articles I read, combined with a couple of situations led me to sit down and compose this article.


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  1. I can really only speak to what I have seen myself, meaning I can to a degree only speak anecdotally about this.

    In the evangelical church I used to attend, quite a few people, because of their specific partisan political preferences, immersed themselves with great gusto into conservative-and right-wing media. They constructed echo chambers for themselves, becoming uncritical in the process, taking in and believing everything they heard that seemed to reinforce their preferences and beliefs. If someone was decrying Obama, that was good enough for them, and soon they were uncritically accepting everything that person said. They would repeat things that would seem preposterous to someone looking at things with a critical mindset and some measure of discernment, because the further down the path they went, the more these things “sounded right” to them. Eventually, any statements made or evidence stated that contradicted “what they had heard” was dismissed by them (in the terms used today) as “fake news.” Strange theories and/or predictions about world events and political figures (usually presented as having been foretold in Revelation or somewhere else in the Bible) started coming up at times in Bible studies. People wanted to bring in and show YouTube videos to the Bible studies groups, videos that contained “vitally important things that Christians needed to know but won’t hear on main-stream media.” It got, well, weird. I won’t say this was hugely widespread, but there was a decent amount of this going on, and if you got into side conversations at church, you’d often be shocked and taken aback at the things being shared seriously by people you once thought to be very smart and well-grounded Christians.

    I acknowledge that the far left has its own set of conspiracy theories, but I can’t speak to that, as that was obviously not the direction that my politically conservative fellow churchgoers gravitated.

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  2. Dave H, and Wondering,

    Dave H, you must be a serious youngster. MORALITY is the key issue, and morality was expected in our founding, and was indeed adhered to. Then came the 1970’s, and morality went out the window, and it caused quite a stir to those who really did have VIRTUE, to see this new rebellion OPENLY being accepted when it wasn’t tolerated before.

    Do you remember a time, Dave, when children in school could not chew gum in class? Talk back to their teachers? Get a swat from the principal? Boys and Girls restrooms.

    I’m all for the religious fighting back against this new (1970’s) rebellion, because today, children do not respect their elders, kids are having sex at a young age, abortion is rampant, and I could go on and on and on.

    And therefore, I support the religious folks, who you say are ON THE RIGHT. That’s because they are right, that is, correct.

    Ben Franklin wrote the following:

    ” Industry and constant Employment are great preservatives of the Morals and Virtue of a Nation. Hence bad Examples to Youth are more rare in America, which must be a comfortable Consideration to Parents. To this may be truly added, that serious Religion, under its various Denominations, is not only tolerated, but respected and practised. Atheism is unknown there; Infidelity rare and secret; so that persons may live to a great Age in that Country, without having their Piety shocked by meeting with either an Atheist or an Infidel. And the Divine Being seems to have manifested his Approbation of the mutual Forbearance and Kindness with which the different Sects treat each other, by the remarkable Prosperity with which He has been pleased to favour the whole Country.”


    Religious folks lived here, and morality deriving from religion was EXPECTED. Religion under its various denominations (CHRISTIANS) tolerated one another. They didn’t bash each other like they do today. They RESPECTED one another.

    Things has changed for the worst, and WONDERING is WONDERING WHY? Look at the stupid society changes that has taken place. My own grandmother, born in 1919, who died in 2006, was SHOCKED at this society. Her own sister got pregnant out of wedlock…something UNHEARD of in those days. Her sister was RIGHTLY shamed for having sex out of wedlock.

    Today’s morality is NOT the same as it once was when my grandmother was a little girl.

    I know it may sound that I am off key here, but the lack of moraltiy caused what you call conspiracy theories in your neck of the woods. Why? Because the bible said so.

    2 Timothy 3:1-5 King James Version (KJV)

    1 This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

    2 For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

    3 Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

    4 Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

    5 Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

    Then in 1948, Jews got their homeland back, and people began scouring the Bible about prophesy of the Jews, the latter days, etc.

    Are they wrong to do so? Absolutely NOT. Are they wrong in their predictions? Absolutely. But why let that bother you, whether they are wrong, or BOOM, they get one right?

    Obama was a REFLECTION of the Bad things of America, not the Great things that our founders envisioned.

    I love RIGHT WING MEDIA. It’s the only side that tells the truth. The TOLERANT are not tolerant of us, but they want tolerance FROM us. Not gonna happen! It’s time to PUSH BACK and make America Great Again.


    The first one that you brought up about the Jews and the banking…that’s OLD NEWS.

    Many in the Evangelical world DESPISE the Jews for killing Jesus. Keep in mind that while I may mock the word, “Evangelical”, they are REFORMERS, and Reformers have a disdain for the Jews. They TRY not to admit it these days, as they have made “OFFICIAL” declarations against antisemitism…but what does that mean in English? It only means that ON PAPER, in order to look good, that they say that, but DEEP DOWN, they can’t stand the Jews. They think that being all EVANGELICAL to the Jews, meaning proselytizing them, or, GIVING THEM THE GOSPEL, that somehow they are doing Jesus a favor, but in reality, they come off as looking stupid in the end.

    Reformers are nothing more than CATHOLICS without the white dress and dunce cap. Yes, I said it…Reformers are Catholics, therefore, Evangelicals are Catholics. And the Catholics hated the Jews…unless, of course, the Jews became Christians…and this is the same behavior that the Evangelicals have towards the Jews.

    Quite frankly, I think that they are jealous the the Jews have money, and they don’t. And the Jew goes, “NEENER NEENER NEENER! Ya want money? Get a job ya lazy ass!”

    But how about this conspiracy:

    Mitt Romney hasn’t paid his taxes in over a decade.

    Which side of the aisle said that, and WHO?

    He lied his ass off on the Senate FLOOR, and yet, it’s UNLAWFUL to lie to a congressman. He started a conspiracy. You talk about Trump having a conspiracy against Obama? Seems like the OTHER SIDE did it, too. So let’s not get nasty over the RIGHT doing it, cuz the LEFT taught the right how to do it.

    Ed Chapman


    • Ed, I am not a youngster, nor have I been one for a number of decades. I said in my remarks that I was sharing directly from my own experiences which made my observations anecdotal, and not an in-depth analysis of the topic. And I don’t even know where to begin with your comments here, nor do I have the time or inclination to respond to them, as based on past experience it will only serve to prompt a lengthy diatribe castigating me on a wide variety of subjects not even germaine to my response, and consigning me to hell a hundred different ways. Good day, sir.

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      • DaveH,

        Well, as I was told by my chief in the US Navy, “Don’t call me sir, I work for a living!”

        I do push back when VIRTUE is attacked. You and I are on opposite sides of the same coin. It’s obvious that you don’t like when my right wing media decries Obama, but have no problem with the left wing media decrying Trump.

        You have no problem bashing right wingers as uncritical thinkers, when we really are critical thinkers and think for ourselves.

        I voted for Trump for a reason. And I consulted no one in doing so, nor did I obey anyone to do so, either. Let’s you and I get that straight!

        Ed Chapman


      • Ed, against my better judgment, I will briefly respond. I was responding to eagle’s post topic, which is conspiracy theories, and I was relating from my *own particular experience* (in a conservative evangelical church) the path I saw some of my fellow church-goers follow which led them into the realm of conspiracy theories. That was what was contained in my comment.

        You responded with a diatribe about virtue and how I and others am failing to adhere to the moral code you demand. Huh? What line did you draw to connect those dots, with me explaining where I saw people ending up in the realm where Obama faked the Sandy Hook shootings and the Clintons were running a child trafficking ring in a DC pizza parlor and various international groups and ethnicities were identified as the beast of Revelation? Or are you saying you agree with those theories and everyone who doesn’t is obviously immoral and lacks virtue? Because I really don’t understand how/why you took my post on topic A and shifted it over to a lecture on topic B.


      • DaveH,

        I certainly did not see anything in your comment regarding PizzaGate or Sandy Hook. What I saw was you lashing out at RIGHT WING MEDIA, and that Right Wingers can’t THINK for themselves, for which I assumed was FOX NEWS, not Alex Jones.

        What I saw in your comment was the topic of PROPHESY and everyone in the church hopping on the end of times conspiracy bandwagon.

        So now, I’m wondering where Pizza Gate and Sandy Hook fits into your initial comment, cuz that has nothing to do with end times conspiracies that you laid out in your comment…or does it?

        Where is PizzaGate foretold in Revelation?

        Ed Chapman


      • I am sorry then for not being more clear. I was working directly off the material contained in eagle’s original post and was simply describing what I saw as the path that some of my fellow churchgoers took to go from point A to the point B which eagle was describing. They didn’t just wake up one morning convinced of some of those theories. They started down a path, and then went further and further, and with each step they took the things they had taken in on the previous step set a foundation where the things declared in the next step “sounded right” to them. I didn’t repeat all the specifics from eagle’s post, but likely should have been more clear.

        Look,if one immerses one’s self in media where everyone in one group is presented as possessing some kind of godlike perfection, and everyone in another group is presented as constantly and evilly wrong, and you live in that environment for years, you are going to always be willing to accept the worst things said about the other group, and blindly accept everything good said about the first group. That is why I won’t immerse myself in partisan media, but try to listen to some of the more reason-based voices on a range of various points of the political spectrum.

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      • DaveH,

        OK, I got it now. Thanks for expounding.

        Yes, people need to listen to both sides. But then again, why are we subjected to the lies to begin with? It’s more prevalent today than it used to be. We all knew that Tabloid material was fake. Who would believe a headline that said: “My Wife Ran Off With Bigfoot”? But then again, many believed that there was a Bigfoot, and the Lockness Monster.

        We all get caught up in this kinda conspiracy stuff.

        Anyway, yes, I get your point. Thanks.

        Ed Chapman


  3. The Trump/Russia Collusion is a HUGE conspiracy! Not from the Evangelicals. Can the left stick to facts?

    They make up facts as they go along. It’s FUN watching the LEFT WING MEDIA go crazy, constantly telling folks that they FINALLY GOT SOMETHING TO IMPEACH TRUMP ON…then it fizzles, then it’s WE FINALLY GOT SOMETHING, then that fizzles, then it’s, WE FINALLY GOT SOMETHING, and even that fizzles.

    DAY AINT GOT NUTTIN, but a conspiracy theory!

    Ed Chapman


  4. Global Warming, another conspiracy theory, and why? Because the SCIENCE GUYS and Gals are trying to CORRECT us by saying, CLIMATE CHANGE, but it was THEM that began with global warming.

    NOT just ARCTIC warming, but GLOBAL warming. But the SCIENCE got push back, so they changed their mind.

    But even climate change is a conspiracy theory. No matter how hot or cold it may get to set record temperatures, ya can’t convince me with EVER CHANGING science that it even exists.

    The global warming was about green house gasses, and yet, Michigan got cold. Not enough cows farting, I guess.

    Science can’t even stick to the facts, cuz they are still making up facts. It’s a money propaganda scheme for a global takeover of our lives, putting sovereign America under foreign rule.

    Ed Chapman


    • Standard Christian responses:
      1) LIES!
      FAKE NEWS!
      Nowadays ending with

      2) Real and fulfillment of Prophecy:
      LOOK UP (and clutch your Rapture Boarding Pass) FOR THY REDEMPTION DRAWETH NIGH!

      3) Indifference as eyes are focused on Heaven as if a smartphone screen:

      Henceforth just refer to the number of the response to save space and bandwith.

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      • And this makes you angry? Maybe you should watch some Gilligan’s Island, and worship the professor, who is to busy being all serious about science that he’s not interested in girls!

        You spend way too much time watching Fox News trying to figure us right wingers out.

        I watch the lefty channels as a sitcom. For the last 2 years, it’s all reruns tho. Russia, Russia, Russia.

        Marsha, Marsha, Marsha!

        Ed Chapman


  5. @WonderingEagle wrote “Here is why I believe there are child sex abuse issues inside Harvest Bible Chapel. I have spoken to people who are involved. There are internal documents and messages which I heard about, and I know form multiple sources that they exist.”

    This is serious stuff. If you have knowledge of child sexual abuse going on at Harvest Bible Chapel then you should contact the police.


      • Have you turned over the internal documents and messages to DCFS, or informed them of who told you so they can track them down? They can probably use all the info they can get.


      • Wouldn’t hurt to make sure they are aware. Could help to make sure the guy does the time deserved – I haven’t seen anything on twitter personally beyond main stream news and given its government employees, they can use all the help they can get. Paxton and anyone enabling him should be punished to the fullest extent of the law.


      • Ronery, in the other thread you tried to poison the well. I have worked with a number of people in the know of the situation and respected their wishes. Certain information if written about or disclosed could affect a trial. My goal is to see Paxton face the judicial system for what he did. I am not going to do anything that could undermine that desired outcome.


    • As an aside, I know people with kids at HCA so it strikes a nerve if someone knows info or where info resides but aren’t notifying the investigators of such. Although I don’t know DCFS’s side to the delay in starting an investigation, if the reason is a lack on Harvest’s part in accurately reporting or something more nefarious then they really need to know of any communications floating around that may indicate as such.


      • I did, thought it was a very good letter and first hand account of his experience there.

        That said, if Jim writes a letter about how the internet needs to require and publish ID’s on blog commenters, I’d have an issue…


  6. I will say really bad things can occur in dysfunctional environments such as Harvest. Bad actors can do things that are kept under the radar due to the culture of fear that is instilled in the employees.

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    • And Grand Unified Conspiracy Theories where EVERYTHING outside of Harvest and EVERY authority other than Pastor is Part of The Conspiracy really helps maintain that culture of isolation and fear.

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  7. My opinion of this individual changed the more I listened to him. Privately I began to wonder about what he said earlier and asked myself was that based on fact or fiction? Did he engage in conspiracy theories in other areas of life? How could this guy be taken as a source if he was engaged in such behavior? After the talk about the international financial conspiracy the talk moved to child sex abuse inside Sovereign Grace.

    “When I hear you talk nonsense about something I do know, why should I believe you when you talk about something I don’t know?”
    — paraphrase of St Augustine

    Though I have a couple quotes on the subject:

    “If your Conspiracy Theory doesn’t fit the facts, Invent a Bigger Conspiracy.”
    — Kooks Magazine

    The two bloodiest regimes of the 20th Century — Naziism and Communism — both centered around conspiracy theories.
    — I think it’s this essay, “Christians and Conspiracy Theories”:

    Did WOrld War Two really happen? Do I even exist? Or is that what THEY Want Me To Think?”
    — Oliver Stone, interview after making JFK cited (from memory) in:
    Conspiracy Theories and Secret Societies for Dummies

    And in the words of the prophet Robert Zimmerman:

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    • Say you were involved in Harvest Bible Chapel and you also subscribe to the Q Anon conspiracy theory about a deep state in the United States government. Then you also listened to Alex Jones for years and you believe that the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut never took place. When you start to speak about corruption or child sex abuse inside Harvest Bible Chapel why should you be believed? Why would you have any credibility as a source?

      Refer to St Augustine above.

      P.S. “Deep State(TM)” is just the latest string replace for “The JEWS(TM)”.

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