Recommended Reads in the National Catholic Reporter About the Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal and History

Two articles in the National Catholic Reporter are worth reading. One deals with how the child sex abuse situation is the greatest threat to the Catholic church in 500 years. Another looks at the sex abuse issue through the lens of academic historians.

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There are a couple of articles that I recently read in the National Catholic Reporter that gave me pause. This is going to be a brief post but I wanted to get this organized and filed away on this blog. Massimo Faggioli, a historian at Villanova University  outside Philadelphia, Pennsylvania claims that the child sex abuse issue is the greatest threat to the Roman Catholic church in 500 years. In his words its threatening the legitimacy of the church and the system from Rome. You can read that article in, “Church historian says sex abuse poses biggest threat to church in 500 years.” Also in the National Catholic Reporter is another article that peeked my interest. It also deals with the sex abuse issue. Catholic historians are taking a greater interest in the Catholic sex abuse scandal and are looking at it through a historical lens. This took place recently at the American Catholic Historical Association in Chicago, Illinois. In the article a number of Catholic academic historians look at the scandal in the context of history. You can read that in, “Historians take ‘long view’ on Catholic sex abuse crisis.”