Amidst the Loss a Moment of Joy with the Family Dog Liesel

The other day I took a break from cleaning my parent’s belongings after Dad’s death and had an exceptionally fun time with the family dog. This is about the family dog which my Dad affectionally named after one of the characters in The Sound of Music.

“Money can buy you a fine dog, but only love can make him wag his tail.”

Kinky Friedman

“The average dog is a nicer person than the average person.”

Andy Rooney

“The bond with a true dog is as lasting as the ties of this earth will ever be.”

Konrad Lorenz

The family German Shorthair Pointer

Playing with the dog was like some of what you see in the video.

The last few days have been dealing with the continuation of cleaning as a result of my Dad’s death in late November. I had lunch with someone who also lost a loved one and we spent an hour talking about grief, loss and pain. The grief counselor gave me something to review and I actually want to journal about it in a post in the near future. Amidst the cleaning and working through material and more I had a moment that was a sheer delight.

My family has always been a dog family. My Dad wanted a dog growing up and his Mom would not allow it. So when he got on his own he purchased a dog – a German Shorthair Pointer in Missouri. From then onward the family had several German Shorthair Pointers. Their names were Kurt, Max, Blitz, Meg (my sister’s dog) and finally Liesel who we have today. Dad always wanted to get a female dog and Dad knew that it would likely be his last dog. My Mom relented and we got Liesel about 7 years ago in 2012. Dad wanted a female and he named her after the character in The Sound of Music.

After Dad died the dog knows that he is gone. He didn’t want to go into the front room where my Dad’s hospital bed was. And we took the dog to the funeral home where she smelled Dad. The death of my father has been challenging but I had a moment the other day that just lifted my spirits. I was done cleaning some of my parent’s belongings and I laid down on the floor and played with the dog. The dog just went nuts! Waving her tail and licking me on the face profusely. I cried with joy just wrestling with the tog and letting her lick me. I would love to have a dog in Washington, D.C. but it would be too difficult. But for about 15 minutes the other day just playing with the dog brought so much joy. Knowing how Dad felt about the dog, I see Dad’s legacy carry on in the family pet which was dear to Dad’s heart.