Eddie Cole From the EFCA’s Eastern District on Both Following Jesus and the Movement of Jesus

Eddie Cole is the District Superintendent of the EFCA’s Eastern District. He recently gave a talk that was turned into two blog posts on the Eastern District webpage. The topics deal with both following Jesus and considering the movement of Jesus. Eddie has some good things to say and I thought I would share this as I have not had as much time to spend on the EFCA recently.  

“If you can’t serve, you can’t rule.”

Bulgarian saying.

   “When we think we lead, we are most led.”

Henry James Byron         

For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve others and to give his life as a ransom for many.”

Matthew 27:29 NLT

Yosemite Valley in California at sunset.

This blog has not had the opportunity at the moment to spend as much time on the EFCA as I would like to do. The EFCA is a fascinating organization with a lot of history and culture to research and write about. Currently much of my time is being spent writing about the unfolding spiritual disaster in Chicago with James MacDonald’s Harvest Bible Chapel which is dealing with the same issues as late Mars Hill in Seattle. That said, I was reading and checking out some of the EFCA blogs and I came across these two posts on the EFCA’s Eastern District.

This is from a talk that Eddie Cole gave recently. Both of these topics come from the same sermon. In the first blog post on the Eastern District blog the EFCA District Superintendent reminds people that the best Christian leaders also are the closest followers of Jesus. Its an important message if one is going to be honest about it. The one thing I would add to what is said is that leadership is also about humility and serving. That is often missing today. You can read the blog post in, “The Best Leaders Are The Closest Followers.”  Plus, you can watch a clip about that above.  The second blog post  deals with movement of Jesus and how it is continuing. You can read that blog post in, “The Movement Hasn’t Passed You By.”  Below you can watch Eddie speak to that part of the message.