Paxton Singer Thread on Twitter Regarding the Former Youth Pastor’s Arrest for Sexual Exploitation of a Minor

There was a thread on Twitter that discusses the Paxton Singer situation at Harvest Bible Chapel. The point of this post is to allow attenders and those who were involved at Harvest Bible Chapel to discuss Paxton. This blog has heard that Paxton also was a cabin counselor at Camp Harvest. Allegedly Harvest Bible Chapel did not notify those who attended Camp Harvest about the Paxton Singer arrest.

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There is one issue about Harvest Bible Chapel that needs more attention. Its the situation with Paxton Singer who was arrested for sexual exploitation of a minor. You can read the report in the Chicago Tribune about the arrest in, “Former youth pastor at Harvest Bible Chapel in Aurora charged with sexual exploitation of child.”  It is my concern that the issue with Paxton is only the tip of the iceberg of child sex abuse inside Harvest Bible Chapel. Recently this blog has heard that Paxton was a cabin counselor at Camp Harvest. And according to what I have heard allegedly Harvest Bible Chapel did not notify those who attended Camp Harvest who could have been exploited by Paxton. There was a good Twitter thread on Paxton Singer that I am turning into a quick post. The purpose of this blog is to let people inside and outside Harvest Bible Chapel share information and discuss the Paxton Singer situation. For the health of the communities around Chicago let’s get this topic out. If there are other situations involving child sex abuse or domestic abuse at Harvest lets flush those out as well. When you read this thread make sure you read from the bottom to top.


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  1. Ja, here’s the problem. Most of the students probably have no idea what happened behind the scenes with Paxton and his victim(s). He was sneaky like most predators and worked privately by text message with his selected victim and solicited a “special” relationship. He probably didn’t do anything out in the open with anyone. So if you ask a few random kids, there’s a good chance they’ll say they had no idea.

    But… that’s why you have to inform ALL OF THE FAMILIES of every single kid that even might have come into contact with Paxton. Which the church has not done. The church seems really confident that Paxton only preyed upon one victim in a couple years’ time, which is not typical of a predator. Every single kid needs to be asked. There’s no way every single kid was asked, plenty of parents have spoke up and said that HBC never contacted them at all. The few that were contact were told that Paxton is a great young man and just made some bad decisions.

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    • Yes I agree!! I just remember back in the days of my youth group we knew a whole lot that was going in that the parents didn’t know! Drinking, make out sessions etc! Lots of stories we kept to ourselves


  2. Harvest drops lawsuit after judge rules against Harvest’s motions to supress evidence. Ruling means that documents requested in discovery process could be made public..

    From the Daily Herald

    “Harvest Bible Chapel says it’s dropping defamation suit against critics to keep records private”

    What records could HBC be concerned about??

    “items from former workers and elders, about how the church handled reports that one of its youth ministers was sending sexually explicit photos and requests to minors”

    Oh…. Those…

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