Recommended Read on White Evangelicals and Donald Trump

Two recent articles in the Washington Post that deal with white evangelicals and Donald Trump stand out and deserve to be raised. In the context of white evangelicals and politics these address issues in regards to the culture wars in different contexts of the border wall, and the traditional story of David and Goliath.

“In an era of strange political alliances and events, this one remains notable. Headed into a possible impeachment battle, the most ethically challenged president of modern times — prone to cruelty, bigotry, vanity, adultery and serial deception — is depending on religiously conservative voters for his political survival. And, so far, it is not a bad bet.”

Michael Gerson in the Washington Post

1996 campaign sign with George W Bush’s signature.

In reading the Washington Post these past few days there are  a couple of articles that grabbed my attention. They both deal with white evangelical Christians and Donald Trump. Politics is a major problem for the Christian faith as it leads to much division, and younger people very much detest the culture wars. The first op-ed is by Greg Sargent and deals with how white evangelicals are strong supporters of the wall on the southern border of the United States. The wall can possibly be a metaphor out of white evangelical fear of changing culture. As many people back away from the wall, white evangelicals have embraced the wall more and become stronger supporters of Trump. You can read Greg Sargent’s article in, “The walls around Trump are crumbling. Evangelicals may be his last resort.

The second article comes from Michael Gerson and deals with the topic of how Donald Trump has become white evangelical Christians Goliath who will fight the Philistines. White evangelicals love Trump because he is the enemy of my enemies. But Gerson says you that you do not have to be a Bible scholar to realize that many white evangelicals do not understand the story of David and Goliath. Gerson also points out that with this Goliath there are going to be consequences. Increase in racism, young people rejecting religion because they associate it with prejudice and more. What this period of history will lead to is to plant seeds to bring forth new Dorothy Days and Martin Luther Kings of our day. You can read the article in, “Evangelicals have hired their own Goliath.

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  1. Reading the bold italicized portion, the same could be said of Bill Clinton. Impeached. Adultery. But, I suppose he had Black Evangelicals, instead! Hillary even tried that black slang at a black church, pretending to be ONE OF THEM. So fake, so phony. I’m still trying to figure out why people are so concentrated on WHITE people, as if you exterminate white people, the world’s problems will be solved. I’m still trying to figure out why white people are accused of being bigots. We all got along in the 80’s. Some of my best friends are black. We even liked Sammy Davis Jr., a black Jew. We liked Charlie Pride, a black country singer. We liked Michael Jackson. What more do ya want? This new millennial generation has a problem with race. Not my generation. This generation has no clue what racism is. They pretend to know. Black people are not a problem to the whites. Illegal aliens is the problem. Why do liberals love breaking the law?

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