Recommended Read on the Nones and Folk Religion from the Religion News Service

This is a brief post pushing an article I read at the Religion News Service. The article deals with the growth of folk religion and how its affecting the “nones”, Catholics, atheists, and other Christians.

“No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive.”

Mahatma Gandhi

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Tara Isabella Burton from the Religion News Service has an interesting read on the growth of folk religion. It explores how New Age beliefs are affecting the “nones”,  Catholics, atheists and other Christians. Its something to think about as our culture and society changes with time. The article is called, “From ‘cafeteria Catholics’ to New Age nones, religion is getting very pers …

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  1. When it comes to “New Age Beliefs affecting Christians”, how about this one from The Trump Prophecies guy?

    One night when I was feeling particularly down, I dreamed that the Holy Spirit placed His hands on the back of my shoulders in a gentle and comforting massage. Butterflies were fluttering all about the room, which I discovered later was a sign of transformation. The Spirit’s voice whispered in my ear two words I had never heard: “Shakina Kami.” I took this information to my interpreter friend; he told me they were names, and then gave me a resource to look up their meaning. “Shakina” as a name is African in origin, and it translates “Beautiful One.” “Kami” is an Indian name, and it translates “Whose Desires Are Fulfilled.” Additionally, both of these names, once traced back to some of their etymological roots, point to some renderings in Hebrew and Japanese that ring true to my spirit to this day. Shechinah in Hebrew means “settling” or “dwelling,” and it was most commonly used in reference to the dwelling of the divine presence of the Lord in one’s home or life. Kami is Japanese for “God” or “Lord,” and was therefore used by Japanese converts to Christianity and Protestant missionaries circa 1600 to refer to Christ—and, by extension, to the provision of the Lord of Hosts over one’s life. It is also a derivative of the Japanese compound word kamikaze, the “divine wind of God” or the “divine wind of God’s providence” (kami, “God”; kazi, “divine wind”; used in this manner for ages before it became known as the “suicide flyer” of World War II).

    I was floored when I realized that the Creator of the universe had renamed me as He had the patriarchs in the Old Testament, but I was even more amazed when I began to digest the translation of the new name. In the simple “Shakina Kami” sound the Holy Spirit uttered was the following: “Beautiful One Whose Desires Are Fulfilled, and in Whose Life the Lord Dwells with the Divine Wind of Providence.” Not only was He calling me beautiful, despite all my recent trudging through the mud of despair and depravity, but He was also telling me that the desires of my heart were His, and that they would be fulfilled through the direction of His all-knowing and divine wind.

    Add this to the butterflies that sweetly and gently dipped here and there all over the room during that dream, and the meaning is clear: I was no longer the man I was…I was being transformed into this new identity. I was no longer simply Mark Taylor…

    I was Shakina Kami.

    I’m from California, Weird Religion Capital of the country, and this sounds like something you’d hear from Rael (of the Raelians), “Spaceship Ruthie” Ariel (of the Unarians), Bo & Peep (of Heaven’s Gate), and/or those trance channelers channeling spiritually evolved dolphin pods in Sedona, AZ.

    The Anointing of a New Age Guru, new Spiritual Superiority name (“Beautiful One Whose Desires Are Fulfilled and in Whose Life the Lord Dwells with the Divine Wind of Providence”) and all.

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