Is James MacDonald Blaming his Elders at Harvest Bible Chapel for the Lawsuit Against The Elephant’s Debt?

On December 31, 2018 James MacDonald the Senior Pastor of the embattled Harvest Bible Chapel released a video. In the video he asks for more money. He also discusses how challenging it has been. Then at 2:45 James MacDonald did what he teaches at “Act Like Men.” He threw his elder board under the bus and stated that he went along with their decision to take legal action. You can watch the video in this post.

“Those who enjoy responsibility usually get it; those who merely like exercising authority usually lose it.”

Malcom Forbes   

   “The willingness to accept responsibility for one’s own life is the source from which self-respect springs.”

John Didion     

He has shown you, O mortal, what is good.
    And what does the Lord require of you?
To act justly and to love mercy
    and to walk humbly[a] with your God.

Micah 6:8 NIV

The Wondering Eagle stands with The Elephant’s Debt


There is more news on Harvest Bible Chapel that is coming forward. Let’s start by looking at what James MacDonald said in a video.


James MacDonald Puts the Lawsuit on the Elders

On December 31, 2018 James MacDonald released a video asking for more money. In the video he eventually speaks about how challenging it has been at Harvest Bible Chapel. He mentions that he is determined to fight against the opposition and then James MacDonald says something that is very revealing. At 2:45 in the video James says that the elders decided to pursue the lawsuit and that he struggled with it but went along. Watch the video for yourself.

Harvest Bible Chapel fired off a lawsuit against The Elephant’s Debt on October 16, 2019 in Cook County Circuit Court. Julie Roys who was working on a story for World magazine also was included in the lawsuit. You can read about the lawsuit in, “James MacDonald and Harvest Bible Chapel Goes After The Elephant’s Debt Blog Accusing it of Defamation in a Lawsuit in Cook County Circuit Court in Chicago, Illinois. The other day I researched and published another post asking if Mancow Muller incited James MacDonald to go after The Elephant’s Debt. You can read that post in “Did Mancow Muller Incite James MacDonald to Take Legal Action Against The Elephant’s Debt?


Who are the Elders of Harvest Bible Chapel?

James MacDonald said in the end of the year video that the elders of Harvest Bible Chapel are responsible for the lawsuit and that he struggled with it but went along. These are the elders that James MacDonald must be addressing.

  • James MacDonald (Senior Pastor and Elder)
  • Gil De las Alas (Attends Niles location)
  • Mike Lawson (Attends Crystal Lake location)
  • Jeff Smith (Church Treasurer attends Deerfield Road location)
  • Bill Sperling (Executive Committee attends Rolling Meadows location)
  • Dave Martin (Attend Elgin location)
  • Paul Inserra (Attends Rolling Meadows location)
  • John Dierker (Attends Crystal Lake location)
  • Rick Donald (Assistant Senior Pastor)
  • Pedro Assumpcao (Attends Chicago Cathedral location)
  • Ron Duitsman (Elder Board Chairman attends Rolling Meadows location)
  • Jeffrey Kee (Attends Niles location)
  • Brian Musso (Attends Rolling Meadows location)
  • Steve Stewart (Attends Aurora location)
  • Sam Booras (Attends Elgin location)
  • Mike Dunwoody (Attends Rolling Meadows location)
  • Dale Kuntz (Attends Rolling Meadows location)
  • Cris Nelson (Attends Elgin location)
  • Elvin Velez (Attends Chicago Cathedral location)
  • Josh Westerholm (Attends Rolling Meadows location)
  • Marcel Olar (Attends Niles location)
  • JR Lang (Attends Elgin location)
  • Anthony Honore (Attends Niles location)
  • Joe Brightwell (Attends Rolling Meadows location)
  • Mike Collett (Attends Deerfield Road location)
  • Mark Hapwood (Attends Elgin location)
  • Mike Lankford (Attends Rolling Meadows location)
  • Omar Sepulveda (Attends Aurora location)
  • Randy Williams (Former Chairman attends Deerfield Road location)
  • Matt Woodhead (Attends Chicago Cathedral location)
  • Steve Huston (Elder Executive Committee Chairman)


Why Does Harvest Bible Chapel Naples Not Have an Elder?

As I was working on the elder list and reading and studying it there was something that hit my in between the eyes that baffled me. James MacDonald talks often about elder led government. When you look at that list of elders you see the elders for Elgin, Chicago Cathedral, Aurora, Rolling Meadows and other locations. However, there is no elder on that list that is from Naples. Why is that? Why doesn’t Naples have an elder? Am I seeing this incorrectly? Have others noticed this situation as well? Is the reason why Naples is not having an elder because James MacDonald is in the process of pulling a Mark Driscoll and he is going to flee to Naples and become the elder there after he will allegedly strip the assets from Harvest Chicago?


Analysis of the Situation

That video by James MacDonald is disappointing but not surprising. James MacDonald doesn’t believe in personal responsibility. He has not practiced it in his ministry or as an adult. James MacDonald is basically a narcissist. He is blame shifting and throwing his elder board under the bus. When will they rise up and say, “Enough!” When will they put their foot down and hold James MacDonald accountable? Its time for the elder board to speak publicly and break the silence. James MacDonald is going to burn all bridges with people because he doesn’t value people. James views people through the lens of money. How much money do you have? How much money can you give me? Did you inherit money from your grandmother’s death, let’s talk. Money, money, money is what James worships. Its time to end this racket in Chicago before more people get hurt. The abuse stories I suspect will be the next aspect to the saga of Harvest Bible Chapel


12 thoughts on “Is James MacDonald Blaming his Elders at Harvest Bible Chapel for the Lawsuit Against The Elephant’s Debt?

  1. Yes it needs to end! I think there are elders in Naples but James probably has intentions to change who they are. Scott stoneblocker or something like that is one. Pretty sure this Naples deal like you said is a big piece in the Macdonald chess game. I’m hoping he gets checkmated!

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  2. I think James will drop the lawsuit and act like he’s the victim.You might even see a few tears for effort.”I’m forgiving as Christ forgave.Blah,blah,blah.Let’s move forward,You are Loved”.BS so high you might want to bring a shovel to church or take a shower after listening to it.



        I’ve seen this before, time and time again, and it’s one of the surest Marks of a Sociopath:
        The ability when caught to reverse charges, shifting the blame to others and playing the Poor Poor Persecuted Victim. And third parties buy it like the Angel of Light cast Mass Charm Person on them. (AKA “Shining his Stupid Ray on everybody”.)


      • “For Satan himself can transform himself to appear as an Angel of Light.”
        — some Rabbi from Tarsus you might have heard of

        And I’m convinced that Rabbi was describing a Sociopath’s superpower of camouflaging what they really are, using the poetic language of his time.


  3. He’ll spin it playing the victim card being Mr nice guy all forgiving.Turn to your neighbor and say I’m sorry,You are forgiven.Sad part is 70% of the people will fall for it and keep right on buying into the hype and the brand.

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    • I think it will drop down to 50% will believe it. That’s ok he will probably always have a small following, but it’s going to eat at him that he never obtained the full empire he thought he was going to have. People aren’t going to like his sons preaching over time. And now that he is off moody and tbn he won’t have that badge of credentials and it’s also going to effect his audience as well!

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  5. HBC plants that are newer usually have elders from another HBC that is more established, until they can find one in their local body who is elder material.

    The elders listed above have no doubt signed legal NDAs restricting their speaking out. They will have to break the NDA to come forward. It will be very courageous and put them personally at risk. Pray for bravery. God be with the mole who has great courage!

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