Harvest Bible Chapel: An Example of How an Employee Would Allegedly Be Fired When James MacDonald Raged. Also, a Weird Easter Sermon in 2013

The Wondering Eagle learns a painful story of how James MacDonald allegedly fires employees from Harvest Bible Chapel. In addition a strange Easter sermon in 2013 led some people to leave Harvest. With James MacDonald its all about the benjamins baby! That is James’ God and who he worships.

“Money is not the most important thing in the world. Love is. Fortunately, I love money.”

Jackie Mason

 “Money is like manure. You have to spread it around or it smells.”

J. Paul Getty

10 For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.

1 Timothy 6:10 NIV

This blog has come to learn more information that has to be shared with those from Harvest Bible Chapel in Chicago.


James MacDonald’s Anger Issues and How Some Would be Fired from Harvest Bible Chapel

By now you are familiar with the problem that deals with James MacDonald’s rage and anger issues. Julie Roys wrote about some of these issues in her article ataWorld. Behind the scenes he is known for unloading and tearing people apart. In writing this blog I have heard of some stories of James at Harvest Bible Chapel that are troubling. Recently someone approached me and shared a story of how someone was allegedly fired by James MacDonald. In hearing this story I have corroborated this information with other sources who have told me that this happened multiple times at Harvest Bible Chapel.

From time to time with staff James MacDonald allegedly ordered people to be fired because he didn’t like them, or he felt that they were no longer useful to him. James views people through the following lens: How can I use this person and is there anything they can provide me? Some time ago there was a Harvest employee who was allegedly on vacation. MacDonald allegedly was in a rage and ordered him fired. He also allegedly barked for other staff to box up the person’s belongings in their office. So the person came back from their vacation ready to work and to serve, and they were promptly informed that they were fired. From what I have heard seldom has there been a reason. We’re talking about someone who is allegedly impulsive. The source I spoke with about this explained their disgust that MacDonald treats people in such a way. They asked me in a conversation, “Is this a Christian way to treat someone?”  

And speaking of firing and office space at Harvest Bible Chapel another source shared this information. When the Harvest Bible Fellowship split took place it allegedly happened on an impulsive decision by James MacDonald. When the split occurred many Fellowship employees were locked out of their office. Scott Milholland is the person who allegedly had people locked out of their offices.


A Strange Easter Sermon That Bothered People and Resulted in Some Leaving Harvest Bible Chapel

The second story is also disturbing. Let me start by asking you how do you think an Easter sermon would go? An Easter sermon would probably be about how Jesus conquered death. It would also be about the hope that comes with the resurrection. It is an example to proclaim the good news of sin being destroyed. Historically that is what I have heard in Easter messages and probably many of you as well.

Its in that context that the following Easter message happened that deeply disturbed people. This took place in 2013. James MacDonald decided to start his series on money. From the pulpit he barked that, “People told me that I shouldn’t preach on money on Easter. Watch me!” With that he did a sermon on money. Nothing about the resurrection. No talk about the most important holiday in Christianity. As people watched James they felt that he was obsessed with money. One person explained to me how inappropriate it was to preach on money. Another person has told me how strange it was. And yet another person told me that after that sermon they decided to leave.

Instead of preaching about Jesus on Easter is it possible that for James MacDonald his God is actually money? Can it be said that money is what James worships? Can it be said that much of what has occurred at Harvest Bible Chapel is due to James obsession to get more money?  He’ll join the Southern Baptist to get church planting money. He’ll protect the Van Kamps and other financial sources because he worships money. Does this explain his thoughts on T.D. Jakes? Going back to Easter is the reason why James MacDonald preached about money is because there are a lot of people who go to church on either Easter or Christmas and James wanted to use them as his personal ATM? He had one opportunity to get money from people who showed up on the most important Christian holiday. In my opinion this is who James MacDonald is. He is a fraud and a conman.  He’s kind of like the shady used car salesman that you interact with who afterward you need to take a three day shower. With James MacDonald its all about the benjamins!

57 thoughts on “Harvest Bible Chapel: An Example of How an Employee Would Allegedly Be Fired When James MacDonald Raged. Also, a Weird Easter Sermon in 2013

  1. There is nothing Christian at all about this charlatan and his egregious, egotistical behavior. Fortunately, he too will one day have to face his maker and I suspect the response he’ll get will be along the lines of “I never knew you. Depart from me…”

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    • And so will you Dennis. “Judge not yet ye be judged… “‘oh, wait! Yikes! Its too late Judge Dennis you already ruled. Dennis is the judge of Pastor James everybody. Now we know. I WOULD ask you Dennis what YOU have ever done to advance the kingdom and save souls but that would be too snarky and I refuse to go there. God bless you Dennis. I’ll pray for you and all the other Christianphobic people on this site. (Again, I don’t think everyone on the site hates Jesus and the Bible.I do sadly believe however that many are simply here like a moths to the bug light because they are drawn to kingdom distruction. They hate God and relish any chance to join in the fray and destroy a man of God like Pastor James Macdonald. They are deceived and diluted.) I hope that’s not you Dennis. Which side are you on man? Serial killers think they are justified remember. So search your soul Dennis. Look at they man in the mirror. Who do YOU see looking back? You seem pretty sure in your damnation of this man that I imagine you don’t even know.Where is this hatred coming from Dennis? Something in your childhood? That’s my guess. Really what is being triggered and you to jump on here and judge a man so brutally and call for his distraction? I mean most civilized compassionate fellow human beings don’t irrationally wish hatred and distraction on someone they don’t even know based on a gossip site. I just wonder what your motivation is. It doesn’t seem healthy.

      Dennis,I hope you are never judged so viciously because somebody read rehashed decade old half-truths about you on an anonymous website.

      Godspeed Dennis!


      • Typical James MacDonald drone. “What have you done for the kingdom”… The worst kind of pragmatism. You can throw temper tantrums, mismanage funds, treat people like disposable trinkets as long as you are “doing it for the kingdom”. And then you compare a person who criticises MacDonald to a seriel killer!

        Holy cow man, get a grip!


    • Charlatan? That’s a big word. Congratulations. And you know this how? You think this WHY? Because some Godless non-vetted gossip site and 2 disgruntled employees (and their gossipy wives) told you so? You would’ve been right at home throwing stones in the middle east around 2000 years ago.


    • Charlatan? That’s a big word. Congratulations. And you know this how? You think this WHY? Because some Godless non-vetted gossip site and 2 disgruntled employees (and their gossipy wives) told you so? You would’ve been right at home throwing stones in the middle east around 2000 years ago.

      This site is now blocking and editing me.

      So much for any of this being about anything other than Kingdom destruction.


  2. “Even the donkey knew the palms weren’t for him.”

    Pastor James KNOWS Harvest Bible church isn’t about him but about Jesus Christ. I’m sure he doesn’t enjoy the focus being on him.Just as Paul even when tortured in prison contiually wanted the focus on our Lord, surely Pastor grieves this attention. He always wants the focus to be on Christ, salvation, and the power of the blood shed for us on the cross at Calvary.

    Pastor James is being judged in an anti-Christ environment here that deems any show of emotion or passion as “anger.” Being poltically correct and Christian is simply not possible today. So Pastor James is wrong no matter what just by existing to many. He’s between a rock and a rock by standing on THE ROCK. He bravely battles on. God love ‘em!

    What if you are wrong?
    What is a “win” for you? Pastor James destroyed seems to be your ONLY stayed motivation here.Why? Then what? You swim onto to the next victim like a lamprey? Who is YOUR motivator? What if you are deceived like Muhammad was in “The Satanic Verses”? What master do you serve?

    Hasn’t Pastor James Macdonald already owned up to his flaws? For years and years!?!! Seriously? Hadn’t he humbled himself endlessly? Hasn’t he apologized over and over again? Tell the truth!

    Hasn’t he always pleaded (for many years) for these sniping attack bloggers to simply stop lying and leave the church alone and it would all be finished? Kaput! Over! That easy! But nooooo their hateful assassination blogging simply must continue to keep these decade old wounds open and prevent THEM from getting a life. Get over yourselves already. We GET it you don’t like Pastor James and he hurt your feelings a decade ago!

    Does a church have the right to fight back against lies? And when fighting back don’t you go after the sources that finance and contribute to the deception like the wives that have been mentioned? Or should Christians just be beaten up, further marginalized, and pushed into oblivion? The fact that Pastor James isn’t a coward for Christ is very appealing to many.

    I am asking these questions w/ sincerity. When is enough enough?

    Why don’t you try to meet w/ Pastor James personally and with truth TALK to him instead of all of this character blasting blogging from the shadows? Sit down and TALK. I believe you would find a man that beats himself up repeatedly (way worse than you ever could) over his flaws. (Yes, folks he is a sinner. He’s failed. He has flaws. He is not w/out blemish like the spotless stone throwing holy holy types. Many commenting here.)

    Your Headline: Pastor James has fired people because they aren’t useful any longer in their job? That IS a revelation! Gasp! The horror! You don’t even need (made-up perhaps) “anonymous” sources for this kind of stuff. Spin spin spin. Your next headline:PASTOR James eats FOOD!

    While most churches sit empty, Harvest is alive and thriving BECAUSE of Pastor James BOLD spirit lead teaching and leadership. Could you ever acknowledge any of the great things Harvest HAS done?

    He’s apologized over and over and over. Can’t he be forgiven like we ALL one day will want to be forgiven?

    If your obsession (that reminds me of Golum in “The Hobbit” and his “precious”) destroys Pastor James and Harvest will you then be satisfied? Happy? What if what’s being done by you here (and others) results in even one person going to Hell for eternity?

    I pray for everybody involved in this that the Lord leads us and that we all somehow get closer to Him.

    I also pray for Pastor Macdonald to have wisdom as well.

    The eagle does not hunt the flea.

    While you hide ,Pastor James is putting his butt on the line every day boldly on radio,the internet, worldwide on TV, and in the pulpit, reavealing to a fallen world the redeeming power of THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST. Yes, that Jesus. Jesus of Nazareth. Do you know him? The same Jesus who lived, was crilucified, resurrected , and will be returning.

    And I hope on that great day he finds us all doing better than all of THIS. Ugh.

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    • This is the comment of the year from my perspective. Are you related to James MacDonald? So you think that James MacDonald taking a butter knife and stabbing a picture is fine? That is just “passion?” I won’t ask you then what murder is. But here is my proposal. After what Julie Roys wrote in World magazine I am proposing that James MacDonald be subjected to a 7 day waiting period before he can buy another butter knife.

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      • Well, I appreciate the humor in your Response. Really! But you equate taking a butter knife to a picture with murder? Ridiculous. Pappas. Judge mental. Typical. I do not. What a stretch .

        And you didn’t answer ANY of my REAL questions.

        Nick pick. Tell half truths and move on.

        It’s easy to attack and attack.


      • True Believer.
        He has drunk the Kool-Aid and digested it.

        Maybe I’ve been reading too much Manly Wade Wellman or listening to my writing partners’ accounts of Pennsylvania Dutch folk magic beliefs, but here’s what I keyed on when I heard of the incident:
        In both PA Dutch/Appalachian lore and ritual magick, “taking a butter knife to a picture” is a way to put a death hex on the person pictured. Once the picture is magickally-linked to the person by ritual, the witch-man/hexerai stabs the picture (or “poppet”/”voodoo doll”) and the person pictured takes the damage for real.

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      • Oh my! Pastor James wielded a butter knife!! Run for the hills.

        As if any one of you hypocrites on this site haven’t seen and done far worse than that!

        Why I bet some of you have even broken the speed limit. Or fudged a little on your taxes. Maybe you even pulled a tag off your mattress! Shriek! Shame shame shame.

        But at least you’ve never jokingly threatened a picture with a butter knife? Good for you!

        Here’s your Wizzo button!

        You must feel so superior that you judge this man so harshly.

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    • Fellow Human..

      Mark my words.. You either know James is not qualified or you soon will.

      At HBC “Bible” is your middle name and scripture is clear.

      The man must step down and account for every penny.

      Judge Wisely, Human

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      • Jretoo-
        I appreciate your words. And I HAVE prayed and searched my soul. And I do have concern for all of our souls. As you know this life is a short soul testing experience before eternity. I just see many people thoughtlessly (I’m not including you here) throwing stones at this man. To what end? Would all of the Harvest Chapels sitting vacant better serve Christ? Here’s what I believe: I believe that Pastor James McDonald IS a flawed human being but is very aware of those flaws and is painfully working to better himself. No different than you I imagine. I think that much of the stonethrowers have forgotten all the great that this man is done. Should there be full accountability? Yes. Will all of us be judged accordingly -including Pastor James? Yes! Without a doubt. I asked some very probing questions of this website and got no answers. What is the motivation? What is YOUR motivation? I can tell by your words that you are very intelligent. Will the destruction of Pastor James satisfy you? Or would a reformed accountable Pastor James continuing to save souls be OK with you? God bless you and have a great 2019.


      • I’m not “for” destruction of any man.

        Removal from the pulpit or from Eldership is not the end of a man’s life nor is it the destruction of his soul.

        Scripture goes out of the way to set the requirements of Eldership, does it not?

        Are these requirements breathed out by God Himself?

        Should we be able to look the other way because an Elder is trying harder? Change scripture ??

        I’m willing to listen…I don’t hate James or his supporters at all.


      • Yes when HE’S destroyed THEN you’ll be happy and follow Christ! Sure. “He needs to step down!”Blah blah blah. And who are YOU to decide this? What are YOU doing that allows you to be the judge of this man? Or any man? I’m asking a question sinner.Oh, the things we have all done.In the Bible it asks who amongst us have fallen short? ALL men! Not some. ALL! Have you yourself ever fallen short? Had regrets? And these Things you did weren’t under the glare of sanctimonious judgemental people like you. Pastor James (by nature of his position) , when he fails, fails in public. Can you empathize just for a minute at how tough that must be in this era? If you are without blemish and have never made mistakes please accept my apologies. In the meantime- you may want to pray that your harsh judgment isn’t used upon you on judgment day as the Bible states. I hope you’ve prayed on this.searched your soul. I wish you all good things and a kinder gentler more forgiving spirit.


      • Headless Unicorn Guy-
        His wacky “handle” tells us all we need really to know about him. “Headless”? Yes “where there is no vision people perish.” Yes everybody we must listen to the words of “headless unicorn guy.” Let HIM lead YOU in your destruction of Gods Kingdom. He alone should get to decide whether or not Pastor James MacDonald lives or dies or thrives or crashes. This is the type of guy to labels every Christian as someone “who has drank the Kool-Aid.” His words not mine! Get it? A reference to Jim Jones and the Guyana tragedy? Where massive amounts of baby’s room murdered! So clever! So unique? Not a cliché at all. If I don’t agree that a man of God should not be destroyed by some disgruntled elders from a decade ago I clearly must be part of a cult.How stupid he must think the fellow readers of this blog are.The Guyana tragedy and mass suicide is hardly a suitable analogy of what happened with Pastor James and 2 grudge-holding disgruntled “elders” (that behave like spoiled self righteous rich children) a decade ago. For Gods sake man almost 1000 people committing suicide and THATS what you equate equates me not agreeing that Pastor James should be destroyed with? Evil. This is the same sort of individual that calls the server at McDonald’s that doesn’t give him extra ketchup w/ his jumbo fries a “Nazi.” Whaaaa poor snowflake doesn’t like Jesus, The Bible,and those pesky 10 Commandments. This is an anti-Christian/ anti-God troll. I refuse to engage with you sir. I have NOT name called here and I don’t appreciate you feeling that Christians are Kool-Aid drinkers. It’s a sick Christianphobia.


      • You know, “Fellow Human” really should take a more spiritual name like “Concerned Christian”.

        I’ve seen this on several spiritual abuse blogs. When the blog does an expose of a corrupt ManaGAWD, they suddenly get a lot of comments from “Concerned Christians” who have never appeared in any previous comment thread. And who defend the MoG (by counterattack) like he’s Christ himself. Usually with “concern” for the “salvation” of the apostate False Christians criticizing their god.

        On the Web, these are called “Sock Puppets”; in politics, “Truth Squads”.


      • Jretoo-
        I don’t know you but I think I like you. You are reasonable. I appreciate your intelligent and thoughtful conversation. This is the way civilized adults communicate. Unlike the Molotov throwing hatred I see from others on this site. God bless you. It’s nice to know that there are still some adults that can sensibly debate. Thank you!


      • “Not qualified”? WHY? Oh, because YOU say so? Sorry! Well that settles it then.

        I’m just curious are you a theologian? A preacher yourself? An accountant? A board member on some high ranking company? What gives you the expertise to make a blanket statement like this besmirching this man of God? Or are you just some sad godless type that gnashes at the teeth and froths at the mouth with excitement at anyone in God’s kingdom being hurt? Are you a reprobate? Do you ever feel guilty or sad when your careless words or nasty actions hurt someone else? Just curious!

        You believe this man should be destroyed because 2 disgruntled “elders” didn’t get their way a decade ago?

        I hope you are never in a position of authority.

        God forbid if you ever have to make a real decision in your life. Let alone in public with all the world to see and judge. Especially this world that hates Christiansom. Then you would rue the day you so harshly judged others.

        Lynching by an hysterical mob on an unfettered unqualified website based on the hearsay from two former “elders?”

        God forbid this ever happens to you! “Judge not!” “Treat others…” maybe you don’t know the countless biblical principles you’re mocking and abusing here. Get to your Bible sir! Or get to Harvest BIBLE Church so you can actually learn the word and speak from a place of authority.

        Anyway if it happens to you…

        If you are ever judged harshly in public by a bunch of mouth breathing vicious Christianaphobes…

        I’ll be there (in your mind’s eye) saying “hows it feel now sport?”

        Until that day,

        I kindly ask that all of those of you that have sinned and hope to be forgiven (that are loving people) pray for Pastor James McDonald and the people of Harvest Bible Church. Also pray for the Christianaphobes spewing demonically inspired lies here. Pray for THEM and for all the many lost souls in our world that can’t see the big picture of Jesus Christ and the redeeming power of the blood he shed on the cross due to their blind bias and hate-filled dark hearts.


    • I said, “The man must step down and account for every penny.”

      You said, “Yes when HE’S destroyed THEN you’ll be happy and follow Christ! Sure.”

      You seem to relate stepping down and accounting for the Lord’s money with being destroyed.



      • Fair question. Thank you. I trust that you’ve prayed on this and given great thought to what you’ve said here? God bless you.

        Using empathy- would you consider that if YOU yourself were forced from your calling by a hysterical nonbiblical mob (based w/out facts) you’d feel “destroyed?” Exactly. As a smart person I’m sure you can understand my point and agree with it. Yes, Pastor James McDonald stepping aside from the church and family of people that he loves so would “destroy” him I think.

        I really hope that all of us will just pray for wisdom and that God‘s will be done here. Pray for Pastor James even if you hate him. I’m sure that sounds counterintuitive to you. But try it. That’s Christian! Instead of wishing harm and distraction on someone you don’t even know (like the faceless anonymous crowd here) try love. LOVE. If not? If you’re not capable of this? You very well may be deceived by demonic forces w/ irrational ill-placed hate for of a man you don’t even know. A stranger you are ready to jusdge and “destroy” without facts.

        But again, REALLY all of this is distracting from the TRUTH that the blood of Christ still flows and covers all of us (even you haters here) and offers REAL answers.HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Hallelujah! Can we all at least find common ground in that one wonderful fact? We ALL have received victory on that cross and let’s not forget that! Think about it. Really what we should be talking about is JESUS CHRIST who lived amongst us was crucified,rose again, and will come again one day! Are you ready ? Is your house in order? I hope that the Godless (many obviously atheist) people that read this site will give Jesus Christ a chance. Maybe even actually GO to Harvest and see a church of God-fearing loving folks very much trying to find answers just like them.You’ll find at Harvest a place VERY VERY different place from the Pharisees description of it here. And much changed from the false version endlessly blabbed about on disgruntled elders of a decade ago’s site. (Really they remind me of a divorced woman who can’t stop bashing her ex-husband to her children.) Check our Harvest Bible church so you can make an informed opinion. You will really enjoy Pastor MacDonald and his completely Bible centered teachings. Uh oh. Then what? You’ll feel like I felt after years of watching MASH only to realize it wasn’t very good at all. You’ll feel duped by all the “fake news” and half-truths here. BUT the GREAT news is you’ll be filled w/ the TRUTH of God’s holy word. Amen?

        I know it’s hard for you to believe,but not everything you read on the Internet is true. And there is so much disinformation and lies here it’s almost laughable. I think “Star Wars” was probably more factual And realistic. That’s right fellow humans -Pastor James McDonald IS a sinner. It’s true. He’s made mistakes and has owned up to them.Many of these have been done very painfully in public. A nightmare you won’t ever have to experience. He HAS fallen short. Can you find it in your heart to forgive him? And through that forgiveness can you also learn something about yourself in the process and maybe be better because of this?

        God bless you all!


    • Pastor James KNOWS Harvest Bible church isn’t about him but about Jesus Christ. I’m sure he doesn’t enjoy the focus being on him.Just as Paul even when tortured in prison contiually wanted the focus on our Lord,

      Comparing James life to Paul’s life on prison..?

      I’m trying, human..I’m not tracking u right now. Are you “angry” texting?


      • Again,if you don’t agree w/ someone you are “angry” in today’s world. An easy way to TRY but FAIL to dismiss what I have actually said. You canNOT answer my queries or refute the TRUTHS so you passive aggressivly state I must be “angry texting.” Hilarious! Not at all. But then again you knew that. My response was thoughtful and measured.

        The questions are there for you and the moderator.NOT ONE QUESTION HAS BEEN ANSWERED.You attack and insult.

        So far some people (not all!) have tried to dismiss what I’vevasked due to their desire to destroy anything associated with Jesus Christ and Christianity.I believe these people are deceived. These people that do nothing themselves to try to advance the kingdom but are quick to judge others and throw stones. Pharisees of the modern world.

        I admit there HAVE been some funny cracks have made at my expense. That’s fine. Have fun. But no questions have really been answered. Re-read these conversations and you will see that I’m correct.

        In the end I hope that somehow all of this brings us all closer to Jesus Christ. I wonder do you know him? Are you saved by the redeeming blood of Jesus Christ? Do you believe that he lived, was crucified, and rose again? Do you believe that he’s returning? If so,would you actually considering going against the atheist Christianphobic haters that frequent this site and actually do the Christian thing and pray for Pastor James in this season of mindless attacks?


    • James would be the 1st to tell you…Applying empathy to scripture does not change scripture.

      Real life application of scripture was a huge part of the “Uncommon Community” at Harvest while I was there. How do we “walk our faith out in our everyday lifes?”

      “We” being followers of Christ. Not Elders..Not Pastors….

      We as Christians are expected to apply scripture to the way we handle a blogger, a neighbor, a business partner.

      The Church MUST be expected to apply Biblical principles to how it builds the Church, how it stewards God’s money, how it holds the Men entrusted as Elders to the Higher Standards mandated by scripture.

      Of course we agree on salvation in Christ. You seem to say Christ’s Blood washes James sins and allows him to continue in his Elder role.

      I say Christ’s blood washes James sins and Scripture demands he step down from his Elder role.

      Respectfully, I think you’re the one leaving some scripture out. James taught me not to add or subtract anything from God’s Word.


      • I try to stick close to the Bible. But I’m
        Only human. Thank you for pointing out my flaws I will try to do better. Yes you’re correct that Pastor James is completely biblically-based. Thank you for acknowledging this truth. It’s nice to see some truth finally on this site.


    • “I try to stick close to the Bible. But I’m
      Only human. Thank you for pointing out my flaws I will try to do better. Yes you’re correct that Pastor James is completely biblically-based. Thank you for acknowledging this truth. It’s nice to see some truth finally on this site”

      This is an amazing word stuff! My mouth is dripping with your words… Are you a professional?

      If you are not a Macdonald, you have lived close by one for sure.

      Tell everybody I said hello.



    • Hi, sorry but if you’ve ever met pastor James you’d know that he doesn’t meet with people. He avoids people that he knows want to speak truth into his life. Maybe you should try and meet with him and see how he avoids and delefects your desire to talk.He hasn’t really apologize to good people that he has Intentionally hurt. What he does is turn every single person that knew them against them and act like he is the victim in every situation. There are so many people coming forward with stories that there has to be truth in it. Plus speaking of hiding….Florida does seem like a good place to hide too.

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  3. Fellow Human,

    When is James going to come clean with the finances of HBF? David Wisen touched on many things that the fellowship didn’t know or were told wrongly with the finances. What is with signing of a NDA then I will pay for the money taken from the fellowship.

    How many other’s have signed NDA and been paid a nice severance to do so? Why would a church need to have ex-employees sign NDA if there wasn’t something to hide?

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    • I can’t answer that from a place of knowledge.I don’t know.May however TRY to offer my theory on that w/out further thoughtless Christianphobicfrom the others that relish this site?

      Here goes:

      Maybe NDA’s are so that the hundreds of employees are held somewhat accountable.Again my theory would be that after the two disgruntled elders and their bitter wives spent a decade online telling half-truths and bashing the character of Pastor James McDonald the church herself they decided to have some say about lying by the cliched “disgruntled worker” after employment is no longer at Harvest.

      Also “Vertical Worship” is so huge
      in modern gospel music circles. I would hazard a guess that don’t want the multitudes that come and go to comtribute to these bestselling recordings to STEAL their ideas and “secret sauce” to use elsewhere.

      I personally don’t feel it’s as sinister as you are TRYING to let on.

      And you forget to mention that nobody has ever been forced to sign anything or go to work for Harvest Bible Church.

      It’s so frustrating THIS Is what you are focused on. This is your focus and NOT Jesus Christ and the healing power of his blood? Have you ever been to Harvest Bible Church? Would you be willing to go there to check it out yourself? I think you’ll find a place that’s very different from tedious yarns and tall tales told by the former elders of years gone by and the Godless types that relish the gossip of this site anonymously.


      • Question Fellow Human. If NDAs are used to hold people accountable then what about James MacDonald. Who is he accountable to? Who keeps him in check? Or is this a “touch not the Lord’s annointed” situation?


      • Fellow Human,

        You haven’t address the findings of David Wisen during the “audit” of HBF books?

        Your thoughts on the NDA doesn’t hold any water. Try again… Like it has been mentioned
        “Hush Money.”

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      • If NDAs are used to hold people accountable then what about James MacDonald. Who is he accountable to?

        GAWD Alone, who else?


  4. Hilarious! No I am not Pastor James Macdonald nor am I in any sort of management or in a leadership position at Harvest Bible Church!

    I am in reality actor Henry Winkler the actor that played “The Fonz.” Remember me? Put your thumbs out and give me an “AAAAAAAAAAA!”

    Just kidding but it seems that you people here will believe any sort of blarney perpetrated.

    And I apologize and stand corrected. I have not been edited in anyway on the site. I misunderstood the technical issue.


  5. That’s too bad..

    I’ve been trying to buy James Bacon and Eggs for years now.

    You are welcome to take his place.

    Lmk.. We can discuss / debate in person..😎

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    • Rather not focus on negatives but rather the positives going into 2019. I wish you all the best. Let’s pray for each other and pray that HIS will (that’s “God‘s will” to you atheists) HIS perfect will be done no matter what. Pray for Pastor James. Pray for Christ lovers at Harvest. Get down on your knees and send a knee mail not an email to the Lord. And let’s also pray that in this fallen world there’s more love and less judgment. More forgiveness and less hearts turning so cold.


      • Saying “yes” to coffee would be a positive 1st step.

        “No” to coffee seems a bit negative for 2019..

        lmk Im in Chicagoland All…Day…Long.


      • Fellow Human –

        Thanks for your comment yes on here. You definitely raise some valid points and some things to consider. As someone who is very sad and confused by ALL of this, could you please provide your thoughts on some things swirling in my head:

        1). Why is Pastor James’ salary and 20% of budget so secret. I grew up in a church where every penny was disclosed to the congregation.

        2). Is there nepotism going on at HBC? I’m curious if there was a national search and a search team for when Luke and Landon were hired. My concern is if they were hired above other better qualified individuals.

        3). I was so encouraged when Pastor James agreed to “downscale” and live a more modest lifestyle. When I saw his new home, I was heartbroken. How do you rationalize this? Now what about a residence in Naples and obtaining a church so he can preach from FL in the winter? So sad.

        4) Having some bloggers be disgruntled, I agree, would be common in his position. But there are many many people left his wake that are hurt. It’s not just a couple elders. One that’s been on my mind, is Pastor Mike Bryant at Harvest Gurnee – what has Pastor James done to reconcile with Pastor Mike.

        Thanks for reading and I look forward to your response!


  6. “Headless Unicorn Guy” now is bringing TRUMP into this? Wha? How? I think everyone’s IQ just dropped a bit by reading your brilliance.


    Some real mental midget trolls you got here.

    “Headless Unicorn Guy”-
    yup that’s his handle! Of all the possible handles! Of all the possible combinations of letters and words he could’ve come up with in the English language! This is what he comes up with??!! I’m sorta embarrassed for him. Sad. Not to be judgemental but I mean that name really says it all. An obvious dullard. A pathetic sad sack we should pity.

    “Ugh, I can think of anything… uh… uh…TRUMP!”


  7. Wow. 38 comments (including long trolling ones) without a trace of this blog’s regular troll.

    “Fellow Human” (or whatever your real name is — Jimmy Mac?), how’d you like to become Wondering Eagle’s regular troll?

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  8. Fellow Human. Open your bible and read it! Read the qualifications for an elder, read about suing other believers. How can you so blindly protect someone who isn’t willing to show you something as simple of how much he makes? Do you realize he is running a church with a budget of 160 million dollars yet only 80% of that budget is accounted for? It’s is a terrible thing to fleece people for your own selfish gain. He needs to prove that he is not. He has lied and been caught he said he was downsizing but really he sold his house oblybto rent a house for a year while he built a bigger one. Now is pulls money from the people to get out of terrible debt but yet is increasing his lifestyle once again by establishing a second seasonal residence in Florida. “Adopts” a church so he can get paid to preach and live there. The man has enough money that he should be able to give a few months of free time and preach for free, but nooo. Your appeal for James is admirable but you are misguided.


    • Do you realize he is running a church with a budget of 160 million dollars yet only 80% of that budget is accounted for?

      Which means $3.2 million a year disappears into the night and fog.

      The man has enough money that he should be able to give a few months of free time and preach for free, but nooo.

      “How much money is enough?”
      “Always more than you’ve got.”
      — attr to J.D.Rockefeller, Henry Ford, or another Captain of Industry of the time


  9. Hey fellow human aren’t you curious why your beloved pastor would use the same lawyer as Mancow to sue Christians? Google Mancow lawsuit. You will see Micheal young is mancows lawyer. It also says Mancow has numerous lawsuits. Interesting Mancow becomes James newest celeberity convert and now James’s lawyer is also Micheal young. Soo your comfortable with a preacher of 40 years taking advice on how to handle affairs from a new shock jock convert? Your comfortable with elders who don’t say wait a minute we are now taking advice from Mancow?? It’s so ridiculous it’s laughable! Looks like more like Mancow has converted James

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  10. Fellow Human wrote “To what end? Would all of the Harvest Chapels sitting vacant better serve Christ?”

    So, by having James step down as pastor/elder, all of HBC would empty out?

    If this is so, who are the members following? Not Christ. He is not the one stepping down.

    And if this is the case, yes, it would better serve Christ.

    For God refuses to share His glory with another.


  11. No response from Fellow Human for a while, I suppose he is busy preparing his sermon notes for service at Harvest this weekend. Betcha all of us will someway be worked into that message.

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  13. I think Fellow Human is in fact Landon MacDonald. It is his style of writing. Just check out the use of capitalization to shout. Landon gets very breathless at times speaking a mile a minute. Also the over the top praise is what Landon does over and over. How much is he taking in at Harvest???

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  15. Re: “With that he did a sermon on money. Nothing about the resurrection. No talk about the most important holiday in Christianity.”

    I was at that service. I would have preferred that James MacDonald did not preach on money that week, if for no other reason than that it offended many people who came as guests with family and friends. On that basis, I would say it was very wrong, even if people’s expectations about Easter are nothing but societal traditions which have nothing to do with the Bible and do not have to be met.

    Regardless, thie quote above is objectively false. The service did include a huge, loud (tacky, IMO) celebration of the resurrection of Jesus that left no doubt that it was Easter.


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