Open Letter to Gary Nomura (Cru Employee on Using Crawford Loritts in Video)

An employee in Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) uses Crawford Loritts in a Cru video. This is a post informing Gary Nomura and Cru staff on the dark scandal of voyeurism, child pornography and spiritual abuse at Acts 29 Fellowship Memphis and Downtown Church in Memphis, Tennessee. The Loritts – both Bryan and Crawford were involved in the cover up of Rick Trotter’s voyeurism.  

“One should never make one’s debut with a scandal. One should reserve that to give an interest to one’s old age.”

Oscar Wilde

“It isn’t the original scandal that gets people in the most trouble – it’s the attempted cover-up.”

Tom Petri

“Yes, I am the vine; you are the branches. Those who remain in me, and I in them, will produce much fruit. For apart from me you can do nothing.

John 15:5-8 NLT

Crawford Loritts on the right with Ricky Jenkins who was on staff at Fellowship Memphis at the time of the scandal

***Gary Nomura is an employee for Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ) in Dover, New Hampshire. He currently does media production for Cru in the Northeast United States. Prior to that he worked at Cru at the University of California Los Angeles, and then for 8.5 years at the University of California Berkeley. He also worked for Cru at its headquarters in Orlando, Florida for a while on the Jesus film project***



This is going to be a short and quick open letter but I need to raise something with you. This post by the way will be emailed to your staff in Cru here in the Untied States. The other day I was working on a post that researched the issues with John Allen Chau who died on North Sentinel Island in the Bay of Bengel. I explored the evangelical culture and how the Jim Elliot story in Ecuador is used to guilt-trip evangelicals. In the process I analyzed the differences between the two stories especially as some evangelicals were finding similarities between the death of Jim Elliot and John Allen Chau. You can read that post in, “John Allen Chau is No Jim Elliot. The Story of John Chau Illustrates the Dangers of Indoctrination in Evangelical Culture and Being Naïve.”  In that post I used a video that you did for Campus Crusade that consisted of a Twila Paris song “He is No Fool” to a montage of pictures of different evangelicals over the course of time. At 3:13 in the video you use Crawford Loritts. This open letter is to raise a deep concern with you Gary.

This video you did was uploaded to YouTube on March 31, 2010. So I understand that the video is old. But there is an issue that needs to be brought to your attention. The Loritts family (to include Bryan Loritts) was involved in a dark coverup of voyeurism, and the manufacturing of child pornography at an Acts 29 church in Memphis, Tennessee called Fellowship Memphis.  This blog finds itself writing about corruption and other issues that occur inside evangelicalism. Here is what happened in a brief narrative. The worship pastor at Fellowship Memphis, Rick Trotter, was into voyeurism and he recorded a number of people in the church restroom. In the process two of the people recorded were under the age of 18, meaning that Rick Trotter manufactured child pornography in the process. When he was caught he was quietly let go and the victims were made to forgive their perpetrator.  The child pornography and the sex crimes were not reported to the Memphis Police Department. Bryan Loritts was deeply involved in the coverup because he was trying to protect his career in ministry. A couple of years later Rick Trotter, through some assistance of some of the staff of Fellowship Memphis got a job at a church plant called Downtown Church. He then re-engaged in voyeurism for about three years. He was caught trying to do an upskirt video of a female in the middle of worship. The situation was reported to Memphis Police and that is how the Fellowship Memphis scandal eventually broke several years after it occurred. As an employee with Cru I would recommend you should read the following post I did a couple of years back called, “An Open Letter to Cru Staff (Regarding the Criminal Allegations from Bryan Loritts Fellowship Memphis)”

Here is how the Loritts family was involved in the cover-up. When someone from the church staff raised the issue of reporting the crime to the Memphis Police Bryan Loritts threatened to practice church discipline on that person. When Crawford Loritts learned of the scandal he chose not to intervene for financial reasons. Crawford was more interested in protecting his ministry and publishing career instead of doing the right thing. When his son-in-law Rick Trotter got another church job in Memphis there is some question if Crawford Loritts who sits on the Board of The Gospel Coalition helped his son-in-law get another job. Also as Crawford didn’t want to pay the financial costs of supporting his daughter he backed away from the mess. As Crawford Loritts is also on the Board of Directors of Chick Fil A he didn’t warn the company about Rick Trotter’s behavior when he was hired by Chick Fil A. Rick Trotter practiced voyeurism in several places including Chick Fil A. You can read the role Crawford Loritts in the Fellowship Memphis and Downtown Church scandal in, “Exploring the Role that Bryan and Crawford Loritts Played in Covering up Rick Trotter’s Voyeurism at Fellowship Memphis. Plus How Rick Trotter Got Off Easy Because of the Loritts Family Behavior.”

That video you did with Crawford Loritts needs to come down and be replaced. Crawford Loritts is a fraud and should not be in ministry. You might ask me, how do you know this? How good are your sources? My sources in the Fellowship Memphis scandal are solid. When I write this blog Gary I get my information from pastors, people on the elder board, para-church ministry personnel, crime victims, and many more. My sources are good because of the access to information and the role they once played in the church or organization being written about. This blog is basically religious intelligence. I write a lot about different topics but especially evangelical Christian corruption. So I stand by my sources on the Bryan and Crawford Loritts matter.

It is my hope that you do not ignore this letter to you. I have many situations where Mark Noll’s “Scandal of the Evangelical Mind” is often confirmed. Honestly I hope this is an exception and that you and Crusade will put some distance between your ministry and the Loritts family. I have had conversations with pastors who have thrown away books by the Loritts. This blog is going to write about the Fellowship Memphis scandal long term. I am in this for the long haul. If you want to discuss this by email or more I would be happy to do so. That is it for the day in regards to you Gary Nomura. I hope this letter finds you doing well.

Very Respectfully,

David Bonner