Pictures of the University of Missouri in Columbia

These are some picture of the University of Missouri campus. These pictures were taken on a recent trip to Columbia, Missouri. The point of the trip is to help my Dad complete a trip he’s long wanted to do his adult life. 

“In Missouri, where I come from, we don’t talk about what we do – we just do it. If we talk about it, it’s seen as bragging.”

Brad Pitt 

University of Missouri Athletic Center 

My father taught in the medical school at the University of Missouri from 1969 until 1972. He loved it. He adored academic medicine. But due to circumstances outside his control he choose to leave and left Missouri for California which is where I was born. I grew up hearing Dad talk about Columbia and the University of Missouri. It was his intention to go back at some point and he never did. In his adult life he wanted to go back to Columbia and see the town and the campus. With his brain tumor growing again my sister and I made that a reality for him. So we took him around the University of Missouri. While there I snapped these pictures which I am finally posting today. You can listen to Trevor Jones The Last of the Mahicans soundtrack as you explore the University of Missouri. 

Legendary coaches  Dan Devine and Don Faurot 

The Tigers!! 

Welcome to the Zou! The football stadium for the University of Missouri 

Entrance to the University of Missouri 

Floral display and the Columns in the background 

Another view of the columns 

An explanation on the columns and their history at Mizzou 

Jesse Hall 

Walking around campus…

The motto for Missouri 

University of Missouri alive with life. 

University of Missouri student union with the bookstore in the background.  I picked up a sweatshirt a couple of t-shirts and a mug. 

Shake sphere’s Pizza which is an institution and loved by Missouri students.