Recommended Read: Jonathan Leeman’s Wise Advice on Pastors Don’t Have to Discuss the Brett Kavanaugh Situation

Jonathan Leeman wrote an article at 9 Marks today that explains why pastors do not have to speak about the Brett Kavanaugh situation. If they do, they should not pick a side and reminds them of how the church should not be political in this area. 

“My basic counsel is, you don’t have to address it, but if you do, don’t pick a side. Instead, pray about it, showing a concern for God’s name, God’s justice, and the hurting.

Jonathan Leeman 

Acquitting the guilty and condemning the innocent—
both are detestable to the Lord.

Proverbs 17:15 NLT 

This blog raises concerns about the Neo-Calvinist movement frequently. However, there is one area of the Neo-Calvinists that I appreciate. Its the fact that many can divorce faith and politics and keep them separate entities. Traditional evangelicals can not do that at all. Jonathan Leeman is the editor of 9 Marks. He wrote a piece at 9 Marks today that addresses the Brett Kavanaugh situation and why pastors should steer clear from the issue and not choose a side. This blog finds Jonathan Leeman’s advice wise. Compare and contrast it with what Franklin Graham has said the other day. You can read about Graham in “Franklin Graham Believes Christine Ford’s Alleged Sexual Assault by Brett Kavanaugh is “Not Relevent.” Does Graham’s Behavior Help Explain Why there is a Sexual Assault Crisis in Evangelical Christianity?”  To read further I would go to Jonathan Leeman’s article in, “Should Pastors Talk about Brett Kavanaugh on Sunday?