The Memphis Commercial Appeal Asks If Memphis Police Mishandled the Rick Trotter Situation? Plus The Bridge Fresno Advertises and Prepares for Bryan Loritts to Speak on July 8, 2018

The Memphis Commercial Appeal writes more about the scandal of Rick Trotter and Fellowship Memphis. The newspaper asks if the Memphis Police mishandled the investigation. It can be possible, especially with some of the other issues that have occurred with Memphis Police Department. Also this post looks at another voyeurism situation that was eerily similar to Rick Trotter- that of Sammy Nuckolls.  Finally as the Fellowship Memphis scandal drags on The Bridge Fresno in California is advertising, welcoming and promoting Bryan Loritts for speaking on July 8, 2018. 

“I was really upset. I asked about pressing charges, but they discouraged us from doing that. They really didn’t give us any of the information,”

One of the Fellowship Memphis victims at John Bryson and Bryan Loritts’ church on allegedly being pressured not to report Rick Trotter to the police. 

“You were fulfilling your depraved, licentious sexual desires. You robbed them of their dignity and trust. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard the expression ‘video rape.’ I suppose that’s what it is. That’s what they feel anyway.”

DeSoto County Judge Gerald Chatham on addressing Sammy Nuckolls 

Stay alert! Watch out for your great enemy, the devil. He prowls around like a roaring lion, looking for someone to devour.

1 Peter 5:8 NLT


John Bryson is proud of Rick Trotter 

There is more information about the dark scandal at Acts 29 Fellowship Memphis, Downtown Church and Rick Trotter. Before we start let’s look at what the Memphis Commercial Appeal published recently.


The Memphis Commercial Appeal Asks if Memphis Police Mishandled the Rick Trotter Case, Plus What Inspired Trotter in Voyeurism? 

On June 9, 2018 the Memphis Commercial Appeal published another article in the Rick Trotter saga. The article is called, “‘Pure neglect’: Victims of ex-Grizzlies announcer Rick Trotter say police mishandled case.” In the article it states that many of Rick Trotter’s victims feel like Memphis Police mishandled the situation. Many people are claiming that Memphis Police lost evidence and didn’t investigate the situation thoroughly. Memphis Police Department spokeswoman Karan Rudolph conceded to the Memphis newspaper that evidence disappeared and that many of the victims were not told that the evidence vanished until almost a year later. Several of the victims from Downtown Church released a statement after Rick Trotter was sentenced which you can see in an accompanying post. (A Statement by Victims of Rick Trotter at Downtown Church as Given to the Memphis Commercial Appeal.) What made this case exceptionally difficult is that Rick Trotter was charged with a misdemeanor because of the age of the people whom he recorded. Now the problem is that Rick Trotter actually feared that he would be prosecuted for child pornography. Video voyeurism was a behavior that he did for years. However a lot of the older evidence was destroyed by Rick Trotter and Fellowship Memphis did not turn over the child pornography evidence to the Memphis Police.

According to what I have heard when Rick Trotter was at Fellowship Memphis he regularly took his laptop to a computer store to have the hard drive erased and scrubbed. But how Fellowship Memphis handled the situation under Bryan Loritts at the time is what also got Rick Trotter off. Before I continue with what I am about to say next let me state that I am not a fan of conspiracy theories. You will not find me espousing highly unlikely situations here at The Wondering Eagle. But the question that needs to be asked is the following. Did either Fellowship Memphis or Downtown Church have a connection to the Memphis police Department? And is it possible that through that connection that evidence was destroyed in that context? I am aware that the Memphis Police Department has a long history of problems. For example you have a situation of Memphis Police not testing rape kits. This situation in Memphis actually made the New York Times in August of 2014. In that situation Meaghan Ybos and Madison Graves filed a lawsuit against the city of Memphis and Shelby County, Tennessee. You can read that article in, “No Longer Ignored, Evidence Solves Rape Cases Years Later.” Today Meaghan Ybos does advocacy and co-founded and is the executive director of People for the Enforcement of Rape Laws (PERL). In addition Memphis is known for issues with corruption, as is the state of Tennessee. Some of these corruption issues are the focus of Fergus Nolan who writes The Memphis Truth Commission. So could corruption be an issue? Yes I believe it could. If there is anyone down in Memphis who has any information on this situation please feel free to contact me. I am here to write about Fellowship Memphis and Downtown Church for the long term.

The final aspect that is disturbing are allegations that the Memphis Police Department shamed one of Rick Trotter’s victims. This is how it was described in the Commercial Appeal newspaper.  

Among 38 pages released by MPD from the Trotter investigation file, there was no indication Twilley interviewed anyone other than Trotter, pastor Rieves and the four victims.

“I still feel angry about the way I was treated,” the 65-year-old victim said.

For one, she alleges Twilley victim blamed her during her interview.

“He said, ‘Look at that nail polish,'” she said, displaying a hand of neatly filed nails colored bright red. “You look like you might be a lot of fun on Friday nights. Has there been any point of time that you’ve been attracted to him (Trotter)? Are you sure you’re not attracted to him?’’

Twilley denies saying that.

“That is not what happened,” he said.

Records in the investigation file show during the recorded portion of Twilley’s interviews he asked each of the four victims if they’d “ever had any type of romantic relationships with Rick.”

The Memphis Commercial Appeal also had another article where Trotter supposedly confessed as to what inspired him. It was the voyeurism of Erin Andrews in Memphis. You can read about that case here, and the article in the Appeal in, “Confession: ex-Griz announcer Rick Trotter’s voyeurism inspired by Erin Andrews case.”  But Rick Trotter was not the only one who engaged in video voyeurism. There is the disturbing case of Southern Baptist pastor Sammy Nuckles which happened nearby. 



Looking at Rick Trotter vs. The Sammy Nuckolls Case

Before the Rick Trotter case happened there was another situation that happened in the Memphis area. In order to understand this next case you have to remember that Memphis in on the border of Tennessee. The states of Arkansas and Mississippi border it and people live in the area. Sammy Nuckolls was a well known Southern Baptist traveling evangelist. Sammy was a popular youth speaker for Lifeway Christian Resources and spoke at FUGE summer camps. Sammy Nuckolls also had a dark secret. He was into video voyeurism and he placed a pen with a camera in his restroom and encouraged women to take a shower, which he recorded. This happened in his home in Olive Branch, Mississippi and other locations I believe. Sammy was then prosecuted in DeSoto County, Mississippi which borders Tennessee. He was found guilty of 13 counts of video voyeurism. Plus I believe he also faced charges from Arkansas, Virginia, Texas. In 2012 in Mississippi he was sentenced to ten years in prison for video-voyeurism, or as the judge called it, video rape. He also had to pay $85,000 in fines and pay counseling fees for his victims. Upon his conviction he was placed on the Mississippi Sex Offender Registry. If you want to read more about Sammy Nuckolls you can do so in the Baptist Press, “Evangelist sentenced to 10 years in prison” and Baptist News Global, “‘Peeping preacher’ case comes to TV.” And then the late Christa Brown wrote about Sammy Nuckolls in a post you can read here.  Plus you can also watch the videos up above about Sammy Nuckolls from Crime Watch Daily. 

As I read and researched the Sammy Nuckolls case what happened in that instance is that the evidence was turned over to law enforcement quickly. In contrast with Rick Trotter what had happened is that Bryan Loritts actively intervened to cover up the situation. Bryan cared more about his image and reputation, after all for Bryan faith is about making money. God is a business for Bryan Loritts. If you want to learn more about the role that Bryan Loritts played in the cover up you can do so in, “Exploring the Role that Bryan and Crawford Loritts Played in Covering up Rick Trotter’s Voyeurism at Fellowship Memphis. Plus How Rick Trotter Got Off Easy Because of the Loritts Family Behavior.” After the scandal in time Bryan fled Memphis by first going up to New York City, and then went out to the Bay Area of California. Bryan acts like Jonah in that all he has done is run from the situation which he played a role in covering up the crime of Rick Trotter. 

Tweets containing a question to The Bridge Fresno leadership. 

The Bridge Fresno Advertises for Bryan Loritts to Speak 

As more news from the Fellowship Memphis scandal continues to come out, Bryan Loritts who allegedly covered up Rick Trotter’s child pornography that was manufactured in an Acts 29 church is scheduled to speak at The Bridge Fresno. Bryan is trying to re-launch his ministry. Below you have the advertisement for the event which The Bridge Fresno is emailing out to its congregation. Bryan Loritts will speak at all services of The Bridge Fresno on July 8, 2018. 

I am still astounded that Andrew Smith, who leads The Bridge Fresno would put a man before the congregation that allegedly covered up a scandal involving voyeurism and the manufacturing of child pornography. Does Andrew and the staff at The Bridge Fresno have any sense of discernment or critical thinking skills? It is my hope that members of The Bridge Fresno will ask questions and inquire about the church’s leadership decisions. If not then I hope these posts encourage people to walk away from The Bridge Fresno. That is it for the day guys, please know that you are loved.