Looking at Jon Smith’s OneU DC A College Ministry that Feeds into Redeemer Arlington

A look at a college ministry that feeds into Redeemer Arlington. We are looking at OneU DC which is founded by Jon Smith, and also has Moses Lee on staff. Jon Smith was a pastor at Covenant Life Church and was on staff when one of the fathers of two of Nate Morales sexual abuse victims contacted the church and alerted the pastoral staff that Morales was still a pastor in Nevada.  The Wondering Eagle would like to know what did Jon Smith know about Nate Morales and when did he know it? Did he contact the police? Or did he let a serial sexual predator off the hook by not calling law enforcement? 

“If you’ve ever prayed for the Lord of the harvest to send laborers into his harvest then I know you’ll be thrilled to learn about the ministry of OneU. What I love about the mission of OneU is that it’s vitally connected to the local church and it’s crystal clear on its message: Christ and Him crucified for sinners. “

Josh Harris 

I thank God for the ministry of OneU. I love their clarity of vision, passion to join in God’s mission, and commitment to the local church. As a pastor of a church surrounded by college campuses, I am grateful that we get to partner with these missionaries as they seek to make disciples of Jesus.

Jordan Kauflin

“Corruption ultimately guilts the corrupt, and it hardens the innocent who suffer as a result of it. It isn’t the young who corrupt the old, rather it’s the inverse. The aim of the old should be to ensure that the young grow up incorruptible.”

Justin K. McFarlane Beau

While they promise them liberty, they themselves are slaves of [a]corruption; for by whom a person is overcome, by him also he is brought into [b]bondage.

2 Peter 2:19 NKJV 

Jon Smith

We are going to look at a ministry called OneUDC which was founded by Redeemer Arlington pastor Jon Smith. This ministry has been involved in the University of Maryland College Park, and also is trying to make inroads into American University. American is a major university in the D.C. area that has over 14,000 under graduate and graduate students enrolled. American is known for public policy and is much more affordable than nearby Georgetown or The George Washington University.  American is $24,000 per year while Georgetown is around $56,000 and The George Washington is $55,000 per academic year. 


An Overview of OneUDC 

One UDC was founded by Jon Smith in 2010. Jon, who is a pastor at Redeemer Arlington or Redeemer Church of Arlington hopes to plant five chapters at five universities by 2030. Without knowing the list I will guess that those five are University of Maryland College Park, American University, Georgetown, The George Washington, and George Mason University. The goal of this organization is to plant ministries that are “accountable” to the local church. With that said, this organization no doubt believes that organizations like Cru, Navigators or Inter-varsity should not exist,as they are not “accountable” to the local church. I would very much find it fascinating to think what One UDC thinks about Campus Outreach or University Reformed Fellowship.  One UDC is the college ministry of Redeemer Arlington and it first started on the University of Maryland in College Park. Today that branch refers college kids to Solid Rock which is in Riverdale, Maryland. Solid Rock is former Sovereign Grace Ministries. One DC at the University of Maryland is led by Chris Hughes and Drew Vickers. One UDC’s mission is, “Planting local church-based campus ministries that impact the campus, strengthening the local church, and reaching the nations.” Its statement of faith comes from The Gospel Coalition. They follow the Apostle’s, Nicene and Chalcedonian creeds. Plus they follow the Westminster Confession of faith as well as the Heidelberg catechism. This ministry is endorsed by the President of Westminster Theology Seminary in Philadelphia, plus it has been endorsed by Josh Harris. Let’s look next at both Moses Lee and Jon Smith. 


Who is Moses Lee? 

Moses Lee was born in Seoul, South Korea and immigrated to the United States when he was young. He spent some time Southern California before he moved to Howard County, Maryland. Mike attended the University of Maryland College Park, where he picked up a B.S. degree. Afterward he attended Westminster Theological Seminary where he earned a Masters of Divinity. Currently he claims to be working on a Masters of Theology on cultural apologetics and North Korean cinematography also from Westminster. He was ordained in the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). He served in Bethel Korean Presbyterian Church in Ellicott City, Maryland. Moses joined OneU in January of 2016. He is also a chaplain at American University. He preaches fairly frequently at Redeemer Arlington, and has done so at least eight times with the last being May, 6, 2018.  Mike lives inside the District of Columbia and is married. 


Who is Jon Smith? 

John Smith was born in North Carolina and in time eventually moved to Ellicott City, Maryland. In 1997 he graduated from Mt. Hebron High School and was also involved in Young Life as well. For college he went to the University of Maryland Baltimore County where he earned a B.A degree while playing lacrosse. Also at University of Maryland Baltimore County he founded a Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter on campus. He became a pastor and from 2003 until 2013 he was a pastor at Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg, Maryland. In 2013 he went to Redeemer Arlington and became the pastor there. OneU was founded by him. In 2011 he started to attend Reformed Theological Seminary which has a campus in Jackson, Mississippi. I am going to state that he was probably doing the online program or something similar. At Redeemer Arlington he has taught 19 times. Jon also works for Redux Reality as a Certified Probate Specialist where he started in August of 2017. According to his Facebook he is looking to rent a one bedroom out of his home, which is available a few days from now on July 1, 2018. Jon also still likes Mark Driscoll according to my research, so the question I would like to ask Jon is whether women are still penis homes as Driscoll taught? And if Jesus suffered at Calvary so that a repentant women can get on her knees and perform a “Gospel Centered” blow job, again as Driscoll also taught. 


Was Jon Smith Involved in the Child Sex Abuse Conspiracy at Covenant Life Church? Did he Know About Nathaniel Morales? 

Jon Smith spent his formative years in ministry in a deeply corrupt church. Covenant Life Church was the anchor for Sovereign Grace Ministries for years. And Jon got involved and was trained when Sovereign Grace was at its peak, and Covenant Life was ground zero for the movement.  He probably also went to the SGM Pastors College, as to when I do not know. But Covenant Life Church was known for child sex abuse cover up and other forms of spiritual abuse. Covenant Life is the church that made Pam Palmer take her young child and forgive her molester. Her child ran and hid under a chair and screamed in terror. Covenant Life is also where Nathanial Morales abused three young boys from 1983 and 1991. The father of two of the boys who were abused contacted Covenant Life in 2007 when they learned that Nate Morales was a pastor in Las Vegas, Nevada. The pastoral staff became aware of the situation and did not report the serial sex abuser to law enforcement. Here is how Brent Detwiler worded the situation in his notes from Nate Morales trial.  “The entire pastoral team talked about how to handle the situation with Morales. Layman was given the assignment to contact Morales. Layman talk to Morales by phone. During this conversation Morales admitted to the sexual abuse of boys but claimed he couldn’t remember the details. None of the pastors at Covenant Life Church reported this confession of sex abuse to the police. They knew Morales was a serial and predatory sex abuser.” If you want to read more about Covenant Life and its culture of child sex abuse, you can read the following Washingtonian article called, “The Sex-Abuse Scandal That Devastated a Suburban Megachurch.” 

The question I would like to ask is the following. What did Jon Smith know about Nathianel Morales when he was at Covenant Life? He was a pastor for four years when the church was contacted about the situation with Morales. The pastoral staff knew of the situation according to Brent Detwiler. Jon Smith was a part of that staff. Did Jon Smith know about Nate Morales and refused to call law enforcement? Therefore, did Jon Smith help enable a sexual predator who groomed people for abuse? These are serious questions to ask, but when you think of the culture of Covenant Life and the problems of child sex abuse that took place there the question is what did Jon Smith know and when did he know it? Or is that  part of the reason why he is going into reality? Is this his “Plan B” as a way to escape from the situation? 


Some Thoughts on Redeemer’s College Ministry 

I studied the website and researched this organization before I wrote this post. My thoughts on this organization , like Redeemer Arlington, are quite low. Let me address the endorsements OneUDC has received. When it comes to the President of Westminster one would think that would be encouraging and solid. To the contrary it is not. This blog writes about the Evangelical Free Church of America. One of the stories I broke dealt with Community Evangelical Free Church in Elverson, Pennsylvania. In that story the senior pastor’s son allegedly raped his wife and pointed a  loaded gun at his wife. In the alleged domestic abuse the senior pastor’s daughter-in-law knew she could be dead. When she filed for divorce the church practiced church discipline and had her excommunicated. Now here is the catch, the senior pastor, Steve Estes taught preaching at Westminster Theological Seminary. When people tried to contact Westminster for a statement the seminary avoided the entire topic. So if OneUDC is endorsed by Westminster they are in good company, as Westminster is the bottom of the barrel. You can read that story in, “Steve Estes and Community Evangelical Free Church in Elverson, Pennsylvania: A Painful Story of Domestic Abuse, Inappropriate Church Discipline, and Failed EFCA Polity.” 

The fact that this ministry is featuring the endorsement of Josh Harris shows that what Mark Noll said about the scandal of the evangelical mind is legitimate. Only a questionable ministry would cling to a questionable pastor. If you want to read more about the scandal of the evangelical mind you can do so in, “From Mormonism in Montana to Sovereign Grace in the Washington, D.C. Area; The Scandal of the Evangelical Mind Comes Full Circle.” Furthermore the fact that Jon Smith is clinging to Josh Harris shows that pastors like him who spent a long time in the system are incapable of change. Jon probably has no idea how warped and sick Sovereign Grace was as a system. People like himself, or the Kauflin family have no hope of being able to grow up, learn and comprehend what kind of twisted environment is. After all that twisted culture is normal. Those that grew up in Sovereign Grace or like Jon Smith spent much of their adulthood in it are really a lost generation. I would like to do an expanded post on this, but it reminds me of the lost generation of people who grew up in the era before Nazi, Germany who then embraced fascism. They lost their youth  and early adulthood and lacked the training to move forward and dealt with the stigma of what they were involved with. 

I explained myself enough in regards to the questions that I posed in regards to the Nate Morales story. There is another situation that deserves attention as I studied this ministry, I spent a few minutes watching a few of the videos on efforts to evangelize the community. In light of what I endured it was disturbing. In the videos people talk about finding Christ and what OneUDC had done. In my situation I learned from a Care Group Leader at Redeemer why rape and sexual assault is a problem in the military. In the video people talked about the Gospel, and more. In my case I watched a spiritual abuse situation drag out for several years. As I tried to mitigate and undo the damage that had been done I heard my emaciated Mother in a medical crisis and in pain express concern about what happened. Is that the Gospel? According to Jordan Kauflin, Jon Smith and the Redeemer Arlington leadership it is. This is why The Wondering Eagle is committed to closing Redeemer Arlington.  This blog has been able to keep a few people away from Redeemer. What happens is that they Google the church and find a few of my posts, and it has led to email exchanges and discussions. The goal of this post is to put the staff and more at American and other universities on alert and keep them away from Redeemer. That is the goal as I continue to write about Redeemer and its ministries one post at a time. That is it for the day, please know that I love you guys!