Pictures of New Orleans, Louisiana

These are some pictures of New Orleans, Louisiana. From downtown to along the Mississippi River and Lafayette cemetery.  Pictures of the French Quarter will be in another post. There are too many good photos to squeeze  in one post.  

“America has only three cities: New York, San Francisco, and New Orleans. Everywhere else is Cleveland.”

Tennessee Williams 

“I’ve lived in N.Y. and L.A. for many years, but I still gravitate to New Orleans – it’s so unique and so European. There’s nothing else like it in the country. It has its own music, its own food, its own style and its own way of life.”

Bryan Batt 

New Orleans skyline as taken at the River Walk along the Mississippi River

Lafayette Cemetery in the Garden District 

Lafayette Cemetery 

Lafayette Cemetery 

Again Lafayette Cemetery 

Canal Street at night 

Again Canal Street at night

Trolley coming onto Canal Street

Approaching the Super Dome and the New Orleans skyline 

Dory is still lost, but you can find her bar hopping in New Orleans 

Another look at the New Orleans skyline from outside the World War II museum 

Mississippi River and the Crescent City Connection 

This is on display at the Audobon Butterfly Display and Insectarium. This is the largest butterfly that exists. Found in Papa New Guinea its called the Queen Alexandra Birdwing. Wingspan is 12″ and its the size of a small bird. For perspective see the picture of it resting on a man in this London Independent article


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