E.J. Dionne Jr. in The Washington Post on Why Young People are Abandoning Religion

E.J. Dione wrote a column in The Washington Post that took off on social media. I first read it and moved on, but I kept seeing it coming up on Twitter. E.J. looks at the reason why young people are abandoning religion and why the Nones are swelling as time passes. This looks at how evangelical involvement in politics as well as how religion is used, combined with shifting attitudes of being gay are affecting culture. 

“One of the nones here. I have no interest in organized religion for a number of reasons; a major factor is that it is my innate nature that I would rather know than believe. But all the religious hypocrisy that I’ve witnessed in my life is also a big influence. I do have respect for the religious people who walk their talk, like the Jesuits and Jimmy Carter and people like Russell Moore who dare to call out the hypocrisy. But were I to accurately state my total contempt for people like Franklin Graham and Falwell Jr., the post would get auto-banned for forbidden words. I sincerely hope that these toadies who make excuses for Trump’s reveling in sin live to see their ministries wither and die from the moral poison they willingly swallowed.” 

One of the comments in the Washington Post section from a none. 

“One good thing from this Trump disaster, is we never, ever have to listen to any white evangelicals lecture anyone on morality ever again. If they do, just laugh in their face and say, “Trump.” It’s clear they don’t actually stand for anything beyond their own power and influence; they’re just another interest group.

BTW — for those who might respond that they are cozying up to Trump in return for anti-abortion policies and judges, I say they didn’t have to take that Faustian bargain. The Roman Catholic church hasn’t. They’re as anti-abortion as ever, but they have not snuggled up to Trump and oppose him in many ways. No, evangelicals sold their souls for political power and influence, not some greater moral cause.

One of the comments in the Washington Post section from a none. 

Those who lead good people along an evil path will fall into their own trap, but the honest will inherit good things.

Proverbs 28:10 NLT 

Kansas capitol in Topeka. 

E.J. Dionne Jr is one of the many columnists who writes in The Washington Post. He is a government professor at Georgetown University and also appears on MSNBC and NPR. On May 6 he published a column that I read but later noticed how it was being passed around on Twitter. E.J.’s column looks at the growing issue of the nones. And how young people are abandoning religion in droves. The issues of religion in politics and how divisive it has become is resulting in people from wanting to participate in it. You can read the entire article in, “No wonder there’s an exodus from religion.” This is going to be a brief post but I thought it was worth the read. 


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